Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day

Yep, on Labor Day I had class! 
My first Labor Day that I have actually had to do work!
Luckily my math teacher, for my 8 am math class canceled class so I got to sleep in an extra hour or so! So that was really nice. 
I had politics and health yesterday morning and then the whole rest of the day I did work! Woo!
My friends and I attempted to go to a cycle class, but apparently I can't read a calendar.... So I was forced to go to the gym. I hate the gym, therefore I never go. I prefer doing Blogilates, it's fine you can make fun of me, but it's a great workout, just look at my legs! 
After being tormented by going to the gym, I was rewarded by a nice "free" (meaning we didn't have to use a swipe at the dining halls) dinner last night with a floor sponsored event! 
It was some good southern bbq. The event was supposed to make us socialize with our floor not just our hall but it worked out well because no one on our hall really socializes so Kristin, Blair and I bonded with some of the girls in our hall and we're going to dinner tonight! So excited!

I had a lot of work to do yesterday (and a lot of online shopping to be done- JCREW FACTORY STILL ON SALE!!) hence why this blog post is a day late! But give me a break, I am still adjusting to college life. And I have to say college life is great! There is a lot of work, Work Forest, but I really don't mind doing it because everyone here is working hard! And I enjoy all my classes! So I highly recommend college!

Down here in North Carolina, it is very nippy in the mornings, so I have to wear my denim jacket, but by 11 am it is nice and toasty!
Yes, I know I match my side of the room.... (Go see my dorm room HERE).
The rest of this week is supposed to be very hot and I am looking forward to wearing the 30+ summer outfits I have lined up in my closet, yep, I know I'm crazy!

Shirt: J Crew pink linen scalloped top (similar style)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle (similar)


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