Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Dorm Room!

Thanks roomie for taking these blog pics of me!
I would have gone outside for pics yesterday but it was so freaking cold!
Yesterday was really damp and windy, courtesy of the hurricane that is going up the east coast right about now.
I thought this would be a perfect time to show a little bit of my dorm room to you guys!
I live in Collins Residence Hall at Wake Forest University!
It is very preppy and pink!! (And my roommate's side of the room is the complete opposite so it's kinda funny!)
I thought it would be a bit much if I had a pink bed spread so I opted for this Kate Spade navy blue floral one and lots of pink accessories. My sheets are pink polka dots from PB Teen, which are very similar to the ones from home! I have a PB Teen pink Paris pillow, two white PB Teen floral pillows and even a PB Teen monogrammed pillow!
I have my family and friends up on the wall above my bed in pink IKEA picture frames and a pink PB Teen fleece blanket, that I have to use because my room is always so cold! 
Ya see my roommate is from Colorado so she's used to it being cold, so she likes our room super cold, so good thing I brought with me layers and sweats! 
Love you B!!
I love this bed! Not as comfortable as the one back home but this bed feels very homey and is super comfortable thanks to a feather mattress topper. 
And we have fuzzy rugs and curtains for the windows! It's great! 
I hope you enjoyed a little look around my very small room! It's tight but super homey!
My roommate and I have such a cute little set up, and it's great!

I wore really summery clothes yesterday even though it was like 60 degrees and freezing. So I probably should have worn pants.....

Top: Banana Republic pink peplum top (similar)
Skirt: J Crew floral printed pencil skirt (similar)
Necklace: Van Clef & Arpels vintage Alhambra pendant

Don't worry for dinner I wore long sleeves, jeans and flats. 
So HA mom! You told me not to bring long sleeves or jeans, but I am so glad I did!
Sorry mom!
Love you!


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