Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August 2021 Instagram Round Up

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Check out what I wore this month @tallandpreppy. May contain affiliate links:

pink dress, straw bag, pepper spray


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Pink Lily blue gingham dress (similar 1, 2) | Amazon pearl headband | Etsy straw tote bag | Jack Rogers Hamptons sandals


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Goodnight Macaroon white dress | pink tassel earrings


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J.Crew chambray jumpsuit | Kate Spade white wallet on a chain


scarf, white jeans, flare jeans, pink shoes


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ASOS white ruffle top | ASOS blue shorts

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J.Crew caftan | ASOS straw hat

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ZARA two-piece set (similar) | Ray-Ban mirrored aviators

pink midi skirt, white t-shirt, jack rogers, vacation style

J.Crew white t-shirt | ASOS pink midi skirt (similar) | Jack Rogers sandals

Naples, florida, marco island, beach vacation, vacation style, vacation outfit, straw tote

 Chicwish wrap top | ASOS navy shorts (similar) | Jack Rogers sandals | Etsy straw tote bag


marco island, florida, bikini, bathing suit, vacation, beach style, beach vacation
Aerie bikini top | Target bikini bottom | ASOS straw hat | Ray-Ban mirrored aviators


bodysuit, blue midi skirt, straw tote, jcrew

Abercrombie white bodysuit | J.Crew Factory blue and white striped midi skirt | Etsy straw tote bag


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Abercrombie white bodysuit | Chicwish green satin pants | Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals (PROMO CODE: SARAHFLINTBA-ELIZABETHG for $50 off) | Lofeller Randall feather bag in oyster


double breasted blazer, polka dots, how to style a blazer, small business

J.Crew polka dot dress | Liam Smith NY blue double breasted blazer (PROMO CODE: ELIZABETH15 for 15% off) | Jack Rogers sandals

white jeans, hill house, nap dress, jack rogers, pearls, straw tote 

Hill House mermaid top | J.Crew white flare jeans | Jack Rogers sandals | Etsy straw tote bag | Tiffany Custard Designs earrings


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Monday, August 30, 2021

Recap of my First Week of my Second Year of Law School

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I just finished my first week as a 2L (or second year) and thought I would share how it went.


This semester I have class Monday through Thursday. I have never EVER not had class on Fridays, and it is so nice.


I am in constitutional law II, foundational lawyering skills, business organizations, Family Court Review (my journal that I get two credits for to write a 25-page Note and attend a two-hour class once a week) and I have an externship, which I get three credits for.

I got to pick two of my classes this semester, and originally, I was in international business law, but I dropped that to work at my externship.


An externship is the same thing as an internship, but I get credit from my school to work. I thought working would be more beneficial to my resume and it would be a nice change of pace from studying for a class. I am also thrilled to be gaining more hands-on experience.

I am externing at the Paley Center for Media. I am a business and legal affairs extern where I am reading contracts and working on intellectual property matters in the Paley’s archive. It was a very last minute and quick turn-around for the interviews (I actually did the two-round interviews when I was in Florida on vacation) but I’m glad it worked out.


So far 2L seems a lot less scary and intimidating than 1L because I know what to expect from law professors and classes. I even have one of the same professors from last semester.


I am also taking classes that I got to pick/am interested in which is a nice change. Because even though criminal law is interesting, it is not my cup of tea.

white jeans, flowers, nap dress, hill house, long island, straw bag, jack rogers

At the end of last semester, after a writing competition, I was selected to be on the Family Court Review. I will be writing a 25-page Note this year that will hopefully get published in the Family Court Review journal. My journal class is at a horrible time during the day, in my opinion, but besides that I really like my schedule. I kind of feel like the journals are the high school newspaper for law school. I feel honored to be a part of one and I am excited for the possibility to be published.


It’s also nice going to class seeing familiar faces and having friends!

I went into law school very closed minded about meeting people, because I didn’t think it was necessary or worth my time to hunt for people to be friends with. But lucky enough for me, my friends kind of fell into my lap, and I feel very lucky that it happened like that.


One weird thing about this year is that there are other students in the building besides just the first years. Last year we were the only ones in the building, and it was weird. We never met any upper classmen, and we never got a feel for the building with lots of people buzzing about. Which leads to a big problem with parking… There are not enough spots for all the law students.


I’m super excited to be IN PERSON this semester! I cannot tell you how much more productive and intellectually stimulating being in PHYSICAL class is. I feel like I have learned so much more being in person this week than my entire last semester being online (which is a bit of a dramatic statement, but still). I am so so so happy to be in person and I forgot how much I missed it. I feel very fortunate for the vaccine and being able to be in class.


I have a crazy year ahead of me, but I am so excited! Cheers to 2L year!


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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

10 Tips on how to be Memorable at your Summer Internship

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I just finished my 10-week long legal internship with Lawyers Alliance for New York.

I had the best experience shadowing attorneys and connecting with clients. I learned and applied some of my knowledge from law school in the real world. I researched, wrote memos, and collaborated with attorneys.

I feel so grateful for the guidance and support I received this summer from my boss and the staff at my internship.

I had a successful and fun summer internship and here are my best tips for succeeding:

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1.          Be eager to learn and work.

2.          Be enthusiastic about projects you’re assigned to.

3.          Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the project you were assigned but also about your fellow coworkers and how they got to the position they are in now. 

4.          Be willing to learn! Accept your new position and adapt. Learn as much as you can and take the most out of it.

5.          Take criticism with grace. Not everyone you work with will be pleasant, nor will you get everything right. And that’s okay! That’s the point! You’re supposed to make mistakes! That’s how you learn.

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6.          Don’t complain EVER! Not to your boss, nor your coworkers nor anyone. It’s unprofessional and not appropriate. Complain to your boyfriend, mom, or friends from school, but not your coworkers.

7.          Network and talk to your coworkers about their career paths.

8.          Don’t talk about your future positions. Like complaining, this is rude. Yes, most internships are steppingstones to your next opportunity, but it is still unprofessional to talk about your next move when you’re still working at your current position.

9.          Write a handwritten thank you note at the end of the summer! Say THANK YOU for all that you learned and the opportunity and guidance your boss gave you.

10.          Be speedy and efficient. Make sure you are getting all your assignments done on time or early!

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Monday, August 9, 2021 / 558 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA

Favorite Things to do in NYC During the Summer

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In the summer, NYC is pretty quiet, especially this summer. People travel, they go out to the Hamptons and this year, some haven’t moved back to the city yet. But I’m loving the city right now.

Here is a list of my favorite things to do in New York City during the summer:


1.          Explore the city on CitiBike- this is a fun way to get around New York and it costs the same as a subway ride.

2.          Picnic- my favorite picnic spots are Governor’s Island, Central Park (either Sheep Meadow with friends or a little secluded spot literally anywhere in the park for a romantic date) and Stuytown Oval.

3.          Eat out- this is a no brainer! I’m not a huge brunch person, but Tara Rose or Poco is great for bottomless brunch with friends. For dinner: my favorite restaurants are Becco, Giano, Cacio e Vino, Boucherie, and Tito Murphys.

4.          Find a friend who has a rooftop and party with them!

museum of ice cream, ice cream, nyc travel guide, tourist, explore new york

5.          Go to Museums- this is a great activity when the weather is too hot to do anything else. I love the Met, the MoMA, and the Museum of Natural History. This past weekend we went to the Museum of Ice Cream. It was less a museum and more of an Instagram photo trap. I was really hoping I could learn about the history of ice cream because it is my favorite sweet treat, so I left disappointed. We did get to try different ice cream flavors. I would not recommend it though.

6.          Walk the Brooklyn Bridge- A great way to see the East River and the sights. It is an iconic spot in New York, and I highly recommend doing this!

7.          Enjoy a late-night Comedy Club- we love Comedy Cellar in the West Village. We went two weeks ago, and the comedians were hysterical. Lots of famous comedians (think Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, etc.) have come through Comedy Cellar.

8.          Dance- Go to a club/bar and dance your booty off! The clubs are a little less crowded now that it’s summertime, so go get your groove on. My favorites are Bowery Electric and Whiskey Town.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

My 23rd Birthday and 23 Fun Facts About Me

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Today is my 23rd birthday! To celebrate: I am sharing 23 fun facts about me below!

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1.          I have a birthmark on the back of my head called an “angel’s kiss” and I’ve never seen it.

2.          I would love to wear high heels everyday if I could.

3.          I hate the cold but love snow when I can look at it from inside.

4.          I still have two baby teeth.

5.          I have never died my hair.

6.          My twin brother used to call me “deedee” when we were little. I would call him “Po.”

7.          My favorite color is pink.

8.          For 10 years I was on a Girl Scout cookie box.

9.          I had pet gerbils and goldfish growing up.

10.       I am 11 minutes younger than my twin brother.

11.       I have three nieces and three nephews. I also have one sister and two older brothers.

12.       My favorite mascara is Maybelline the Rocket.

13.       I don’t wear glasses or contacts.

14.       I got my car towed once but I have never gotten a ticket (yet).

15.       I have a huge fear of snakes.

16.       My favorite snack is pretzels.

17.       My immediate family is 17.

18.       I used to get very motion sick (like I would throw up on every plane ride) but I grew out of it but coach buses still make me sick.

19.       I only write in pencil in class and black pen in my planner.

20.       My favorite holiday is Christmas.

21.       I am in a robe 18 hours of the day.

22.       I speak French.

23.       I have never been to California- the furthest out west I’ve been is Vegas. 

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Monday, August 2, 2021

July 2021 Instagram Round-Up

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