Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Late Night at the Library

As I sit in my super comfortable desk chair (not like that super hot metal chair in the pictures) and type out this blog post, I am listening to music, which is something I never do but I am trying to figure out what song to sing for my A Cappella audition.
This is typical me. I always wait last minute for things like this. 
But I swear I don't procrastinate things like homework. It may seem like that because I was in the library until 12:30 am last night. But I swear I don't. I just have so much. I have a very heavy corse load. 
But I still love it here! 
But I am excited to see my family and boyfriend in a couple of weeks when I go home for something pretty exciting.... you will just have to wait and see why I go home!

What did I do today??
Hmm... well I slept in this morning because I only had two classes this morning, (but it didn't really feel like sleeping in because I had to help out my poor roommate last night because she hurt her foot pretty bad :(, but I'm a mom so ya know, I'm used to taking care of others), I took a French quiz, did this super super hard HIIT class (that I almost passed out at, because it was like in direct sunlight, and 95 degrees out) and talked to some family and friends on the phone.
Oh and of course did some homework!

Not that I always don't try to dress cute but I feel like I need to dress especially cute for my first year seminar class because this one girl, every class, looks me up and down and checks out my outfit and is kinda rude to me, so I kinda need to give her a show!
*Strut, strut, strut, strut*

I am not really a fan of the library because I always feel like I need to look nice because it's a public place. Like I used to love studying in my room back home in shorts and a t-shirt with my bra off, but I obviously can't take my bra off in the library....
So good thing yesterday I wore super comfortable shorts, because I was in that outfit in the library all the way until 12:30 am!

Today's outfit was super comfortable too!
Rompers are great, I highly recommend them! They are so easy and always look pulled together. 
I always carry around my denim jacket and a pair of sunglasses with me now, because I never know the temperatures of classrooms and it's always so bright outside!

Necklace: J Crew multi color statement necklace (similar)


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