Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Freshman Plague is Real

Usually when you look good you feel good or vise versa. Yesterday that was not the case, I looked good but felt horrible!
But I fooled everyone, until I opened my mouth and a deep, raspy voice came out.
Thanks mom for telling me I looked good!

Yesterday I woke up with a really wet, nasty cough! 
Yep, really cute!
Thankfully, I have a pretty strong immune system so I am recuperating rather quickly. Hopefully the cough means I am getting the cold out of my system. 
I am taking lots of DayQuil and cough drops and drinking plenty of fluids.
Being sick really stinks when your not home.
But luckily my friends are taking good care of me!

I was really stressed out yesterday because I didn't get a lot of work done over the weekend because I was bed ridden. So that's why I didn't post but thankfully, I got a lot of work done at the library yesterday (which I would hope considering I spent like 6+ hours there) and now I am stress free! 

Honestly, all I wanted to wear yesterday was a t-shirt and sweats to be comfortable.  But pretending I was better than I was and by wearing a cute outfit I felt better! The mind plays weird tricks on you! But honestly, next time you aren't feeling so great, wear something you are comfortable yet confident in, that looks pulled together and you will feel so much better, because you look so much better than the other sick kids just wearing sweats! 

And RIP my blue tassel on my right sandal, you will be missed...

Necklace: gold double layer necklace (similar)


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