Wednesday, May 30, 2018

There’s a New Intern on the Block

J Crew purple dress (similar) | Banana Republic navy blue blazer | pearl necklace | Tory Burch double pearl earrings | Tory Burch cheetah Reva ballet flats | Tory Burch large York tote in navy blue (similar)

Watch out NYC, there’s a new intern on the block!
I have an internship at a public relations firm this summer.
Yesterday was my first day!
I got to send some emails to some really cool clients, as well as, discuss ways to market and brand a client’s Instagram better.
I work in midtown, a couple of blocks from Penn Station.
It is a very short walk to my office and a very quick train ride home!
My office has a beautiful view of the Empire State building and I starred at it all day yesterday.

I got all dressed up for my first day of work with a classic look. 
I was inspired to wear my string of pearls just like Veronica Lodge, from the show Riverdale does every day regardless of if she is going to solve a cold case or go to class.
I have been binge-watching Riverdale on Netflix. I am obsessed!
In high school I was obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, and this new show, Riverdale, is helping fill the void, without PLL no longer being on air, because it is a murder mystery drama with super cute boys!

I was a bit overdressed for work but like my mother has always said “It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.”


Friday, May 25, 2018

Spilling the Tea on College Boys

The perfect topic to discuss over tea with friends: BOYS!

Michelle, Justine, MaryKate and I went to Royal Tea House in Great Neck, New York for a nice catch up on our lives and of course, discussion of the boys in our lives!

When I first started my blog, I was a senior in high school and I used to share a lot of details about my personal life, especially about boys. I think I am excused because I was in my first ever relationship and I was so excited that I wanted to share the news with everyone! I quickly realized that no one really cares that much about my life and that it is really no one’s business…

I know I talk a lot about college, but I have never fully discussed college boys in general.
I usually keep my adventurous and juicy boy stories to myself and to close friends, and not for the entertainment of the internet.
But I thought I would give a nice overview of what some college boys are like just for the entertainment and for the educational purpose of anyone going into college or for anyone that just wants a good laugh.

Wake is a party school with fraternities and sororities. With the title of party school comes the title of party boys and girls.
I’m talking about one-night stands.
You meet at a party and go home together. It is kind of a regular occurrence.
But if you don’t want to go home with anyone you don’t have to. You can always say no, and your friends are always there to help block you from getting an unwanted friend in your bed.
So, going home with a boy is usually just a fling, you spend the night and say “see ya later.”
Occasionally, I have seen one-night stands turn into actual relationships, but it is rare.
Sometimes you meet a guy at a party, exchange phone numbers and it turns into something.
And then sometimes you can meet someone, and they ghost you- you never hear from them again.
It happens.

Boys (sometimes) suck but that’s why I never really went after anyone and I just kind of avoided all boy’s freshman year. I was getting over a breakup and a broken heart. I finally was able to move on and have some fun at the end of freshman year. I was able to mingle, and flirt and it was so much fun! Fortunately, I did not get hurt by any boys from frat basements that I met! I actually met a lot of people in frat basements that became really good friends!

I know I have touched briefly on the jerky boys, but let me tell you, that there are such things as NICE BOYS!!
They are few and far between, but there are nice ones, I promise!
Last spring, I dated a real gentleman. I was not really interested at first, but then he pursed me, and he took me out on a date, and then we started dating!
He always opened the door for me and was just a really nice guy.
Things didn’t work out, it happens, but our relationship is living proof and hope for all girls in college that there are nice guys!

This past year, I also met a lot of really nice guys, who walked me home at night and became really good friends of mine!

There are such things as nice boys, they do finish last and I’m still waiting to find my nice boy, but at the moment I am currently very content not having a boy, because I don't need one!!!

H&M blue wool sweater
Hermès pink clic-clack enamel bracelet


Monday, May 14, 2018

Sophomore Year Round Up

Sophomore year is over!
I am now a junior and now on my way to France!

It just hit me while I was unpacking that I won’t be back at Wake for a very long time.
While I was also unpacking, after our 12-hour adventure from North Carolina to New York,
I was thinking about my year and didn’t know what to write.

I had forgotten about all the great things I did this year and I was just focused on the bad things; like three people dying on campus and that I should’ve gotten stitches in my hand, but then I looked back through all my pictures or the year and I went “duhhh” I had an amazing year!

This year started off a bit rough, as did last year. I got dumped literally the first week of school and tried to distract myself by burying myself in my work and volunteering for everything. I was so busy that I was anxious about not getting all of my work done, let alone answering my emails.
But I have to say, that was the worst part of my year.

I made so many amazing friends this year!

I lived in the cutest room on the KD halls! I learned I love living with my friends, but I love having a single! I love being able to go to bed at whatever time I wanted without disturbing anyone. Click HERE to see my room!

I went to Presidents ball this year and danced the night away in an adorable dress! Click HERE to read that blog post.

I was date function chair this year. 
It was really a tough position, but I learned how talented I am as a leader and a planner.
You can read more about my date functions HERE.

I went to Charleston for fall break, pretty much a dream come true!
Click HERE to read that blog post.

I took a self-defense class this year, so watch out I’m even more of a bad ass than I already was!

My parents visited me for family weekend and we had a great football season!

Click HERE to read that blog post.

It is honestly the best position on campus. I love getting to brag about Wake every Friday on my tours! Click HERE to read about tour guide E!

This year I got a little!!!! I am so blessed that my little is one of my best friends. She is so sweet and funny and one of my biggest supporters in life. Click HERE to meet her.

I went to SPAIN for spring break with concert choir! Click HERE.

I went to Kentucky for the first time to visit my brother for Easter. Click HERE.

I went to Shag on the Mag and danced the night away with Joe! Click HERE.

I planned formal all by myself and it was a HUGE success! Click HERE.

And then I moved out and finished my Sophomore year!

Academically and socially I had a wonderful school year.
Professionally, I worked with some great companies this school year including: The Reynolda Museum, Zaful, Kahootie Co,, and JORD wood watches.
I have some more exciting projects in the works!

Sophomore year was one for the books.
It went by extremely fast and I cannot wrap my head around the idea that I won’t be back at Wake for seven months.
I am a little heart broken by it, because I love Wake so much.
I already miss school and all of my friends.
I can’t wait to be back after I galivant across Europe for a semester!
But until then, get ready for some summer travel blog posts, some cool collaborations and some fun this summer!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Work Forest in Finals Season

I handed in one English paper. I have a Politics paper due tomorrow which is almost done.
I have my French test, one and only test this finals season, tomorrow.
A French paper due Thursday and a two-part English final due Friday.

Despite all the writing I am doing for my final papers, writing a blog post is a good break! It helps me clear my head and focus on something else for a short amount of time. 

I am almost done with all my papers, so I am not very stressed.
You just have to do a little each day and then life is a little less stressful.

I had a fever Friday and Saturday, so I did not get a lot of work done but it was nice to rest.
My body was telling me that I was done with the semester and that I was burnt out.

My body hit that wall on Friday, but my brain hit that wall hard yesterday.
But I took a break and picnicked on the quad for dinner and then I got back to work!

Sophomore year is almost done!!

Dress well, test well (or work well) is my moto this finals week. 
All of my friends have been complementing me all week on how nice I look even though it’s a stressful and long week.
If I wore sweats or a t-shirt and shorts all week I would want to curl up in bed and check out of school.
Those are my comfy clothes for comfy activities.
My nice, regular day clothes, are for class and doing school work.
If I am dressed and feel like I am going to class I will get a lot more work done than if I was just in sweats.
I know everyone is different, but this is just me and that’s what keeps me unique and wonderfully T&P!

J Crew stripped collectors t-shirt
Gap high waisted white skinny jeans
J Crew blue tassel earrings
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
Ray-Ban classic black and gold aviators


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy LDOC of Sophomore Year

Happy LDOC!

Sophomore year is over!! 
(Kind of, sort of, not really)
I have a week and a half of finals.
Five papers and one test.
And then I pack everything up and road trip home to New York!
Very bittersweet feelings yesterday as I finished class.
It hasn’t really hit me yet that I won’t be back in a classroom at Wake for seven months.
It’s a really weird feeling.

I am trying to embrace every day and every second I am here.
If you read my blog post from the other day, I am trying to slow down and really enjoy my last couple of days here at Wake. (Click HERE to read that blog post)

I sat on the quad for a couple of hours yesterday and then I treated myself to some social activities with my friends.

Sophomore year went out with a BANG!
I can’t wait to write my “What I learned in sophomore year” blog post like I do for every academic and calendar year!
Click HERE to see what I learned Freshman year!

Chao for now!
Catch me in the ZSR! 
(Click HERE to read that blog post)

J Crew gingham dress
J Crew blue and orange tassel necklace
Tiffany pearl studs
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum


Wednesday, May 2, 2018


“Rush ZSR” is an ongoing joke on campus.
To define some terms for those of you that don’t know:
Rush= to join a Greek organization
Ex: Rush Kappa Delta
ZSR= The Zachary Smith Reynolds Library
Ex: Wake Forest University’s library (the beautiful building behind me in all of these pictures)

Students on campus joke that you “Rush ZSR” because you spend more time at the ZSR than anywhere else on campus, especially during finals week.

Today is LDOC (or the last day of class) and then tomorrow we have a reading day, followed by exams up until the 11th.
I will be here until the 11thand then my mom and I drive home!
I’ve never done the drive from North Carolina to New York before, so it should be interesting, and hopefully fun!
I will provide the entertainment of podcasts and music.

If you need to contact me or find me I will be located in the ZSR for the next week and a half!
See ya there!

purple tassel necklace
Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stop Rushing

And it all comes down to this: one more day of school.
Tomorrow is the last day of my sophomore year.
(Click HERE to read about my last day of Freshman year.)
I started packing up my adorable room in Davis yesterday and I wanted to cry.
I still want to cry. Happy tears but also sad tears.
This year went by so fast. It is unbelievable.
I had such an amazing year and I never want to leave.
I know that the summer will fly by and then next semester I will be in Dijon, France and I know that will fly by.
And then I’ll be back at Wake as a second semester junior.
And then senior year…
I can’t wrap my head around how fast life is moving.

But before I can think about the future I want to try to continue to live in the present.
I am always trying to rush to get to the end of the school year, so I can be done with tests and papers and stress but then when I get to this point I am always so sad that I have to leave my favorite place and that the year went by too fast.

I really need to not look forward to the end of the things but look forward to each day and try to slow each day down, so I won’t feel like I sped through life.
I need to embrace each day left at Wake this year and for every day in the future because before I know it, I will be a real adult with real responsibilities and a real family and a real job and a real mortgage.

Slowing down starts right now. Right as I finish the semester and have a week and a half of finals.
I am going to embrace all the sunshine, pollen, rain (if it happens), books, friends and professors that I can before I depart for seven months.
 I am going to force myself to slow down and enjoy all of the embraces at Wake for the next week and a half.
I am going to embrace everything and then hold on to it for forever.

J Crew pink eyelet shirt
American Eagle high waisted tall white skinny jeans
Jack Rogers navy blue sneakers
Ray-Ban cat eye Wayfarers
large faux pearls
sterling silver monogrammed pendant

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