Wednesday, March 27, 2024

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 90 | Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses, Prom Dresses, Formal, Semi-Formal Dresses

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 90 | Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses, Prom Dresses, Formal, Semi-Formal Dresses

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Friday, March 22, 2024

Five Friday Favorites | 70 | Broadway Show, Gallery Opening, Smash Burger, New To-Me Brand & More

gallery opening, rachel uffner gallery, art gallery, nyc art gallery, weekly favorites

1.          & Juliet - This Broadway show is SO FUN! This is a jukebox musical, so all the songs are pop songs from some of the best artists, including Katy Perry, Brittany Spears, NYSNC, etc. The story is about what would have happened if Romeo and Juliet never died in Shakespeare’s play. 

2.          Theory slip dress- I discovered Theory for the first time a couple of weekends ago when  I went out to Tanger Outlets in Riverhead. The store was bright and airy. I tried on so many brightly colored items. I absolutely loved this slip dress, maybe I can wear it to an upcoming wedding or rehearsal dinner. The outlet was great! I’m excited this brand is now on my radar. 

3.          Rachel Uffner Gallery- I went to see a sorority sister, Susan Chen’s, exhibit “Plan B” on opening night. Her paintings are so three dimensional, it looks like the paint is icing! She is so talented.

4.          No nail polish this winter- This favorite is a bit different, but I decided to take off my nail polish on my toes after the holidays. I never not have polish on my toes. My nails were so dry and cracked. Now they grew out and are ready to be painted again for the spring! I am going to try to do this every winter now. 

5.          David’s Café- Voted best burger in NYC in 2016, this French-American burger joint in the East Village is not to be missed. We have always wanted to try this spot, and I am so glad we finally did St. Patty’s Day weekend! The Frenchie smash burger was incredible. Don’t skip out on the sweet potato fries. The prices were very reasonable too. Two burgers, two drinks, fries and mac n’ cheese for under $70! 


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 89 | Sofia Richie Style, Linen Vest, Shirtdress, Midi Dress, Maxi Dress, Suiting

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 89 | Sofia Richie Style, Linen Vest, Shirtdress, Midi Dress, Maxi Dress, Suiting

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Friday, March 15, 2024

Five Friday Favorites | 69 | Happy Hour Everyday, Brunch Spot, Wine + Chocolate Bar, New Lipstick Obsession & More

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1.          Love is Blind Season 6- This season was INSANE! The cast was really good this season. Don’t mess with Laura or AD! 

2.          Ofrneda- This delicious Mexican restaurant in the West Village has happy hour every day from 4-7, even on the WEEKEND! They make a mean $10 margarita!

3.          Yves- Tribeca has lots of great brunch spots, especially this one. I am a sucker for eggs Benedict.

4.          Azya Wine + Chocolate bar- This is a great spot for drinks with girlfriends. I had a chocolate and wine flight with some friends a couple of weeks ago. I love how unique this bar is!

5.          Tarte Juicy Lip - I think I’m the last one in the world to try this lipstick/lip gloss two in one, but it’s amazing. It’s the perfect amount of color plus the perfect shine. I bought a mini size starter pack, linked HERE.


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 88 | Spring & Summer Accessories, Beach Bag, Straw Bag, Rattan Bag, Straw Hat, Sandals

beach accessories, straw bag, straw hat, rattan bag, pamela munsen, bow sandals, beach vacation, spring break, sarah bay bermuda, summer accessories, tropical vacation
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 88 | Spring & Summer Accessories, Beach Bag, Straw Bag, Rattan Bag, Straw Hat, Sandals

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 87 | White Dresses Under $100, Little White Dress, Graduation Dresses, Bride Dresses

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 87 | White Dresses Under $100, Little White Dress, Graduation Dresses, Bride Dresses

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Monday, March 4, 2024

No Spend January Recap

no spend january, budget, budgeting, sezane sweater, spring sweater, spring outfit

I know it’s March, but I wanted to share what I learned from “No Spend January.”

I challenged myself going into the new year that I wouldn’t do any personal shopping for myself for the month of January. I needed a reset from the holidays and to start the year off on budget. Clothes and shoes are my weakness. I know I am very privileged to even be writing this post. 


I just started working full time in the fall after graduating law school, so at the end of 2023 I was shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts.


I am proud to say that I really kept to my word and didn’t buy anything for myself (except two dresses from the Tuckernuck Sample Sale at the end of the month! I couldn’t help myself because they were both 50% off and had been on my wish list forever). 


I think challenging myself to not buy anything for myself in January was a challenge that I wanted to win or a promise that I had to keep.


In January, I bought wedding gifts for all my friends and planned out my travels, vacation days and budget for the year.


To help with my budget for the year, I created a list of things I (think I) want to buy and how I’m going to buy them every month. I love planning so this fits right in.


For example, I’m going on a bachelorette trip in Key West in April, and there is this Hill House dress with sea creatures on it that I think would be so cute for the trip. I found several of the dresses being sold on Poshmark and the Real Real that are just sitting in my likes folder. I have no use for the dress now in cold March, so I am planning on buying it in April to wear on my trip!


I think also planning my purchases, helps me think and realize where my money is going and if I really need/want that item as the month comes up. It helps me remember not to just buy something because it’s on sale, unless I wanted it before it was on sale (example the Tuckernuck dresses).


Influencing and social media is so much about fast fashion and overconsumption. My January no-buy month was a great reset into realizing how many clothes I own and that I don’t need (or have room for).


I’m not sure if I could do a strict no-buy month again this year, but I will definitely do it again in January. 


Friday, March 1, 2024

Five Friday Favorites | 68 | Snow Boots, Graduation Gift Idea, Hello Fresh, New Pajamas & More

weekly favorites, five friday favs, snow boots, graduation gift, hello fresh discount, homesick candle, new pjs, lake pajamas, ugg boots

 1.          UGG snow boots- It has been a cold and snowy winter here in New York this year. (I’m not thrilled about it). Here are my favorite snow boots that have lasted me for seasons. I call them my all-terrain vehicles because they can withstand great amounts of snow, sleet, ice and rain. My feet have never been warmer too. They’re kind of ugly, which makes them kind of cute. 

2.          Homesick candle- I was gifted a Homesick candle for my desk. These candles are themed for different states and colleges. It would make a great gift for a soon to be college graduate or a friend who is moving soon. I got a North Carolina candle to remember my days down south. You can use my affiliate link to shop HERE, which makes me a small commission at no cost to you. 

3.          Hello Fresh- It’s no secret that cooking isn’t my favorite activity. I much rather make a dinner reservation, and I’m good at it. Hello Fresh reached out to me to work together and I was excited for the opportunity to make easy and delicious meals. So far, so good! I have made soup and salmon on two separate nights. Hello Fresh is great because they literally ship you all proportioned ingredients you need and give you step by step instructions with pictures. It really was super easy and fun! You can use my affiliate link HERE to get 16 free meals and free breakfast for life! 

4.          Lake Pajamas- I am a new proud owner of Lake Pjs. The cotton is so soft. I’ve bought my mom several pairs, and she loves them. I am so excited to have my own pair now. They really are so comfortable.

5.          Life Stride booties- These faux leather ankle boots were gifted to me. I keep them at my desk, along with a blouse and a black pant suit, just in case I’m needed at court. These shoes have the perfect size heel, that is thick and comfortable enough to walk around the streets of Manhattan without fear of getting the heel stuck in a subway grate. I also think the faux leather looks really nice and not cheap at all. But at the same time, I’m not worried about getting these shoes dirty or scuffed up. The padding on the footbed is really squishy. They’re very comfortable and I’m happy to have them in my rotation.

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