Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My Last First Day of Classes- A Sad Start to Senior Year at Wake

Yesterday, was my last first day of classes at Wake Forest University. I am a senior, and I am not happy about it.

I may look happy on the outside, and I am partially, because I missed my friends and the beautiful campus that I live on, but I was more sad than excited to be back at school.
I think I have cried myself to sleep for over a week now, because I am freaking out and sad.

I hate change, so a new year, with new classes, and living in a new place is hard for me, so that is partially why I’m freaking out, but also because in May, I graduate.
Maybe, none of my fellow classmates of 2020 are thinking about graduation yet, but I am, and I am terrified.

I am also sad. Before I left New York, I did not want to return to Wake because I knew that once I returned, it would be real, that I am a senior, and that all my firsts have to be lasts this year, and that my time at Wake will come to an end this year. I am so sad because I dearly love Wake Forest.
This means the end of college, the end of being with my friends, the end of living in North Carolina on the most beautiful campus and the end of my “childhood.”
Adult world here I come.

So, I am scared, sad and stressed.
With new classes, comes new readjusting and stress.
I always feel overwhelmed starting new classes.
So yesterday was a bit stressful.
I even went to the library after dinner to try to ease my stress, but it did not really work…
I am also stressed because I am trying to start the semester off on a high note and be a good student, but I am also trying to finish studying for the LSAT, so I can take it this fall.

I am also adjusting to living in a new place. I live in on campus in a townhouse with three wonderful friends, but a lot of my friends are living off campus this year and are a car drive or a long walk away. That will also have to be something I get used to.

I think the first two weeks are going to be an adjustment, like they always are, which is why I am surprised at myself that I am having the same stress and worries that I do every year.

I think I just needed to write it down and vent it out. I am better at writing down my thoughts and expressing them through written or typed words than verbally.

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If you are like me and are struggling with the same feelings, thoughts and emotions, know that it will all be okay, and that I am struggling with you too!

Change is hard, but if we give a little kindness and love to ourselves, all will be okay eventually.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tailgate Season with Wooden Ships

Tailgate season is upon us!
I am so excited to be cheering on Wake Forest and the Deacs so soon!
Next Friday is our first game of the season and I am stoked.

I love football games, even more than I love tailgates.
I really love any kind of sporting event, to be honest!
I am really passionate about my Demon Deacons and I hope we have a great football and soccer season, my last home season before I graduate.
I missed last fall semester’s sports because I was studying abroad, so it will be so nice to be back!

I found this adorable “Game Day” sweater from Wooden Ships and I wanted to share it with you guys.
This is the perfect tailgate outfit! Although it will be a little hot down in North Carolina to be wearing this sweater next Friday night, catch me rocking this sweater to all our home football, soccer and basketball games really soon!
This sweater is 100% cotton. It is super soft and absolutely beautiful quality.

Wooden Ships is also a great company.
You can read their story here. The founders met at Harvard University and created Wooden Ships after graduating. It is a family-run company that focuses on lean production, so no waste, all sweaters are made-to-order.
This company really focuses on saving the environment while creating amazing products.
They also really care about their factory workers and pay them high wages and give them free health care.

I love companies that do good for their workers and the planet, it makes me feel so much better when I put on one of their products.

I cannot wait to rock this sweater at all my game days! The only thing that’s missing are my cowgirl boots, but I will be reunited with them soon once I fly back down to North Carolina on Friday.

You can shop Wooden Ships sweaters and use the code tallandpreppy15 at checkout for 15% off a beautiful sweater!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Birthday Weekend in Vegas!

And the birthday celebration continues!

Thursday, August 8th, my twin brother, sister and eldest brother and I all boarded a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.
This was my first time out west and I was so excited for our weekend in Vegas.
My eldest brother has been promising my twin and I since we were seven that for our 21stbirthday he would take us to Vegas. I cannot believe that promise and dream came true!

You know what they say, “What happens in Vegas…” 
I apologize for the lack of photos, but certain things cannot be documented for the world to see!

As I said in my last blog post, my birthday celebration for my 21st was big and never ending.
I promise, this was the last leg of my birthday festivities and it sure went out with a bang.

We landed about 2 am east coast time, exhausted, Thursday night, but that did not stop us from seeing the lights and exploring Sin City.

We stayed at The Delano, a beautiful suite style hotel (two bathrooms per suite!), attached to Mandalay Bay.

Our first drink was at the Sky Fall Lounge in the Delano, a rooftop bar with views of the entire strip and city.

For more city views, we went to the Foundation Room in the Mandalay Bay side of the hotel. We just walked through the casino and was at the new bar with more beautiful views.
We did not even have to leave the hotel or step outside.

We did step outside on the rooftop bar and felt the heat even though it was midnight on the West Coast.

After some drinks, and nice sibling bonding, we explored the casino. This was my first time ever being in a casino.
It was way less glamorous than all the movies make it seem, but nonetheless very cool.
Bright lights, lots of cigarette smoke and lots of cards and dice being thrown.

Friday morning, we ate brunch at Della’s Kitchen.
Huge delicious portions.
I had the brilliant idea of walking the Vegas Strip at noon.
We were dripping by the end of the mile walk.
It is such different heat in the desert compared to the heat here on Long Island.
We weaved in and out of various hotels and casinos to cool off.
We saw New York, New York, with Lady Liberty proudly standing out front, and the Empire State Building with other skyscraper replicas.

It was too hot to do any more walking, so we decided to head to the pool back at the Delano.
It was so hot, I could not get comfortable, even after taking a dip in the pool.
And I like the heat!

Lunch was at The Four Seasons Hotel, at the Veranda, also attached to the Delano.
It was a beautiful restaurant, right in the shady part of the Four Season’s pool deck. We sat outside, ate, drank and enjoyed people watching.
I decided to go to the gym after lunch so I could feel fit in my dress at dinner.

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Dinner was at Carbone in the Aria Hotel.
It was an amazing Italian restaurant, also located in New York City.
We ate delicious pasta, drank and had wonderful company.
After dinner, we met up with our 5th sibling, at the Foundation Room, for the second night in a row. 
We were all back together again! 
There was great music and more great views of the city that evening.

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Saturday brunch was at Veranda in the Four Seasons.

Again, I wanted to do some sight-seeing in midday, in 100-degree temperatures.
So, we walked to the iconic Las Vegas sign, which was only a mile from our hotel.
That mile was the longest mile ever in the scorching heat.

By midday, we were exhausted from all the partying, laughing and eating, we had done the last two days, so my sister and I decided to nap after lunch as my brothers went to gamble.

Our last dinner was at SW Steakhouse in the Wynn Hotel.
What a beautiful hotel.
This hotel is covered in flowers. There is a working carousel that is even decorated in beautiful vibrant flowers. It was absolutely stunning.

If you think that was over the top, dinner was even more extra.
There was a cut of steak offered for $500 on the menu that you could pair with caviar for the same price.

We sat outside during dinner on the SW Steakhouse patio, which was overlooking a man-made pond and water wall.
Every 20-30 minutes there was this interesting and quite fascinating spectacular.
I do not really know how to describe it.
There were dancing colored balls in the water, a dancing frog on top of the waterfall, interesting music, and dancing flowers.
Who thinks of these things!? It was very creative and some nice entertainment.

After stuffing ourselves at dinner, we headed back down the Las Vegas strip to see the water show at the Bellagio.
Such an iconic spot, and it was really cool to see.

We laughed the whole weekend.
It was such a fun trip! A trip of a lifetime.
I cannot wait to go back.
Here is proof that Vegas is really over the top, super extra, but really fun!

I had the best two weeks celebrating my 21st birthday!
I am one lucky lady!
But sadly, now my birthday is really over, but now I am just going to embrace this new legal chapter of my life!


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

1 Day in Brooklyn

I pride myself on being a true New Yorker, and yet, in my 21 years of life, I have never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Friday, August 2nd, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time EVER! It was not my first time in Brooklyn, according to my parents, but the first time I could remember. 
It was a very hot day for a lot of walking, but a very fun day!

My friends and I walked the mile-long bridge straight into Dumbo and started exploring.

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We took the famous picture on Washington Street, with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. You cannot miss this photo spot! Just walk towards the water once you get off the bridge and you will be right there!

We then walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park, walked around, sat, talked and took in the beautiful views of all the water taxis and the Manhattan skyline.

We had dinner at Bijon’s. It was quite a walk from the bridge, not the best planning on my part, but the delicious food made up for it.
It was a really cool neighborhood spot and we got to see lots of Brooklynites in passing.

Brooklyn is way different from Manhattan. For a minute, I forgot I was even in New York City. It is not like Queens or any of the other boroughs either.
It was relaxed, as relaxed as New York could be, and peaceful.
I really loved Brooklyn, and I would love to go back and explore more!

Monday, August 12, 2019

My 21st Birthday Celebration: Family Party and NYC

I am back from my week and a half of birthday celebrations!
21 baby! (Finally!)

I celebrated my 21st birthday on August 4th.
Thank you for all of your sweet birthday messages!

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Saturday, August 3rd, my family came from far and wide to celebrate my twin brother and I for our 21st birthday.
Our family party was so wonderful. It was like a mini family reunion.
We shared lots of laughs and food.
We played some running bases and even some badminton.

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At midnight on August 4th, I took the train into New York City with some of my best friends.
My best friends from high school came and so did some of my friends from school!

I wore this adorable black Lulu's dress with pink heels and pink jewelry! Such a cute outfit! I NEVER wear black, but I really liked this dress because of the little ruffle on the bottom. I have never bought anything from Lulu's before, but I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality!

We sang our little heart’s out at Duet 35 in Korea Town. It was super close to the Long Island Rail Road station. Of course, it started to downpour when we had only walked a block and had several more to go…
However, it was such a fun way to celebrate my birthday! We laughed, sang some High School Musical and Cheetah Girls. Such a fun party!
After two hours of singing we were hoarse, so we walked around Manhattan and went to Times Square to see all the lights.
At two in the morning, it was bright as day.
We took the train home and barely slept before starting another day in the Big Apple.
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I had never been to the Freedom Tower before, and I was very skeptical about going, because 9/11 is a very sore subject for me, but I am glad we went.
It was a beautiful clear day. We were able to see all of Long Island, all of New Jersey, all of the bridges and all of the buildings in Manhattan. We even got to see some cruise ships coming into New York Harbor and Lady Liberty in the distance.
It was a really cool sight to see.
I think it was cooler than going to the Empire State Building!

For my birthday dinner, we walked to Baker & Co. in Soho for Italian food.
Pasta is definitely my favorite type of food, so I definitely wanted that for my 21st birthday dinner. It was not my favorite restaurant, but they did have gluten free pasta, and that was my main reason in picking that restaurant, so my gluten free friend could also enjoy some delicious Italian carbs.
Pasta, a glass of prosecco and loving friends; I was one happy and blessed lady.

We walked off our food coma by going to the Hudson River Park and the Highline.
Dessert was delicious gelato on the Highline in the meatpacking district.
The night ended when we ran for our Long Island Rail Road train and went to bed!

Such a fun two days to celebrate my legality!
The party did not stop there!
Next stop was VEGAS!
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