Thursday, September 15, 2016

I was Flashed?!

I slept past my alarm yesterday morning. Not enough to do any damage, but enough that I couldn't get breakfast and had to eat a banana on the way to math.
Because I slept past my alarm, I went into the hall bathroom later than I normally would and someone from our hall was showering. Which is all fine or whatever, except the minute I opened the bathroom door she walks out of one shower butt naked and into another one. Good thing I don't care about nudity and it didn't freak me out but it sure did wake me up!
If Michelle were to get flashed she would have died, omg!
After my classes, Blair and I went to the career fair. 
We showed up in nice dresses but when we got to the student center everyone was in black and white, and suits. Blair and I felt so underdressed, and I rarely feel underdressed that we ran back to our room, changed (I threw on a blazer) and then printed out some resumes. I talked with a couple of possible future employers- one who didn't think I should be talking to him because I was only a Freshman... but over all it was good practice!
Last night I had my mock trial interview/audition which I thought went okay. During the speech I was giving, the interviewers started playing music in the background to see how I would deal with distractions, and honestly it really threw me off. And then they asked me all these crazy questions like what would I do with a dead body? What's my favorite crayon color? Could I use my best pick up line on the VP of the club? And crazy stuff like that. They just wanted to see how I could react quickly. So I think I did okay...
Kristin cheered me up a bit and we tried out a pizza restaurant on campus, Zicks, for dinner which was pretty good, even though I vowed I wouldn't eat pizza or bagels when I was down here.  Sorry but I'm a NY food snob! NY has the BEST pizza and bagels!!

Okay, everyone at Wake, ladies and gents, it's not winter or fall yet so chill with the sweaters and jeans! Yes some of the leaves are falling but it is still 80+ degrees outside! 
Everyday I walk into math in bright summery clothes and everyone else is in winter clothes! Guys chill! We still have a couple of weeks of warm weather left, so embrace it!
I embraced the warm weather yesterday by wearing my new (got it for my birthday) shirt from Tara and the fam! And I know it's very surprising that it is not J Crew for once, but it definitely looks like it could be.

Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial "E" cuff


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