Monday, November 25, 2019

Kappa Delta Winter Formal 2019

We had our winter formal this past Friday at Millennium! Such a beautiful venue.
We always have formal here. Even when I was Date Function chair, I always booked Millennium as our event space.

I love to dance and get dressed up.
I danced all night and had a blast.

I wore my H&M blue lace dress. I wore it for Christmas a couple of years ago with flats. This time, I popped on a pair of nude pumps. These shoes are so comfortable because they have a huge platform. I kept them on all night! 
I even curled my hair.

Look how pretty all my friends look!
It was a really fun night and a nice way to tie up the end of the semester.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Homesickness as a College Senior

I’m a senior in college and I’m homesick.
Yep, I said it.

I was homesick before I even left New York in August.
I was terrified of leaving because I knew once I left my house, it would mean I would be one step closer to graduation. I don’t want to graduate. I also hate to leave my house and family because I get homesick. I have a very close, tight-knit family, so it is so hard to stay in contact and be present in everyone’s lives when I am so far away. I struggle with this every year.

I was so homesick before seeing my parents for Parent’s Weekend. But I still miss them and the rest of my family.

I haven’t been home since August 23rd. It has been a long time and I miss my home.
This semester has been particularly rough because I have had some sad things happen at home to my loved ones.
J.Crew cable knit mock turtleneck ON SALE | Madewell 10 inch skinny jeans in taller | Tory Burch double pearl studs | Tory Burch gold logo bangle | Tory Burch black riding boots

I am so looking forward to going home next Monday night. I feel like I have been waiting to go home since I got here.

So, there you have it, I’m a college senior and I’m homesick.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Jeans Sob Story: Madewell Jeans

I have been wearing American Eagle jeans religiously since middle school.
My favorite pair of American Eagle jeans, you’ve all seen them before, are from freshman year of college.
They are so stretchy and comfy. Soft. The perfect blue color. The perfect length, all thanks to size “tall.”
But, unfortunately, like all good things, they must come to an end. My favorite pants are reaching their end of life.
I’m sure this is very relatable for all of you and you know how I feel.

I have tried to replace them from American Eagle, but this pair no longer exists. I found out over the summer, and I was devastated. I ordered another similar pair, but the color was off.

Okay, enough of the dramatics about my favorite pants.

When I told my friends at J.Crew my sob story about my favorite jeans, they recommended I try Madewell jeans.

You all know, I eat, sleep and breathe J.Crew. Madewell is J.Crew’s sister brand. 
I was a bit skeptical and nervous to leave the comfort of American Eagle and branch out to a new brand, leaving American Eagle behind, but I was ready.

I went to the store and found two pairs I really liked. I loved the colors. Madewell has high waisted jeans that come in “tall” and “taller!” The “tall” was too short for me, so I ordered the “taller” in store. And then the “taller” arrived and it was a bit too long for me, but because I have a J.Crew credit card, I was able to get them hemmed for free!

I am wearing one pair in these photos. They are super form fitting and suck me in. They are a little too tight right now, but I have only worn them for two days now and feel them stretching a bit more every second I wear them. I was also recommended to buy a size smaller than normal so they can stretch a bit and mold to my body. They are also super high waisted, aka, past my belly button! AMAZING! Actual high waisted pants for tall girls!

I am not saying that these are my new favorite pants. It is going to take me some time before I can fully let go of my beloved American Eagle pair, but for right now, they are moving their way up in the ranks.

Thanks for reading my DRAMATIC story about my jeans.

J.Crew camel cashmere sweater | Madewell 10" high-rise skinny jeans | J.Crew silk cheetah neck scarf | Vince Camuto brown riding boots | Tory Burch double pearl earrings | J.Crew bracelet | Ray-Ban cat-eye Wayfarers 



Monday, November 11, 2019

Bar Style

Check out me and my lovely ladies, and Alex from their birthday party this past weekend.
Kate, Victoria and I are rocking the perfect bar outfits!
I am wearing an ASOS navy blue with black lace tank ON SALE with my American Eagle black high-waisted jeggings, H&M black velour jacket and black booties that I bought in France!
Kate is in all black with a green suede jacket.
Victoria is wearing a black skort with black tights and a purple tank!

All a little different but all really cute outfits! The one similarity is that we are all wearing black. I seem to only wear black when I go out on the town.
We hopped from Recreation Billiards to Tate’s, downtown on 4th Street. Two of our favorite bars.
Hope these outfits inspire you guys!


Monday, November 4, 2019

Family Weekend 2019

My last family weekend at Wake (until maybe I come back with my kids one day?! Hopefully!)

My parents landed Friday night after work. We grabbed a late dinner at Jeffrey Adams. Pro tip: book your reservations months in advance!
While they were in flight, I went to the Kappa Delta silent auction to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina. I remember going to this event without my parents my sophomore year, because same thing, my parents took a late flight, and it was painful socializing with parents and KD’s that I was not best friends with yet. 
But, now that I am a senior, my confidence has grown drastically, and I feel like I can talk to anyone! I met a lot of my sorority sister’s parents. I met Mrs. Hampton, my friend Kate’s mom. Hi Mrs. Hampton, thanks for saying hi and thank you for reading my blog!
I also chatted with my friend’s parents that I already knew! It was a really nice event. We raised $7,000 for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina.
I did not bid on anything, but there was a cute Hillflint sweater that I think I might scoop up one of these days. 

Saturday morning my parents and I bundled up and walked to the Kappa Delta lounge on the quad for a family weekend breakfast. Chick-fil-A chicken minis, fruit, juice and yogurt parfaits. We lounged in our new and beautiful designed lounge. My mom remembers when the lounge was redone my sophomore year when I lived in Davis above the lounge. It was just redone again and this time the new furniture is stunning.

We headed over to the tailgate via the shuttle, because why park for $20 when you can park on campus and take the shuttle for free?!
Kick off was at noon. The stadium was filled. The oldest rivalries in a North Carolina were to battle it out once more. The Demon Deacons crushed the Wolfpack, making the Deacs 7-1, in reach of a really nice bowl game. We were sitting in North Carolina State University territory. It was sunny yet chilly. I was in my turtleneck and layers. My scalp got sunburned. My voice was hoarse from screaming and rubbing our victory in NC State fans faces.

After we got back to campus, we went to the quad and watched as others rolled it. My mother treated me to a new Wake sweatshirt, my first new one since before freshman year.

We ate dinner at our favorite restaurant, Milners. I tell everyone I know to go here. The food is amazing. My mom and my favorite dish is the pecan and Moravian cookie crusted salmon. We also love the calamari. They also bring this delicious basket of warm bread with sweet butter.

Sunday brunch with Joe was at the Indigo hotel at Sir Winston Wine Loft downtown on 4th street. It was bad. My grits bowl was delicious, but the service was horrible. My mom and Joe’s omelets were cold. The toast only came out after asking three times, and it wasn’t the right kind of bread. My dad’s fried egg, requested sunny side up, was cooked through and flipped one too many times. It was a pretty restaurant but with a horrible chef.

I then took my parents to their first ever Wake Forest Catholic mass. I love going to mass every Sunday on campus. I used to go a lot to church when I was little, but then only went rarely in middle and high school. The reason I go here is because the priest we have on campus is so relatable and funny. He makes mass fun and relevant to college students. My parents laughed so hard yesterday at mass and now they really understand why I love going.

After mass we took a walk through the Reynolda trails to Reynolda Gardens. A beautiful spot, walking distance from campus. My dad had never been, so I wanted to show him the property of the Reynolds, who donated this land to Wake Forest University. On the wooded walk back, we stopped at Dough-Joes in Reynolda Village for delicious and fresh out of the oven apple cider donuts. Honestly, the best donut I have ever had. 

I said a sad goodbye to my parents in the parking lot. I will see them in three weeks for Thanksgiving and then hopefully a week after that for Love

Thanks for the visit! I love you both!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween! 

Tell me about it STUD!
 I dressed up as a 50s gal this spooky season.
Super easy costume for me to throw together! J.Crew white t-shirt, pearl studs, bandana from Dijon, France and my poodle skirt. I made this skirt with my Girl Scout troop in the 4th grade.
I’m all about re-wearing old costumes *cough cough* (Through the Decades Date Function- I don’t think anything beats this outfit…)

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
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