Saturday, August 4, 2018

Celebrate My 20th Birthday With Me

Celebrate my birthday with me and learn 20 fun facts about me! I know I’m supposed to be getting presents for my birthday but since it’s my birthday I can do whatever I want, and on my birthday, I want to give y’all a present: fun facts about me!!

1.         I have a birthmark on the back on my head that I’ve never seen. It’s called an Angel’s Kiss.
2.         I’m on a Girl Scout cookie box: the Thanks A Lot’s.
3.         I am slightly afraid of dogs.
4.         I hated chocolate when I was a little kid. I only ate white chocolate. But now I LOVE chocolate!
5.         I’ve gotten my car towed (last summer.)
6.         My celebrity crush is Zac Efron, ever since he was in High School Musical. It is still my favorite movie!!
7.         I wanted to be a singer when I was little!
8.         I am told that I resemble a young Anne Hathaway, especially when she was in Princess Diaries, another favorite movie of mine.
9.         I love PASTA, PIZZA and BREAD omg!! But I try not to eat them.
10.      I have zero patience for painting my own nails and letting them dry.
11.      I’ve never broken any bones (knock on wood.)
12.      My all-time favorite tv show is Say Yes to the Dress.
13.      I hate carrots and tomatoes.
14.      I love Pilates and spin classes.
15.      I want to be a lawyer when I finish school.
16.      I got my ears pierced at age 10 and they got infected, so I let them close up. I thought they did but then in 8th grade I tried to put earrings in and the holes were still there! 
17.      I hate wearing black. I love COLOR!
18.      The higher the heels the BETTER (even though I am 5’9”)!
19.      I was a junior bridesmaid at my brother Michael’s wedding when I was 10.
20.      I’ve never been to the west coast.
21.      And one for good luck- my name is actually Elizabeth Guariglia!


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