Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Serena and Blair

This here is the lovely library where I spend 95% of my day.
Last night I was at the library until 12:45 am! Woo!
I have my favorite study spot on the 4th floor, what we call the "red room" even though its not really red. But I really should explore some more study rooms. 
Yesterday was a fun day!
Kristin, Blair and I went to a pilates class! Oh how much I missed it. It was so much fun and we felt the burn. We will definitely be going back!
Also, this guy from our hall who we met at our mixer with the A1 boy's hall on Sunday night, calls me Serena because my roommate's name is Blair like from Gossip Girl. It's kind of funny and cute because we are like two peas in a pod. <3 S + B!

It is still summer! So I am going to keep wearing my bright summery outfits!! Sorry if that bothers you but it's still so nice out! I am treasuring the last days of summer and this transition into fall!

Shorts: J Crew 3 inch pink printed linen shorts (similar)
Bracelet: C Wonder initial pink "E" cuff


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