Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Productive Day

I had such a productive day yesterday that I almost forgot to take blog pics!
Lol, I remembered when Kristin and I were filling up our water bottles in the library. So yes, this was taken in the library by the beloved water fountain, that I visit every couple of hours.
I had my 5 classes yesterday but I got a lot done!
I volunteered yesterday with the Best Buddies club on upper quad, had dinner with my friends and did enough work that I don't feel super stressed!
So yay!
I FaceTimed my brother-in-law last night and while we were talking last night (in the library, I know very rebellious) I noticed I had a huge string on my butt from my shorts. 
It had literally been there all day and I just noticed it.
So that was kinda, sorta embarrassing, but if no one noticed it, it probably wasn't that visible!

It is getting colder here so I need to wear all my summer clothes before it gets really too cold. I had to wear my denim jacket pretty much all day yet again yesterday. 
I love these shorts! So cute and colorful!
 I think the shirt and shorts complement each other quite well. If the shirt was really plain I don't think it would look as nice. The bow adds a statement that complements the overly bright shorts. 
This is just my take on the outfit! And these shorts can be worn many more ways with like a black tank top, a black long sleeve or anything else pretty basic.

Shirt: J Crew white t-shirt with black bow (similar)


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