Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hearn Plaza

Another day of school means another outfit and a new photo location!
I am giving you a little tour of my school day by day!
Today we visited Hearn Plaza, which is where Wait Chapel is and it was so pretty!
Look at my new shorts! I did a little texture mixing up today. Lol I texted my mom last night and asked if these went well together. I know, I know I'm the one with the fashion blog, but my mom is very fashionable, and is the original Tall and Preppy. The shorts have a very slight texture to them so they don't clash with the texture of my shirt. These shorts were one of the new ones I bought before I came down to school, so this adds to the 14 pairs of shorts I own...
But I swear I'm done! I have all these shorts because my mom reminded me when I was at J Crew that it is going to be really hot in NC all the way up until Thanksgiving so I had to get some more shorts!
And look my little bracelet matches my shorts perfectly! Shoutout to my friends back home for getting me this adorable bracelet!
And I would also like to say shoutout to my boyfriend back home for wearing the same color, sea foam green, as me today, without even planning it! Same wavelength stuff going on!

I didn't post yesterday (sorry!) because I am still getting the hang of things here at school. I also have 5 classes on Tuesday, making it my busiest day! And I had the activities fair yesterday where I sweated my brain out and signed up for more clubs than I can count with two hands.
 I just have a lot of reading to do, which I don't mind, but it's just a lot, and I am not behind, but I am not ahead. Woo college! #WorkForest. But besides that, I really do love it here!

Shirt: J Crew white lace top
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat eye tortoise shell Wayfarers (similar)


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