Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Classes on Tuesday

What a fun day Tuesday was...
Just kidding!
Yesterday I had 5 classes. For all you high schoolers out there, it's not, well at least in high school it was for me. Second semester of senior year I had 9 classes a day, with no lunch or free from 8:08-3:08.
But 5 classes in one day in college is a lot...
I had math, first year seminar, French, first year experience and a math lab.
Before math every day, (except this morning, new blog post up later about today....) the guys in my math class and I have breakfast at the dining hall. Which is so much nicer than sitting by myself for breakfast, which is what I did for the first week and a half of classes. I'm used to having breakfast with my dad in the morning before school so now I have some guy friends that will keep me company instead of my dad! Sorry dad!
I honestly almost fell asleep in math yesterday, because I was so tired and am still getting over my head cold which, thankfully I am recovering quickly from. (But I still have a cough, and coughed like crazy two nights ago, sorry B!)
My first year seminar after math was good. It's Night at the Museum themed and I think it is really interesting, except I thought the reading we had to do for class yesterday was super boring and long. 
Like I like the idea of museums and some of them I like but others of them are generally boring. And reading about museums being called educational institutes and why directors of museums don't want that to take place for 45 pages is a bit repetitive.
That nasty girl in my class (the one that starred me up and down, click HERE to read what I'm talking about) didn't stare me down but this girl I'm friends with, again for no reason. And then this other girl in the class is a screamer. Like it's 9:30 in the morning, I've been up since 6:30 please stop screaming. The whole class doesn't need to hear about how you need to drop classes so you can participate in the musical, the comedy group and an A Capella group. Please and thank you. 
Next was French! We had our daily French quiz. I think I did okay on it! They are only ever 5 points, but still over time a lot of 5 point quizzes here and there add up! So translation, I need to keep studying my French!
At 2 pm I had my first year experience class. My grade is a test rat for this class to see if the university wants to make everyone take it in their first year. It's only a pass or fail class, but it is still a lot of work. We have to write reflections every week and read a lot. It only meets once a week, so I guess that the work isn't that bad but still it is only a pass or fail. And I had to read at least 60 pages but didn't get my book until Monday. I ordered this book literally 3 weeks ago and never got an email saying it came in. So I marched all the way up to the main quad, and went to the bookstore and the guy was like oh its been here for a while.... and I was like well, I never got an email, so thanks!
Minus the work, I honestly think the class is a good idea. The class was created based on scientific research that if you do x, y and z, you will be a better college student. But I have yet to learn those x, y and zs and I just think the class is kind of pointless and boring. I am not too big of a fan of how the class is being taught either. But I guess it's hard if the professors have to follow a certain agenda, that they didn't make for the class. But still.
So woo, at this point it seems like I would be done. You're wrong! I had one more class from 5-7pm.
And it's math!! Woo! My favorite subject!
You're probably confused, I already had math yesterday in the morning, why am I taking another math class late in the evening???
Well, because it's required! Woo!
I am not a fan of this lab if you couldn't tell.
I literally have to sit in a huge lecture hall for 2 hours straight and work on this pre-calc review online program called ALEKS. I had 110/220 topics mastered before I started last night, so I had a ways to go, and I only have 4 weeks to finish the program. The only good thing about the lab is that it forces you to sit down and do the program, but still 2 hours of math at night (during my normally scheduled dinner time) and when I already had math that morning, is kinda rough. 
And to be on track, I have to do more of the program outside of my lab, so I can finish in 4 weeks!
Yay, more homework!
But it does count for 10% of my math 111 grade so hopefully it's a grade booster!
And then at 7pm I was finally done with classes!
Because of my math lab I missed all these initial club meetings. So I was kinda bummed out about that. But at 8 pm I went to the yearbook club meeting and learned more about that club. And it was kind of intense, like because I showed up they already put me in a section for the yearbook, and I was like ummm I don't know if this is a club I really want to commit to yet... so it was kind of awkward.
And I ended off the night studying in the library.....

I knew I was going to have a long day so I planned ahead and wore a super comfortable and of course colorful outfit.

Shirt: Joe Fresh orange basic tank top (similar)
Shorts: Joe Fresh printed high waisted shorts (many options)
Earrings: Tiffany sterling silver balls


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