Sunday, January 31, 2016

Michelle's 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday Michelle part 2!!!

Last night my friends and I celebrated Michelle's 18th birthday at Max Brenner, a restaurant in Manhattan known for their delicious chocolate!! The food didn't disappoint as you can see by those savory and sweet photos! This is one restaurant that you definitely need a reservation for!!
We just ordered appetizers and split them and then went in for the kill with some delicious chocolate fondue and marshmallow pizza pie!
I had a lot of fun, even though I am still sick!!
Funny story: when we were walking to the subway we were crossing the street and a woman said "Oh let the sorority girls through!" I didn't hear her say it but Giorgia and Michelle did and I thought that was so funny!! Because we aren't in sororities or in college!
Everyone was starring at us as I took all the photos in the restaurant with the very bright flash, but who cares! I had to do it for the blog!!
We saw a rat in the subway and had some creepy guys try to talk to us, but besides that it was nothing new for New York! 

Now for Michelle,
Happy Happy Birthday! I am so happy that we are best friends and that you drive me home every day after school! (LOL) I love you and all ur sarcastic comments and all your sassy remarks! I am going to miss you so much next year and you need to get a new phone so we can FaceTime! K? Cool thanks! Your birthday gift will be here soon and no, I am not telling you what it is! 
Cheers to being 18 and I wish you many more happy years to come with me by your side!! :)

What I am wearing:
Shirt: Joe Fresh silk lace inspired shirt with flutter sleeves (similar)
Jacket: H&M black velour "biker" jacket (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch black riding boots (similar)


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Girl Scout Brownie Square Dance

Me and my dad!!

Marykate and Michelle

My Girl Scout Troop

Hey Y'all!!
Last night was my last Girl Scout square dance!! We had a band with a banjo, an accordion and a square dance caller!! 
When I was little, my dad and I went to the square dance and for the past couple of years my Girl Scout troop has been hosting this event for the little girls! 
Because it is my last year hosting this event and it is one of my favorites my mom and my other troop leader invited our dads to come square dance with us! It was really cute and sweet! We had a lot of fun and it brought back a lot of memories of when I went for the first time with my dad when I was in the 1st grade!

As you can see all of my friends and I got dressed up for the occasion! I think I should get extra points for wearing cowgirl boots and a bolero!! 

Boots: My mom's red cowgirl boots
Bolero: My mom's black leather horse bolero


Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's Melting!!!

The snow is melting!! Look you can see grass!!
We got at least 20 inches of snow and now you can see the grass, its crazy! It has been relatively warm here and sadly all the snow is melting :( 

I am still feeling sick. I can't sing in chorus class and I am coughing every 5 minutes. I came home today after school and took a three hour nap because I am up all night coughing. But I think I have figured out how to stop coughing when I sleep, and that is to put so many pillows behind my head and back that I literally sit up straight! Yay!! Not the most relaxing sleep ever but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I have an AP Government presentation today on a interest group I was pretending to represent. I wanted to look extra sharp for the presentation, and I think I do! 

Sweater: Gap long v-neck bright pink cardigan (similar)
Boots: Vince Camuto brown riding boots (similar)
Earrings: Tiffany pearls


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not the Average "Sick Day" Outfit

Today is my best friend Michelle's 18th birthday!! YAY!! 
We went after school and she bought herself a lottery ticket and unfortunately didn't win anything! Sorry Mitchie!!

I am feeling quite under the weather! I have a really bad cough and I literally never get sick. I usually miss 1 day of school each year because of a head cold but besides that I only go to the doctor for a check up because I am a pretty healthy kid! *Knock on wood* I feel bad because today I was taking a test in English and I was literally coughing every 5 minutes, and I hope it wasn't too distracting or annoying! For whatever reason I always get sick this week every year. Every year I do this same activity on this Friday (you will see what fun activity I am talking about after Friday: it has something to do with plaid and cowgirl boots!!) and I am always sick for it! I think three years ago I actually stayed home from school sick that day because I had a fever but I hope I don't have one this year because this will be my last year doing this activity. 
I actually took a nap after school today because I was coughing all night last night even after taking Nyquil! Come on!!

To compensate for being sick I wore a super warm and cozy outfit today! And just because I am sick doesn't mean I am going to go to school looking sick and lazy in what I wear! 

Earrings: Tiffany pearls


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Snow Challenge

Happy Tuesday (feels like Monday for me!)
So as you can tell by the title of the post there was a bit of a challenge leaving school today because of the snow... My friend Michelle (Happy almost 18th birthday!) drives me home from school because she lives right around the corner from me, and because she loves me, and I unfortunately don't have my license yet. (Don't worry I only have 1 more driver's ed class!) Anyway, so she parked behind a big and I mean really big pile of snow today. I knew it would be tough for her to pull out so I said let me help you out and stand at the rear of the car and help direct you out. So this snow pile was sooooooo big she physically couldn't get out of her parking spot. She was literally backing up into the pile, or should I say mountain of snow. So another friend tried to direct her out of the spot but it just wasn't working. So then we found an adult who helped us and he said "Oh come on you can get out of that spot, I could park a 2 ton truck in that spot and get it out....." Yeah okay buddy sure! I asked the guy for  a shovel to shovel the snow out of the way, but he said he would just direct her.  So he helped Michelle but it literally took 15 minutes. It was all about patience and persistence! Her wheels were skidding and she was literally on top of this pile of snow. So good thing I wore my big pink Hunter boots today!! 

Boots: Hunter pink rain boots with faux fur boot socks
Necklace: J Crew gold and crystal statement necklace (similar)
Earrings: Tiffany pearls 


Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Day Monday

Just because I didn't have school today doesn't mean I don't do a blog post!!
The school called at like 6pm last night to tell us because of hazards road conditions we wouldn't have school!
Sophia texted me right after I got up, at 12 and said, "I'm coming over and we are building a snow man!" So I said okay! We got all bundled up and went out into the 20 inches of snow!
We attempted to make a snowman at my house, but for whatever reason we couldn't do it. So we kind of gave up and it was really hard to walk through the snow! 
I heard some little kids screaming so we walked around the corner and saw that my niece and nephew (Bryn and Lucas) were out playing in the snow! So we decided to build a snowman with them! For whatever reason, the snow at their house, which is literally around the corner from me, was snowman building snow! It was really easy to roll and it was just great! We made this really really large snowman! And funny story we didn't have any carrots or pieces of coal so the nose is a twig and the eyes and mouth are prunes!! I know it's so weird but they worked! My brother joked that the birds are going to love the snowman because of the prunes and that they are going to have great digestive systems!! LOL!
I know my snowman building outfit isn't cute but it is super warm!

Jacket: The North Face gray parka (similar)
Snow pants: Columbia black snow pants (really old!) (similar)
Vest: Michael Kors white puffer vest (similar)
Scarf: Forever 21 faux fur white circle scarf (similar)
Gloves: The North Face brown gloves (similar)
Boots: Hunter pink rain boots with faux fur fleece boot socks

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