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My Weekend 9/22-9/25

I started writing this post in the airport in Greensboro, North Carolina on Friday. 
This airport was empty and this guy sat right down next to my stuff. Like dude why???
Ahhh anyway...
But I did meet another girl from New York but she's flying into Albany. And she was also going to see her boyfriend play hockey over the weekend.
Before I can even get into my eventful weekend lets talk about what happened on Thursday!

To start off Thursday, I woke up to my alarm and checked my email. Good thing I checked my email because my first year seminar class got canceled. My teacher said he got sick from eating too many free Krispy Kreme donuts, from dress up like a pirate day. I just had my first full one the other night at our hall mixer with the boys downstairs. It was great!
And I didn't know this but Winston Salem, where Wake is is the capital of Krispy Kreme donuts.
So although class was canceled, I still had an assignment to do. I had to walk all the way over to the Museum of Anthropology on campus to observe the new exhibits and critique them. The essay I wrote actually turned out pretty well if I do say so myself, but still. And on the way there I kind of got rained on.
Also later in the day when I went to the post office, I got rained on! And got mud on the back of my white pants. 
I picked up my new planner!
I dropped $75 on it. Yep....
Too much money. But so far I like it. I don't know if it was $75 dollars worth, but we shall see. I literally cringed when I saw the price. But it is the best one I found in the middle of the semester.
Mom, don't worry I used my allowance for it. So the month isn't even over and I used up all of my allowance.... Oops
That was about it for Thursday. I just did a lot of work so I wouldn't have to do it over the weekend and it actually worked out pretty well.

Shirt: Banana Republic lavender layered shirt (similar)
Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl and gold studs

So on Friday, I had my two classes and then left for the airport at 10 am.
I got to this tiny airport, and I was the only one on line for security so I ended up sitting in the terminal for two hours waiting for my flight.
I was blogging, I met that girl, had that weird old guy sit next to me and I did some homework.
So this is where my day starts going cray...
I board the plane, sit in the wrong seat by accident, have a rough time putting my huge Vera Bradley duffel bag up in the overhead compartment, but the flight attendant helped me, and find out my window seat is next to this really large woman. So I sit down. And I'm sorry but this woman was so large she was IN MY SEAT!!! I was like is this a joke or something. I was so confused and thought it was a joke. So I asked her to politely move up the arm rest on the aisle so we could put the middle arm rest down and she couldn't, so the flight attendant let me move my seat to the exit row. Which was actually great because I had so much leg room!
The guy sitting next to me had the same problem with his original seat.
So Greensboro is a very small airport and usually just makes connection flights, which was what I was doing.
So because we were flying into Charlotte, a huge and very busy airport, there was no fly space for us, thus we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes, and it was only supposed to be a 20 minute flight. And mind you I only had an hour lay over. So great.
We land at Charlotte at gate E22, my next flight to New York was at gate C8.
I have never ran so fast and been so out of breath before. I literally made the flight by one minute.
It was horrible.
I was panting like crazy and looked like a fish out of water.
My bags were both so heavy but I was determined to make that flight.
I really doubted it, and I told my parents I didn't think I was going to make it, but I did. Shoutout to my parents for giving me my nice long legs!
So I boarded the plane and lucky me, I got a full row to myself. It was great!
I sat in the middle seat and put my stuff on both of the seats next to me and I was able to get some solid work done in an hour and a half.
And I would just like to say, this was my first time traveling by myself, and if you know me I am not a big fan of flying, but after this weekend, I am a pro!
I was so proud of how calm I was and how well I handled the situation with the fat lady and with running in the airport. Also just the actual flying part!
I am really proud of myself!
So I landed in NY, my mom picked me up and we drove home!
I had some well deserved NY pizza, I savored every second.
I have to say it was so weird being home!
I saw my sister and her family Friday night as well as Jack!
It was so nice seeing everyone, but it was so weird being home!
My mom took over my room and my bathroom! Mom, I have been gone for a month!
She even sleeps in my bed!
Like mom!
I have to say I feel like I have two lives. One life with my family and high school friends and then another life now at college. I was getting texts from my college friends about where they wanted to go to dinner, and I was like wait what who are these people. Of course I knew who they were but it was just weird being in my "old life" with all these new people texting me.

On Saturday, I slept in a bit, got my nails done with my mom and then had lunch with my good friend Bubbles! Aka Sophia! This past weekend was my high school's homecoming . So she was home to see her brother play in the football game, which they won (for once) and I wasn't home for that but for some other important things.
My brother and I flew in from college to become Godparents to our youngest niece, Zoe.
The Christening was on Sunday, so on Saturday I spent time with her, my brother, sister-in-law and other niece and nephew. It was really nice seeing them for a bit! We got to catch up.
By my request: my mother made spaghetti and meatballs. And it was so delicious. I hadn't had that in over a month. Maybe why I have lost so much weight combined with the 9,000 steps I take a day....
But it was so worth it. Since the time I have been down in NC, I have had one meal with pasta, and I like my mom's pasta and sauce wayyyy better.
So Mom, if you want you can totally send me down some pasta and meatballs, please and thank you!
After our early but very nice family dinner, Jack's parents and brother picked me up to go to Jack's first home hockey game!
It was freezing at the rink, so good thing I wore layers. It was so much fun!
He played great, had the first assist and they won the game 5-0!
His whole team knew I was coming to the game, so Jack told me they kept asking to meet me or whatever. And his coach even told Jack that I should come to the games more often because I make him play better!
And then his team also won, 6-1, on Sunday morning against the same team!

Shirt: Joe Fresh navy and white striped with lace shirt (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch nude sedgwick ballet flats (similar)

And finally Sunday.
On Sunday I slept in a bit, took a nice shower, ate a bagel, packed and did some work.
I got to see my grandparents for some brunch before the christening too!
My brother and I all got all dressed up for the Christening- suit for him, dress and heels for me and went over to church. We got there at the same time my brother, sister-in-law and all my other nieces and nephews got there, including my Goddaughter.
She was placed in my arms and fell asleep, before the ceremony even started.
And she is a heavy baby! She's huge!
So after the ceremony we went back to Michael's house for the party!
The catering was delicious and apparently I was delicious too because all of the mosquitos ate my legs up!!
I ate dinner quickly and then left at 5:30 to go back to Wake!
I said goodbye to my family and boyfriend and was on my way. 
I was really emotional leaving the first time, and I was probably the same or if not more so this time.
I just hate saying goodbye and this time I'm not going to see most of my family for two months at Thanksgiving. 
I will see my parents in a month when they come down for Fall Break and my cousin who is an alum at Homecoming. But everyone else I won't see in person for a while.
So it was really hard.
I left Michael's house in tears and walked to my house, finished packing up my things, changed, packed the necessities: bagels, and drove to the airport. 
I boarded my first flight fine. I met an assistant coach of Army. He had a bag with Army's logo on it, so me being a friendly person, asked if he was Army, he replied yes, I then teased him about that were playing Army in homecoming and he better watch out because we are undefeated right now! Woo go Wake! We are also undefeated in soccer! He was surprised that I knew the Army logo, and then I told him that my brother loves Navy and my dad was in the Air Force, which he both booed at. We walked out on the tarmac and climbed up the stairs of this tiny plane. And then I asked him to help me put my huge and very heavy Vera Bradley duffel bag (with lots of bagels) into the tiny overhead compartment. 
It fit, like it always does, and another guy helped me out too.
I sat in my seat waved goodbye to NY and did some studying.
I landed back in NC at 10pm. My flight to Greensboro landed at 11:30. I didn't have to run in the airport this time. I studied for my health test on that short plane ride and then took an somewhat sketchy Uber back to campus.
I got back to campus at 12:15am, and you will just have to read about the rest of that day in my next blog post.....

Ta ta for now


Here's my outfit from the Christening:

Shoes: BCBG nude platform pumps (similar)
Earrings: Tory Burch double pearl and gold studs
Bag: Tory Burch black leather evening bag (similar)


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