Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Freshman Plague, Fraternity Formal Drama, and Rolling the Quad

I've had a crazy weekend!
A quick overview of my weekend- I was hit with the freshman plague, went to a frat formal, watched the Deacs beat two of our biggest rivals and FaceTimed my boyfriend and fam.

I was hit by the plague or freshman flu or whatever you want to call it. I was the last one to get it out of all of my friends and now I am recuperating.
Just my luck, the day of my A Cappella audition I could barely talk, let alone sing, so although I had a pretty good audition even though I was sick, I did not make the cut. 25 girls tried out and only 3 got in. It's okay, I can always try out again next semester, hopefully when I'm not like dying of the plague. But I did think my audition went pretty well. I sang all the way up to a high B and cracked lots of good jokes (as per usual.)
One of the girls even complemented my shorts! So heres a tip: when you have a big performance, presentation or audition, you should always wear one of your favorite outfits, something you feel confident in and then you will exude confidence even more!
So to add to my stressful day (well not really because I was done with class at 9:50 am and cleaned and did laundry, but because I was sick and couldn't sing at my audition) a guy friend from back home, who also goes here texted me literally 2 minutes before my audition, and asked if I wanted to be his date to one of the fraternity formals that night. After consulting with some friends, I said yes, only to help out a friend. 
So I got all dressed up for the formal: in my purple J Crew dress and my Jack Rogers (pretty much the same outfit I wore here)
And was ready to go!
We met downstairs in the lobby, everyone looked so spiffy and the guys looked like they all walked out of Vineyard Vines catalogues and walked over to where the pledge cars were picking us up for the pre-game and then we would go to the actual venue.
So we got to the (this time really nice) frat houses at around 8:30pm, hung out for a good amount of time, I didn't have that great of a time, I didn't have a ton of friends there and my date was mingling among his friends so I was kind of on my own. It was enough time for a lot of people to get really drunk, and then were supposed to head over to the venue. 
It was around 11 pm and cars were finally picking everyone up to go to the venue. I was waiting with my date, just like everyone else, when this kid fell down the front steps and hit his head on the concrete. 
A lot of people went running over to him to see if he was conscious. Thankfully he was. One of the frat brothers was an EMS so he was helping him out. Being a mom, like I am, I walked over to see if the kid was okay and to call an ambulance. No one wanted to call an ambulance even though this kid was practically unconscious and really injured. I yelled at a couple of the guys, they finally called an ambulance and the kid went away to the hospital.
At this point, this party was just too much for me and I kinda needed to get out of there.
There was a girl who was really upset, because her date was the one that fell down the steps, so I helped console her and took her home. I apologized to my date for having to leave early, but I was kinda glad I could go to bed early and not worry about any more drama.
So I took her back to our dorm, consoled her and finally went back to my room and was able to calm down myself. 
So that was that! 
Thankfully the kid is okay.

I woke up several times in the night, not being able to swallow. My throat was so sore and I was exhausted. I felt horrible. Except I really wanted to go to a party during the day, but mom aka Blair, told me I had to stay back and rest. I am glad I listened to her, because I was able to take a good nap, and I felt a lot better.
Mom #2, Kristin bought me some DayQuil, which also helped a lot. 
I am so lucky to have such great friends that take care of me when I'm sick because my mom isn't here.
After being in bed all day, I went downstairs into the lounge and watched the Duke v. Wake game. And we won!!!! Biggest upset probably yet for Duke, but it was a great game and I am so glad we won. I didn't watch the end of the game because I went to dinner but while we were at dinner we won and our classmates ran to the quad and rolled it with toilet paper! 
After dinner, Kristin and I went to the soccer game against UVA and we won again!! In OT! We were so excited!! Again another big upset!
So the quad was rolled twice in one day.
We wanted to go out for a pj themed frat party, but we're all sick so it was the best decision to stay in and sleep.
I feel better already. Sleep really does do wonders!

I had a crazy weekend! Was your guy's weekends as crazy as mine??
Let me know in the comments down below!

Here is the outfit that I wore to my A Capella audition on Friday that I felt super confident in!
And I love how there is some orange/red in the shorts and it matches this shirt. It's a very different and fun look. And I think it's a lot better than wearing these shorts with just a navy blue shirt. It's more fun with the bright color top.

Shirt: J Crew orange ruffel tank top (similar)
Shorts: J Crew 3 inch patterned stretch shorts (similar)
Bracelet: Forever 21 gold cuff (similar)


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  1. my weekend was crazy too man i saw adele, went to a swim team turn up and then tried to get into the frat but all the swimmers (boys) were taking their shirts off so we almost got kicked out but I became best friends with the cute one so it was HELLA lit


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