Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Attendance isn't Required.....

So unlike high school, in college attendance isn't required.
No one is taking attendance and if you are late to class you don't get marked as late, or in my high school now a mark towards detention...
Sorry guys!
But college is so different than high school in other aspects too, but I will get more into that once I've been here for over a month....
So relating back to attendance and tardiness, yesterday morning I had a crazy math class.
I get breakfast at 7:30 with the guys in my math class and then at 7:55ish we walk over to class.
Everyday for the past month these two girls have walked into math class late....
And I'm not talking like right on time or 2 minutes or like here and there occasionally late, but like every day 10-15 minutes late.
It's obnoxious! 
They disrupt the whole class and it's just rude.
So my friend Joe, not Joe from back home, (hey Joe! Miss you!!) another Joe and I sit next to each other in class. And everyday when these girls walk in late we look at the clock and then at each other and give each other the "look," and of course glance in their direction. Not only do we think it is extremely rude and disrespectful, but we can tell that for the past month our teacher has been getting really aggravated as well. 
So yesterday at breakfast we saw the girls. We never see them at breakfast. So we were a little surprised by that. And as we were leaving breakfast they were just kind of starting to eat. But we weren't really that surprised that they would be late to math.
So we walked into class yesterday and guess who's bags were in Joe's and my seats?
The girls...
I was shocked. I thought it was hysterical that they put their bags in our seats, so they could come into class looking like they were in the bathroom or whatever. 
And not for nothing, but these girls sit on the other side of the classroom from us so like they were probably trying to make a statement or something to Joe and I.
So Joe because he is sassy, moved the bags to the other side of the room away from our seats. 
So by this time the class was getting full and we established with the class that no one knew who's bags they were and where they were originally placed. The whole class agreed to play dumb and it was great.
So our teacher walks in, we're all hysterically laughing and it was just great. 
At 8:10 we look at the clock, the girls still weren't there. At 8:15 am the girls finally show up! It was a new tardiness record for them.
So they walked in and stopped at the door, looking very confused. They saw that Joe and I were in the seats that they claimed (even though everyone sits in the same seat everyday), so really OUR seats and go sit in their original seats. 
When they walked in I couldn't look at them. I hate confrontation so I just tried to ignore it.
Joe and the rest of the class starred right at them and had the biggest smiles on their faces, everyone was giddy with the drama.
So finally at the end of class, the girls came up to my friend that sits on the end next to me and asked if he saw her bag. He replied that he didn't see it but it must be somewhere in the room.
Joe and I ran out of there before they could ask us.
That was probably the best math class of all time (sorry Jack!)! 
That class just made my day!
It was so funny!

The rest of my day wasn't so funny :(
I had a 9 page French test which actually wasn't that bad, but didn't allow me to watch the Presidential Debate because I was studying for it. But oh well, there will be more!
And I had my FYS, which is still really boring. We started doing lecture presentations and they are just so dull and bland. The topics and readings are so redundant and repetitive, that I want to die from boredom.
But it's fine. I don't really get graded on it. It's pretty much a participation class. If you participate and hand in all the work (it's a lot of work) you will get full credit. So I guess that's kind of nice.
But still, I would rather be sleeping!

Can you tell by my outfit that I am slowly transitioning into fall??
Key word: Slowly.
In the morning I had on my pink rain boots because it was drizzling and there were lots of puddles from the night before.
But I am still rocking my white jeans!
 But my shirt is more fall colors, ya see! And this shirt doesn't go with dark jeans, it would be too much darkness, it needs a contrast!
Only a couple of more days of white jeans and then it will be October and then I will wear dark denim and lighter long sleeves with jeans.
I can tell you that information about what I will be wearing the next couple of weeks because I already have all my outfits planned out until like the end of November.....
I'm crazy!
But you love me because you still keep coming back to read my blog!
So thank you!
Lots of love, talk to you later!!

Shirt: J Crew blue and green high collar shirt (similar)
Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial "E" cuff
Sunglasses: Ray Ban cat-eye Wayfarers in tortoise shell (similar)

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