Thursday, September 15, 2016

Such a Beautiful Day

Today was 86 degrees, breezy and beautiful!
My day yet again didn't start off so great....
I woke up at 3 am coughing. I literally had to get out of bed and get a cough drop, and then sit up in bed for a good half an hour.
But it's fine a lot of girls in my hall were up at 3 am as well... *cough Kristin cough* 
Because it was Wake Wednesday after all!
I had my first year seminar class again today and the same girl that starred me down a couple of days ago (read about it here) did it again but like 12 times worse. I swear I have never even said two words to this girl. So she sits in the front row and I sit in the back, so she literally turned all the way around and starred me down. I tapped the girl next to me and asked if she saw it too, and she did! It was so weird and I was so uncomfortable! 
So after that craziness, I went to lunch with a new friend from my French class and then posted the blog post from yesterday. And then the best part of the day happened: I napped....
It was great, I really needed it and now I feel great!
I am still getting over my cold but I am feeling better each day, and the nap really really helped!

Ashley also rocked a peplum today! Go check out her peplum post too here!
Feel better girl!! <3

Shirt: Joe Fresh black peplum (similar)
Shorts: J Crew 3 inch printed pink stretch shorts (similar)


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