Friday, April 26, 2024

Five Friday Favorites | 73 | NYC Restaurants & Bars: Moroccan, Mexican, Pasta, West Village Brewery & More

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1.          Cafe Mogador- This restaurant is so hard to get a reservation for in New York, and I now know why. This Moroccan food restaurant is so delicious! It’s a decently sized restaurant in the East Village with reasonable prices. I really enjoyed the chicken and couscous.

2.          Casa Carmen- This restaurant’s owners took their grandma’s recipes and brought them to New York. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, this is the spot. Get the empanadas and the enchiladas with mole sauce.

3.          Follia- Great pasta and pizza at this casual spot in Gramercy. I really enjoyed the fried risotto balls. 

4.          Tatte Bakery- Why don’t we have one of these in New York? I had a breakfast sandwich and a piece of monkey bread at the South End location in Boston and I am still dreaming about it. The food here is so good.

5.          Talea Beer Co.- Such a cool spot for a drink with friends after work. I went to the West Village location. I don’t drink beer, and I didn’t like the Talea rose, but the Wolfer Rose Cider is delicious. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 92 | Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses, Formal Gowns, Long Dresses, Party Dresses

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 92 | Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses, Formal Gowns, Long Dresses, Party Dresses

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024 / Boston, MA, USA

Top 10 Highlights From Boston Girls Trip

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Over the weekend I went to Boston for a girl’s trip with two of my best friends from college, Emily and Caroline. 

Below is a list of the top ten highlights from this weekend in no particular order.



1.          Being reunited with my sweet college friends. We caught up, asked for advice, gossiped and laughed. It felt like we were all living in the same place despite all living in different cities on the East Coast.

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2.          Boston Marathon Finish Line- Yesterday, April 15, was the Boston Marathon! We were exploring and walking around Boston and we stumbled upon the finish line. It was so cool to see. We even got to cross the finish line of this major race. 

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3.          Tatte Bakery- My first time at the famous Tatte Bakery was this weekend. The monkey bread and the breakfast sandwich were to die for. I wish we had one in New York, because I would definitely be a regular. 

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4.          Trattoria Il Panino- I’ve been to this famous Italian restaurant just about every time I’ve gone to Boston. The food is divine. Highly recommend. 

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5.          Parla- This is such a fun cocktail bar experience. It’s a tiny spot, so I highly advise getting a reservation. They have an option where you can roll a 20-sided die which will produce you with a drink off of a secret menu, with no send backs, what you roll is what you get. Caroline and I rolled the die, Emily decided to pick her drink, which was safer. I rolled a 6 and got a gin cocktail with chartreuse and cucumber. It was refreshing, even if gin is not my favorite. Caroline, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Her drink was 19.  She ended up with a piece of cooked octopus and a plastic hand in her drink. Her cocktail literally smelled of BO. No joke. It was repulsive to smell, but she ended up drinking the whole thing. She was brave. Drink 19 ended up being a fennel liquor with gin. Hard pass on that one. If you go to Parla, you have been warned, try not to roll a 19.

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6.          Bostonian Public House- This was a really good spot for brunch. The three of us each had the breakfast tacos. This restaurant is known for their Bloody Mary bar, where you can design your own drink. I opted for the peach Bellini. 

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7.          Boston Commons- There is nothing prettier than springtime in Boston. It was so nice out on Saturday. I’m so glad we got to see some of the flowers start to bloom in the park.

8.          Bspoke- Sunday morning, we decided to be healthy and burn some calories at Bspoke, a Massachusetts chain spin studio. The 45-minute class was really fun. 

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9.          Seaport Social- This was a great spot by the water to grab pre-dinner cocktails and watch The Masters.  

cat, kitty, boots

10.       Boots- Caroline’s kitty Boots, is so sweet and precious. I loved spending some time with her this weekend. 


Friday, April 12, 2024

Five Friday Favorites | 72 | Investigative Journalism Podcast, Netflix Binge, NYC Chicken Fingers, NYC Mediterranean Restaurant & More

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Five Friday Favorites | 72 | Investigative Journalism Podcast, Netflix Binge, NYC Chicken Fingers, NYC Mediterranean Restaurant & More

1.          Serial Season 4- I absolutely love podcasts and Serial is one of the best shows on the market. It is amazing journalism. This season is about Guantanamo Bay and the people that were locked up there and the people who worked there. It’s fascinating and wonderful reporting. 

2.          Cherry Blossoms in NYC- NYC is in full bloom. The trees in Central Park are gorgeous. Go visit them out soon, before the petals float away!

3.          Selling Beverly Hills- I love shows that are light hearted and let me zone out, this one just like Selling Sunset is full of beautiful houses and beautiful people. It’s a fun show! 

4.          Sticky’s- If you have been around a while, since I started my job, I have been trying out new lunch restaurants every week. I have a list taped to my desk. I share what I get each Friday on my stories. I needed some comfort food after a very hectic Friday morning post earthquake last week…and opted for some delicious chicken fingers and French fries. They were so good. Best French fries I’ve ever had.

5.          Lola Taverna- Friday evening, Alex and I went to Lola Taverna for dinner. This restaurant is tiny and very hard to get a reservation. But I am so glad we did. The food was divine. It is a Mediterranean fusion restaurant. The spinach rolls, fried eggplant, red pepper hummus and the lamb meatballs were delicious. We did small plates. We also loved the chicken buns.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 91 | Tweed Dresses, Spring Dresses, Workwear Dresses

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 91 | Tweed Dresses, Spring Dresses, Workwear Dresses

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Friday, April 5, 2024

Five Friday Favorites | 71 | New NYC Bar, Cannoli Dip, Cycle Bar & Tribeca Dining

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1.          Romeos bar- This new spot in the East Village is really cute. There are photos on the walls of movies where the storyline is based on Romeo & Juliet. Their margarita is really good! 

2.          Donnybrook- We had a relaxed St. Patty’s day celebration here with a few friends from out of town. 

3.          Tiny’s- I am always skeptical when I find a restaurant all over social media, but I was SO surprised by Tiny’s in Tribeca. In an adorable pink townhouse adorned with a bow, this three-story historic spot is minuscule but delicious. The drinks were amazing. I had the peach fizz specialty cocktail. The tater tots, popcorn shrimp and the spinach dip were incredible. I had the shrimp fried rice for dinner. I am still craving it! Big portions too. 

4.          Wegmans cannoli dip- Wegmans food store opened in Manhattan a couple of months ago, so we decided to check it out. The top floor at Astor Place was all premade or partially premade foods, like sushi, salads, sandwiches, cheese boards, cakes, half cooked quiches, etc. We got sushi and cannoli dip. Yes, that is exactly what that sounds like, cannoli cream in a container and then there are cannoli shell chips that you dip into the cream! GENIUS and oh so delicious. 

5.          CycleBar- NoHo CycleBar is doing a promo where your first class is only $10! I took a class over the weekend and it was so tough! It reminded me that I need to get back in cardiovascular shape. 


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

My Childhood Dream Came True: Elizabeth Esq.

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On October 31, 2023, I wrote, “I have to say I got really emotional walking to work this morning because I was like wow my lifelong dream of being an attorney in NYC is actually real life now and today, I wore my suit and heels like I always imagined walking down a city block going to court …. Like little Elizabeth would be so so proud.”


On March 27, 2024, a couple of months after writing that, at the young age of 25, I took the oath of attorney and was sworn into the legal profession. Little Elizabeth is so proud. 


Everything I had worked for and dreamed of for my entire life had culminated to that point.

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I bought a new suit, colored, because Elle Woods would have it no other way, even though I wasn’t brave enough to wear pink, and took the day off.


My parents and I headed past my office in Manhattan to 45 Monroe Street in Brooklyn to the Second Department Appellate Division for my swearing in ceremony.

This is the most beautiful courthouse in such a beautiful area of Brooklyn.


I changed into my Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps when I got there.

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esquire, attorney, lawyer, bar admission, new york attorney, law school, suiting

All 30+ applicants and I walked into the courtroom, took our oath and then stood and listened to the justices speak about how we were beginning our journeys into a very well esteemed profession, just as many presidents and vice presidents had. It was a beautiful speech about how we should always take the high road, and never send an email angry. The justices invited us to turn around and face our parents and loved ones, because without them, we would not be having this special day. It was a lovely speech, that I had a difficult time paying attention to because I was so sweaty, nervous and shaking.


My mom later asked me why I was nervous, as this was the easiest part of it all. I had gotten into law school, passed all my classes, took all my tests, passed the bar exam, got a job and then this was the FINAL step.


I guess it was an overwhelming feeling of “wow finally, everything is coming to fruition.” After 20+ years of school, this was it. 

I tried to hold back tears as I focused on not passing out.

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After the 25 minutes of standing, we sat down, and then we were called up one by one to sign the book.

I signed the book and officially became an attorney!

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We celebrated with lunch at our favorite restaurant in midtown, Patsy’s Italian, over some pasta and glasses of wine.


The next day, I felt different. I felt official.

My first day as an official attorney, my first day as Esquire.

I felt great until I was scolded by a mean judge in the Bronx. My first day as Esquire and I was already punished, I guess that’s the legal profession for you. It was a true rite of passage.


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Once I got back to the office, my coworkers showered me in sweet words and excitement. They even bought me a cake! I felt so loved from them, my family, friends and all of you!


I am over the moon that I am now officially an attorney. When I imagined my future self 20 years ago, it was definitely the life I am living now, as an attorney, wearing suits and heels, walking down the streets of Manhattan, and I am stunned and amazed that that dream came true.  


Thank you as always to my family, friends, boyfriend, mentors and anyone that has cheered me on along my journey.


It has been a pleasure and a joy to share my life with you all on this side of the internet!


One big dream down, what’s next?!

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