Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BiPolar Weather

In case you missed my last blog post to explain why I was surprised I was able to get out of bed and get dressed is linked HERE.
I got back to my room at 12:15 am on Sunday night.
I had two tests Monday morning.
My Calc 111 test at 8am and my Health 100 test at 11am!
Math was kinda hard but Health was super easy! I got a 48/50 on it.
I was so exhausted after those two tests and all my traveling that I went back to my "humble abode" and took a nap for an hour and a half. Well it was only really an hour because at the hour mark I woke up coughing. And I couldn't stop. So honestly I think our AC filter needs to be changed. So B called maintenance to get it fixed. 
I just had so much work to do last night. I had a French test to study for but just lots of other work that I didn't really get to do because I was home this weekend. 

So lets talk about the weather here right now...
Look how gorgeous and sunny it is in these photos!
I am not joking 10 minutes later, torrential down pour....
I had my rain jacket with me because I knew it was going to rain but I didn't have rain boots!
So my Jack's got soaked!
They always get wet! Probably because I am always wearing them!
I was talking with Ashley and she looked so cute yesterday in very fall esq. clothes and here I was in a romper and flip flops....
I refuse to go wear fall clothes yet! It's still warm!
So I am just layering and carrying my denim jacket everywhere and now apparently my umbrella!
It's supposed to rain every day this week and then clear up this weekend which will be nice for the County Fair! I'm so excited, I've never been to one! They don't have County Fair's where I'm from!

Romper: J Crew white and black stripped romper (ON SALE in different color)
Watch: Michael Kors Blair gold watch (similar)


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