Thursday, September 1, 2016

6 Hours in the Library on the 2nd Day of Classes

Look at that roomie love!!
Let me just start off by saying, that I was dressed first this morning, because I have earlier classes AND I told Blair what I was wearing last night! So I'm just saying.....
But look how cute we are! 
I love my roomie! She's so cute and we are literally the same person. 
We have the same sense of humor and we are both moms it's great!

I had three classes today! It was great compared to yesterday which was four (normally five though.)
I had math, politics and health all in the morning. Math was pretty easy today because it was just review and it doesn't meet on Thursdays, so I get to sleep in tomorrow morning, woo!! My politics class is pretty much the same class I took last year in high school, but it seems hard in the fact that it is a lecture style class and they're no notes on the board. And the class seems kind of hard. But I think it will be good. (And omg there are so many upperclassmen in that class!) I then walked allllll the way over to my health class, which was like on the complete other side of campus! And it was so hot, omg I was dying. I met some sweet girls in my class and we went for lunch afterwards, and they totally want to do some of the workout classes with me and my friends. Which is so great! Tonight Kristin and I took a HIIT class, and boy are my legs already sore, but feel oh so good! After lunch, I was really really stressed out and spent pretty much the whole afternoon and evening in the library, for 6 hours to be exact!
Yep, second day of classes and I already spent the whole night in the library. But it's okay I feel better that I got a lot of stuff done! I have a French quiz tomorrow, which should be fine, so I didn't go out tonight. I was kind of a party pooper and didn't participate in Wake Wednesdays.... I know I'm in college now and can make my own decisions about going out, and I can party all week if I want to. But I'm still okay with being super studious during the week and partying on the weekends! Because after all school, in my mind, comes first and is a job! And I'm still having fun by not partying on the weekdays! (And maybe that will change!) But I have eight am's every morning except Thursdays, so I think I will stay in every night. 
And tonight worked out that I didn't go out because I got to FaceTime my best friends from back home! (Shoutout to Mitch and George!) Lol I FaceTime called Mitch and her mom and sister back home picked up the call, it was so weird. And then George also wanted to FaceTime, so I had Michelle on my computer screen and George on my phone. And I was able to hold up my phone at a certain angle to the computer so we could all see each other! So it was ridiculous but cute!
And yes, next time we will definitely use Skype, so we can three way call!

Overall, another great day down here in NC! My hair is really not liking this weather, but I am used to this heat and humidity, my friends foreign to the east coast don't like it at all. 

I got so many complements on my dress today! They were all so sweet! I love that I can be super super preppy here! Back home is preppy too but not as preppy as down south! Back home I felt a little awkward wearing a dress like this to class, I did it anyway, but still, I always felt like wayyyyy over dressed, but down here I really don't! Other girls are in their J Crew and Lilly dresses and it's so cute! And all the guys look adorable as well in their Vineyard Vines and Sperries!

(Yes, I know I have on a different pair of flip flops in the pictures with my roommate. I honestly forgot I was wearing them, and I do so much walking here on campus that my Jack's were seriously hurting my feet!)

Dress: J Crew white stripped lace dress (similar)
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial "E" cuff


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