Wednesday, July 11, 2018

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

The first thing people see when you walk in a room is your smile, or lack of smile.
I try to always smile to people I know when I walk from class to class, and when I see friends on the street, I always flash them a big smile.
However, I am a bit shy and get afraid to smile when I see someone I don’t know, especially if it is a cute boy.
But that was before I whitened my teeth!
I am now not shy anymore and I SMILE to everyone!!
Thanks to my new white smile from Smile Brilliant I am so much more confident smiling to strangers on the street even if they’re boys!

Smile Brilliant helped whiten my teeth in a little over a month!
Every night before bed, when I was getting ready for the next day, whether that was answering emails or planning out my day in my planner, I would whiten my teeth using my custom fitting whitening trays for about 45 minutes. I quickly learned that I have very sensitive gums and that it is best for me to just whiten for 45 minutes a day. After the 45 minutes, I would put the trays back in my mouth with the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes while I was putting on my pjs and doing my skincare routine.

I have only whitened my teeth one time before and it was before prom!
I really wanted a super bright smile for prom, but I don’t think the whitening strips from the drugstore, did much to brighten my smile. I hate coffee and I don’t drink red wine, so my teeth aren’t really stained too badly.
Still, the strips did not work as well as these whitening trays.
The strips would slip and fall off of my teeth and fill my mouth with saliva (eww!)
But these whitening trays didn’t move or slip or make my mouth gross!

In the beginning of the teeth whitening process, I was sent molds to make my custom fitting trays. After I formed the molds, I put them in the prelabeled envelope and sent them to the Smile Brilliant lab where the molds were formed into my trays! The trays look like clear plastic retainers for your top and bottom teeth.

To whiten, all you do is take the syringes of whitening gel and put a thin layer of the gel in the trays for 45 minutes or up to 3 hours and do whatever you need to do!
After the 45 minutes or whatever time you decide is up, you brush your teeth, using toothpaste and then wash out your trays.
After the trays are clean, you put a thin layer of the desensitizing gel from the syringe into the trays and wear them for 15 minutes before going to bed!
And voilà: your teeth are whitened!

I wish I would have known about Smile Brilliant years ago!!
I would have been way more confident to smile to cute boys on campus or on the streets in NYC!
I am really happy with the results and I can’t wait to continue to use Smile Brilliant in the future!

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*Smile Brilliant did send me the teeth whitening kit, but all my opinions and thoughts are my own.


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