Monday, October 31, 2016

Homecoming: Friday

Happy Homecoming!!!
This whole week was homecoming week with various activities each night.
Thursday night there was a bonfire... I didn't go, it was too cold...
But Friday night there were some dance parties/concerts on the quad under a big tent, which I also didn't go to...
In the afternoon the Spinners performed, AKA my dad's favorite musical group, so perfect for the older alumni and then in the evening there was a country artist that performed, for the younger alumni.
Instead of going to those concerts I did some "chores" around my room and organized my life.
I picked out my classes for next semester, fingers crossed that I get all of them and I also started picking out classes for next fall!
I am way ahead of the game in regards to completing all of my divisionals and I will be able to start working on my major and minor next fall! Which is kinda crazy!
So still as of right now I am a political science major, and a French minor but maybe that will change!
So I was looking at the poly-sci requirements and I am required to take Math 109, also known as Stats, and it also counts as a divisional... so why am I taking Calc 111 if I could be taking stats and killing two birds with one stone????
Ahhhh I am so annoyed at myself that I didn't realize that!!!
Ah whatever!
Lesson learned: READ ALL THE FINE PRINT!!!

I was super exhausted on Friday because a lot happened on Thursday and I was kinda a mess... so I opted for a simple and easy outfit for Friday:
Shirt and pants!
I made the outfit more stylish by adding some gold accessories and a great shoe!
This outfit is the perfect example of how fashion doesn't have to be hard and you can still look great after a bad night!

Shirt: J Crew knit burgundy and blue top (same style with different colors)
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch  


Our Girls: Hillary and Michelle

I had the coolest opportunity last Thursday, and it was to hear the First Lady, Michelle Obama and presidential nominee/former first lady Hillary Clinton speak at a rally at Wake Forest University.
It was the coolest thing and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
Regardless of my political views or anyone's it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Originally the rally was supposed to be on the quad but because of the intended big turnout and weather it was moved to our basketball stadium off campus. The Clinton campaign payed for our buses to go to the event and everything.
We were supposed to sit in designated student seats but because the stadium was packed with students, locals and media my friends and I actually got to stand on the floor behind Hillary and Michelle. 
It was so cool. We were literally less than 20 feet from them.
I joked that we were so close we could read the teleprompter and see Michelle's nail polish
It was a really good rally.
There was some good dance music, the crowd did a "wave" around the stadium, Hillary and Michelle  had very staged hugs, it was fun!
They were both great presenters and I really enjoyed listening to them.
After it was all over (3 and a half hours of standing) I had to stand for another hour and wait for the buses to take us back to campus. All my friends got on the first bus, and apparently because I am not "aggressive enough" I had to wait literally an hour for the second round of buses...
But in that time, some of my guy friends and I were interviewed by US News & World. So that was cool and they were very interested in my opinions about the rally and both presidential candidates considering I am a political science major.
It was fun and they said they would send me a link when the video is up online!

I had to wear a cute, professional and appropriate rally outfit.
I probably shouldn't have worn red pants because I didn't want someone to think I was a Republican at a Democratic rally but hey America is RED, white and blue....
So whatever.
I would also like to say that my girl Michelle and I had very similar shirts on.....
Go us!

Shirt: H&M black and white floral printed flowy shirt with bell sleeves
Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl earrings (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Project Pumpkin and Kleur!

I had the craziest and busiest day of my life on Wednesday.
I had two classes, than a meeting with a professor, another class, lunch, another meeting with a professor, pilates, Project Pumpkin and then Kleur collab event!
What a day!
I was so busy all day I literally ate lunch and dinner in my room and didn't see my friends all day! 
I don't have pictures from what I wore to class because as you can see I didn't have time to take any pictures but I'm sure I will wear the outfit again very soon!
 I wore my new wool J Crew sweater with a scarf, jacket and boots because it was sooooo cold! 
Luckily my Project Pumpkin costume consisted of me wearing fleece feety pajamas so I was nice and toasty!
Project Pumpkin is "...the signature student-led service event that was started at Wake Forest in 1988 to bring together the campus and Winston-Salem communities. Each year more than 1,000 children from local schools and agencies are escorted to Hearn Plaza where students, faculty and staff collaborate to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to experience trick-or-treating, carnival games, clowns, entertainment as well as educational activities."
This year's theme was ZooTopia so I dressed all up as a cheetah in my onesie.
I know I looked crazy but it was fun! And the little boy I escorted around was really cute and he got a lot of candy!

So shortly after those festivities I showered, ate some Annie's bunny pasta in my room and went downtown to Kleur. Our WFU Style club is partnering with them this year and we are so excited!
So we went and did a little meet and greet at their lifestyle store! 
The store was so trendy and totally up Soap's style... shoutout to you bubbles!

I was told to wear something stylish and appropriate for a creative job. And this is the outfit I thought of! I think this little jacket is super trendy and is a huge conversation piece so that's why I wore it! And it was! 
Everyone came up to me and wanted to touch it, lol but I also got so many compliments on it!

Dress: H&M drop waist floral dress
Jacket: H&M off white furry jacket
Necklace: J Crew statement necklace
Shoes: Tory Burch black/gold Reva flats


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Homecoming Week

Hey y'all!
(lol can I say that now that I live in the south?? Probably not...)
But anyway....
Hi everyone!
I had another crazy busy day yesterday!
There is just so much going on this week because it is Halloween weekend, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are coming to campus, Homecoming, and Project Pumpkin!
Yesterday, I made a good use of my time, thankfully I think I am finally figuring out how to manage my time in college, and got pretty much all my work done before dinner again, which allowed me to have some time for a fun Halloween activity, carving pumpkins.
My residence hall sponsors little fun events every week so yesterday they hosted pumpkin carving. And I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin! I forgot how messy it was and I remembered it to be a lot harder than it actually was, probably because I am bigger now. But it makes sense why my mom got tired of helping my brother and I carve pumpkins, because she would have to clean out all the "guts" and do the actual carving... I now understand mom!
And one of my friends who carved a pumpkin had never carved one before! So that was fun for him to experience a classic Halloween tradition!
We put them outside our residence hall and none of them have been smashed yet, but it is still early in the week!
Last night I also had a training for Project Pumpkin, which is a really fun and nice activity that I am participating in today and you will get to read about on the blog tomorrow!

It was soooooooooo cold yesterday morning.
It was like 45 degrees at 7:30 am. 
Okay, I know that that's not really that cold, and I am from New York so that is honestly nothing, but I guess I am just so used to the warm weather down here that that dramatic drop in temperature makes me think it's freezing!
I might need to get my wool coat shipped down soon!
I feel like it is just a bit more humid here than back home so that also makes it feel colder. 
And during the school day the only time I went outside was walking from my front door to the car and from the car to my school, which was like 2 seconds of me being outside because I got dropped off at the curb, and then taking the bus or walking to Michelle's car.... So I honestly spend more time outside here than I did at home walking from class to class, so that is probably another reason why I feel that it is so cold!
But don't worry mom and yaiyai I bundle up!
Yesterday I wore my vest and my J Crew black quilted jacket!
I love love love my J Crew puffer vests! I cannot rave about them enough.
They are so warm and just sooo fashionable.
They go with pretty much everything, and just make any outfit more preppy.
I am especially in love with this new red/poppy color one I got. I think the color is so bright and happy and it really adds a pop of color to any outfit. Normally I would just wear this navy shirt with like colored pants (click HERE to see that outfit) or a colored sweater (click HERE to see that outfit) or maybe just jeans and a burgundy shoe but with this new bright vest it takes the outfit to a whole new level!

Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stress Free and Ahead

I don't mean to brag but I had a great Monday!
I hope all of you did as well!
I was very rested from my 3 day weekend which I think really improved my mood yesterday. 
What also improved my mood was that I was able to get sooooooo much work done yesterday! I have never gotten so much work done in one day at college. 
And another thing that has never happened to me, was that I was able to get ahead in my work!
It felt sooooo good yesterday to be able to get so much stuff done!
I worked on a project and was able to finish work that is due next Tuesday! I haven't gotten that far ahead since high school, and it feels great!
For once in college I am not super stressed out!
I was just so happy yesterday! 
I danced around my room a bit and sang, it was great. 
It was just nice to know that before dinner I had all of my work that was due the next day done, and all I had to do was study! 
Lesson learned from all of this: I need to make better use of my time...

I am sad to say I didn't have my best "photo shoot" yesterday.
The new dress I was wearing was very dark in color and the sun was starting to set so it was creating lots of crazy shadows. 
But hopefully at the end of this week or next I will have shot this dress or possibly another outfit with a fellow classmate/photographer with a really great camera!
That reminds me that I should really start using my Canon camera again to take photos rather than just my phone....

I love this dress and am back in love with H&M!
H&M is what I like to call my version of Forever 21!
I can't wear F21 stuff, it never fits me but H&M on the other hand is cheap and trendy like F21 but fits me.
H&M is also just better quality than F21 and I think is so much cuter!
I love H&M for trendy pieces or going out clothes.
If the item goes out of style in a year, no big deal because you didn't drop a lot of money on it!
This dress is one of my new favorite fall items I got the other day. I love this dress and the black shirt that I wore out last Thursday night with the same kind of neck line!
It is really in right now and just super cute!

Earrings: Tiffany sterling silver ball studs


Monday, October 24, 2016

(My) Parents Weekend

Look my parents do love me!
Just kidding!
My parents came this weekend to visit me!
They didn't come during the actual "parents weekend," because they thought it would be just too hectic, and it was, and the weather was horrible so good thing they came when the sun was shining and the weather was nice!
Saturday morning my mom drove over from Raleigh-Durham.
She got to meet all of my friends and take me out to some really yummy brunch in downtown Winston at Mary's Diner.
I had some amazing French toast as did she.
She later took me to Target because I needed necessities like: oatmeal, peanut butter, "nice" frat formal shoes and camo shirts....
At around 3 pm, my dad and his business partner arrived at Wake! 
I got to show them my humble abode, introduce them to all my friends and gave them a tour of campus.
This was my dad's first time on campus and he was like wow it's gorgeous I can see why you like the place so much!
Later we went out to dinner with Blair and Kristin at this really good steakhouse that we found downtown, after the Italian restaurant we wanted was packed. It was a restaurant filled with locals, thats when you know its good.
My parents dropped me and my friends off and we just stayed in and had a dance party in the lounge.
There were literally 30 kids in our entire building and 6 of my friends, because everyone went home for fall break, so the 6 of us had a dance party and ran around the building in our pjs... It was a good time!

On Sunday my parents picked me up again for brunch. I was slightly hangry but the eggs Benedict I had made that hanger go away.
We then went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a new mattress topper because the one I had was "University allowed." Because it was down feathers. But it was a piece of poop because the feathers all got squashed where my butt is when I sleep and I could feel the metal springs from the mattress on my back. So I needed a new topper... I got a really nice foam one, and last night I slept like a baby!
My mom and I also tried to go to Michael's to get some red ribbon for one of our halloween costumes but in the middle of Michael's my mom got a phone call from our neighbor back home saying there was a big firetruck in front of our house and that the alarm went off. Long story short my mom and I ran out of the store, called all of my siblings and spouses back home and my sister saved the day and opened the house so the firefighters didn't have to break down our garage door or the main doors and they saw that everything was fine. It was just dust that got into the smoke alarm. So that exciting episode definitely woke me up out of my food coma. 
I told my friends and they were like omg your family is literally from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and I was like yeah except this side of the family is Italian....
It is so great that my whole family lives in the same town so when emergencies happen we can all help each other out.

(And look how artsy downtown Winston-Salem is! Look at that wall! So pretty, and so many more like it!)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle
Shoes: Sperry gold sparkly boat shoes (similar)


Friday, October 21, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

I rocked a very non-traditional "Elisabeth" outfit yesterday for class! 
Ripped boyfriend jeans and a crop top....
I know super cray!
But it was a different look and I was kinda a fan of it!
As Alex would say, "I'm into it..."

Last night was a night for the books!
I participated in my first "Thirsty Thursday!"
I have to say it was a lot of fun!
The only reason why I went out was because it is our Fall Break this weekend so we have Friday off from classes. So normally I can't go out on Thursday night's because I have class Friday morning at 9:30 am and also French class which means I have a French quiz, because every French class requires a quiz. But I'm glad we went out last night!
It was fun!
We hung out with some of the basketball team. And let me tell you, I thought I was tall... NOPE!
Some of the guys were 6'10" and plus. Like omg! Like I thought I have a problem finding pants, but those guys, poor guys, that must stink!
They were all really nice and we had fun with them.
Our "Thirsty Thursday" involved going to this club/bar thing off campus. Literally all of Wake was there...
The DJ wasn't so great, and there was some drama, like usual, but I got to dress up in some of my new clothes from H&M, and ah I'm so mad we didn't take any cute pics! 

Shirt: H&M off white lace top
Jeans: American Eagle boyfriend jeans
Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl earrings
Shoes: Tory Burch Reva cheetah ballet flats

86 Degrees in October

Wednesday was a pretty chill day not gonna lie.
I had my math test super early at 8am, good thing I went to bed the night before at like literally 10:30pm.

Besides that I had a pretty chill day...
I had some great food truck food- chicken quesadilla anyone? Ah yes please!
Except it was so greasy and we didn't have napkins so luckily we were sitting outside and used some leaves to wipe our hands.

And it was soooooo hot on Wednesday!
Like 86 degrees hot! New record for North Carolina for October.
And I was so hot in pants! I should have worn shorts literally but it isn't summer anymore
And the leaves are falling like crazy here and I'm in love! 

Shirt: Gap red and blue shirt with tassels
Pants: American Eagle skinny jeans
Earrings: Tiffany pearl studs
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch
Shoes: Sperry gold sparkly boat shoes


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recruitment 2017

Look there are even more leaves on the ground than there was on Monday!!!
Apparently, I overexerted myself on Monday, because yesterday was a little rough.
I had my 4 classes, my math tutor and the beginning of sorority recruitment!
I had a lot going on yesterday and wasn't feeling so great by last night.
I think on Monday, because I was so well rested that I was all better and could go back to my normal crazy study and work routine... but apparently I can't because I am still sick.
My cold just keeps jumping from one part of my body to the next.
Yesterday, it was my throat. 
Probably all the talking at the sorority recruitment meet and greet wasn't so great for my throat, but don't worry I managed to really prioritize my work last night and go to bed at 10:30!
The recruitment event was very casual, minus my slightly dressed up outfit, except I did wear this outfit all day, and it just worked out that I didn't have to change for the sorority event. 
One sister even told me that my outfit was very Blair Waldorf esq.! I was like omg, thank you so much. It was a great compliment!
I am so excited to rush!
The only thing I am not excited for is that I am going to loose my voice (from all the talking) and that I have to be back on campus January 3rd, so my Christmas break is only 2 weeks. :(
But I will be very excited to see all my friends and just hang out for a week before classes start!
I am sure to have lots of really cute outfits for rush week, so don't worry, they will all be posted here on T&P!!

Necklace: J Crew multicolored statement necklace
Shoes: Tory Burch black and gold Reva ballet flats



Woo Monday is over!
For me only 3 more days of classes for me!
I don't have class on Friday because it's fall break! But fall break isn't that much of a break it is only one day off from class. But I guess that is one more day that I get to sleep in!
And my parents are coming this weekend! I am really excited to see them and for them to take me out to dinner and to Target! Woo! Actually, I'm most excited to show my dad around campus because he has never seen it.

I went to bed at 9:30 Sunday night so I was really wide awake in math class at 8am yesterday. And I felt great. I was so well rested, that I was able to ace my Health 100 final yesterday and go to two workout classes. 
Or maybe I was able to ace my Health 100 final because during my test I had a ladybug crawling on me!
I just thought it was a fly at first but then I saw it and let it crawl over my shirt for the whole test. So I had some good luck yesterday!
And I went so hard yesterday. I did my bi-weekly pilates class with Kristin at 2 and then I added some cardio into my workout by taking a spin class at 6:30 last night with two of our other friends. It was fun and definitely hard!
For dinner the girls and I ordered some Chinese takeout, which took forever to come, so we didn't end up eating until 8pm, thus delaying my venture to the library until 9pm....
Monday nights are always so late for me because I have 4 (used to be 5) classes on Tuesday. I really screwed up my schedule this semester because I am literally dying with all the work, and I am still trying to get over being sick!

The leaves are finally starting to change and fall here, so it appears to be fall, even though yesterday was 82 degrees at like 4pm....
Here is my summery/fall/this weather is bipolar so I don't even know what to wear anymore outfit:

Skirt: Joe Fresh off white lace skirt
Shoes: Tory Burch Reva cheetah flats

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