Monday, January 31, 2022

Top 20 Preppy Pieces for your Winter Wardrobe

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 Here’s a list of the best classic winter pieces for your wardrobe.

Some links are affiliate links which gives me a small commission if you purchase something from the link at no cost to you.

preppy style, classic style, winter outfit, winter outfit idea, winter style, winter coat, snow, red coat

1.          Turtlenecks: white, gray, and black 

2.          Tweed blazer

3.          Double breasted blazer

4.          Boots- tall black suede boots, black ankle boots, black tall riding boots, brown tall riding boots, and short brown boots

5.          Plaid wool scarf

6.          Pom pom hat

7.          Cape

8.          Colored wool coats

9.          Jeans: black jeans, light blue mom jeans, dark blue, and white jeans

10.       Spanx leather leggings

11.       Fair isle sweater

12.       Cable knit sweater

13.       Fleece lined tights

14.       Tote bag

15.       Turtleneck dress

16.       Pleated midi skirt

17.       Black crossbody bag

18.       Silk scarves

19.       Brown bag

20.       Fur vest


Monday, January 24, 2022

How Sex and the City Made ME Feel Sexy and a Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Outfit

Carrie bradshaw, white jeans, Sex and the City, SATC, date night outfit, date night, girls night, blazer, white jeans, winter white
I know you just read that title and are probably a bit confused, because objectively, how could I, a 23-year-old, not feel sexy?! 

I binge-watched the original Sex and the City (“SATC”) series over winter break in anticipation of the watching the new series, And Just Like That (I haven’t started it yet). I fell in love, just as every woman did when she watched this show, for the first or 500th time. I fell in love with the characters, the story, the romance, New York City, the clothes and of course the shoes.


So now I get back to the question of how I didn’t feel sexy and how the show made me feel sexy. I’m talking about clothes and confidence. 

carrie bradshaw, sex and the city, SATC, white jeans, slip top, pearls, satin top, black strappy sandals, feather bag, black blazer, and just like that

How and why I didn’t feel sexy:

From a young age, I have always had a very mature eye. I always wanted to dress and act older than I was.

I loved to watch What Not to Wear on TLC after school in elementary school and play around with my clothes by adding pearls, sparkle, and a belt here and there. Stacy London would be proud. I was a very sophisticated elementary schooler, or so I thought.

When I got to high school and college, I continued to wear conservative clothes, never showing too much skin, because my mom always took me shopping, which I don’t regret, because I always looked nice and appropriate for school. The problem was when I went to my first music festival at Jones Beach one summer, I got the tickets the night before the show, and I literally had nothing to wear that wasn’t too preppy or too conservative, because I was going to a concert after all. J.Crew chino shorts and a high neck summer blouse weren’t going to cut it. So, we ran over to the mall, and my mom and I went straight to American Eagle, where I found some denim shorts, that weren’t too short on my long-legged frame and a flowy spaghetti strap top. (You can see the outfit here). It was appropriate, but still me, but a little outside my preppy style, and I was okay with that.

The same thing happened however when I went to college. My first night at college I went to a frat party sporting a J.Crew blouse and J.Crew chino shorts. (You can see the outfit here). Not my best look for a college party. Definitely did not scream sexy nor “fun college freshman.” So, I quickly learned that I needed to buy some tank tops and more denim shorts and black bodysuits to fit the image of “fun college freshman.” So, I did after wearing my concert outfit from the summer 20+ times! I looked the part and dressed a bit “sexier” for when I went partying, which was great! I kept the J.Crew and conservative preppy style for the classroom and the library.

I graduated college, moved home to New York and started going to bars and clubs in Manhattan once they opened up this past summer, 2021. This time, I had a wardrobe of “sexy” going out clothes from college. Except New York City is different than college, in that everyone at college is young and fun, and I felt comfortable in denim cutoffs and a tank top going to and from various frat houses in North Carolina. In Manhattan, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing revealing clothes with all the wandering eyes and creepy people of Manhattan. So, I resorted to tasteful short skirts and tank tops, which totally could be deemed “sexy,” but I didn’t feel that.

I felt very shy wearing anything any bit revealing or short in Manhattan during the summer, and during the winter I strictly wore turtlenecks and black pants, boring, but warm. I felt like I was once again hiding in my clothes. I wasn’t really happy with how conservative my closet of a 23-year-old had become.

In all honesty, up until recently I did not feel confident in what I would wear to go to dinner or to go out in. I felt like I looked like a ~stylish~ grandma. And there is nothing wrong with dressing conservatively or not showing skin. I am all for that in my everyday life, and there is a time and place for everything,  but going to bars and to dinner on a date or with friends, I wanted to feel more confident and more like every other 23-year-old. I wanted to stop aging myself.


How SATC helped make me feel sexy:

When I started binge watching SATC I fell in love with the outfits of the four best friends but also their confidence. This show reminded me that confidence is sexy. I’ve always known that, but I guess I was missing out on some confidence in how I carried myself and, in my outfits, while I transitioned out of college and into the “adult” (I am hardly an adult) world. 

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha all exude confidence in their outfits, their attitudes and their jobs.

I resonated a lot with Charlotte. Her Type A personality and her very conservative clothes match my aesthetic pretty perfectly. She always carries herself with confidence, regardless of what she is wearing. But what I really loved about watching Charlotte is that although she is preppy and classy in her fashion choices in her day-to-day life, when she goes out to dinner with the girls, she is showing a bit more skin, or if not skin, a tighter, sexier silhouetted dress, that shows her figure a bit more. 

Carrie taught me that I can literally wear anything. She has some amazing outfits and some not so amazing outfits in the show. But she showed me that confidence is sexy and to wear the fun shoes and the crazy bag, maybe not the low-rise jeans, but the over the top coat, all together and rock it. (Peep my Carrie Bradshaw inspired look in the pictures above).

I hate to say it but, Miranda, I think is the least fashionable. Her power suits are always a move though, and the confidence she shows in her job as an attorney is very inspiring. My favorite scene is when the law partner puts his hand in her face at the board room table, to tell her to stop talking, and she ignores his request for silence and keeps talking, and then she quits. Now that takes one confident lady.

And then we have Samantha who really showed me I need to dress more for my age. Even as the oldest of the friends, she is always in the shortest hem and the highest heels. I want to be more like Samantha. I really love her confidence to wear all these sparkly and showy outfits when she goes out for a night on the town. She also rocks a power suit just like Miranda, but most of the time, her suits are not court appropriate, as she is usually missing the blouse that goes underneath it when she wears it to the office. But all in all, her style is amazing and is inspiring my date night and party outfits.


These four famous friends have really helped me see that I can be “sexy” in my day-to-day life. Whether that be in my attitude and the way I exude confidence or in my fashion choices. I can, and should, wear fun, flirty, and maybe even a bit revealing of an outfit, as I am 23. These ladies reminded me that I really can wear anything, and I should continue to fill my closet with fun clothes that make me happy and I should be confident when wearing them. As Carrie said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Knoxville, TN Travel Guide

Tennessee, UT, university of Tennessee, travel, knoxville, travel guide,
My first time to Knoxville, Tennessee was over New Years this year for a friend’s wedding!

We went for five days, and here is what we saw, where we ate and what we did.

hotel, where to stay in Knoxville, knoxville, Tennessee, travel guide


We stayed at the Hyatt Place Hotel in downtown Knoxville on Gay Street. It was the perfect location. 

All the restaurants, bars and spots to see were within a 3-minute walk from the hotel.

The hotel also provides complimentary breakfast.


where to eat, food, restaurants in knoxville, knoxville travel guide, knoxville, tennessee, travel, restaurants

Oliver Royale- we went here for the rehearsal dinner and for New Years. The food is delicious, and it is definitely a restaurant that would thrive in New York with its upscale cuisine and French bistro style interior.

Not Watson’s Kitchen + Bar- a great spot for a burger and a football game! I grabbed a bite here before the wedding.

Pete’s Restaurant- a classic diner in downtown Knoxville.

The French Market Crêperie - authentic and delicious crepes!

Tupelo Honey- delicious southern cuisine with all day brunch.


Things to do (within walking distance from our hotel):

•Walk around Market Square (a set of blocks that form a square with lots of restaurants)

knoxville, walk around, explore, travel guide, knox, tennessee
•Movies at Regency Theater

downtown knoxville, knoxville travel guide, knox, travel, explore•See the stunning District Courthouse

•Bowling at Maple Hall

World's fair, knoxville travel guide, knox, sunsphere, worlds fair, university of Tennessee

•World’s Fair Park with the Sunsphere

knox, UT, university, travel guide, school, things to do

knox, travel guide, university of Tennessee, UT, knoxville
•University of Tennessee



•The neighborhood of Old City has a ton of breweries, bars and clubs.

knoxville, travel guide, bars, speakeasy, peter kern, bar, knox
Peter Kern Library- a speakeasy behind the Oliver Royale hotel (The entrance is in the alleyway behind the hotel with the red lamp. The password is a series of numbers from the bar’s most recent Facebook page).

Clancy’s- a good old fashioned Irish bar right next to our hotel. We went here every single night.

Five Thirty Lounge- a rooftop bar on top of the Hyatt hotel.


Monday, January 17, 2022

Finding Happiness at Law School

law school, ear muffs, brown coat, cable knit, sweater dress, neutral outfit, winter outfit

This fall semester I was probably the most unhappy I have ever been in school (maybe 4th grade Elizabeth when she was bullied, would think differently). That’s hard for me to say because I generally love school.


If I’m writing this blog post, I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. 


My professor in one of my classes told me that you can be happy in law school. He also said that generally the law profession can be unhappy, but you can find happiness if you do something you enjoy and not make your whole life focused around your career.


I’m glad he said that because now I don’t feel so alone in my feelings. I am also taking his advice and living outside of the law profession. 

winter outfit, winter fashion, cable knit, sweater dress, long island, snow, ear muffs

Why I was unhappy:

As I’m sure you know by now, from my previous posts, law school is a lot of work. The second year of law school is no joke. The first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death and the third year they bore you to death.


Generally, law school is a bully, as is the bar exam. There is so much conforming that each law student has to follow to become an attorney. It is exhausting. 


Last semester I worked long hours every day. I really felt like the work was killing me. I was mentally exhausted. I had 15 weeks straight of school without any days off. I was in 15 credit hours and working at my externship for 15 hours a week. It was my first semester on a journal. It was also my first semester where I got to pick some of my classes. I was also a TA. I did homework seven days a week.


Sadly, I felt law school wasn’t fun nor exciting anymore, and it just felt like a chore. Most mornings I woke up and did not look forward to my day.

I didn’t see my friends at all, and I spent a ton of time alone at the library or working at my desk in my room.

ear muffs, brown coat, cable knit, turtleneck sweater dress

How I found happiness:

The only way I got through law school last semester was by planning fun things to do on the weekends. I am still doing that this semester. I also have a new job which I am really excited about which gives me something to look forward to. This semester I am also going to have days off (like today and then spring break)!


I also took it day by day last semester. Every day was different. I made sure to take some “me time” every day and watch some tv before bed. 


I also talked to my friends who are not in law school a lot, as they gave me different perspectives. I complained to them a lot, and they were always encouraging. They reminded me that law school is a means to an end. And it will end soon. 


After last semester, I really enjoyed my winter break. I didn’t work a retail job, like I normally do, I just sat on the couch and watched tv for weeks on end. It was such a relaxing break. I felt so relaxed, I was bored. 


Moral of the story:

Make something that you don’t like into something you do. Look for the small happy things throughout your day. Do something you like every day (for me: blogging, taking pictures, posting to Instagram, planning out outfits, watching tv). 


Remember, it will come to an end.


I hope that if you are struggling like I was last semester with finding happiness, that you find it, because life is too short to not enjoy it a little bit each day. 

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Workwear Wednesday and an Exciting Announcement

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Happy Workwear Wednesday and happy first day of class to me!

Welcome to my new segment where every Wednesday (well, maybe not every Wednesday) I will be giving workwear outfit inspiration.

The reason I am staring this segment is because I got a really cool Externship in Manhattan!


This is a post I have dreamed about sharing since I started my blog in 2015.

As many of you know, I am in my second year of law school. My entire life, I have dreamed of going to law school and becoming an attorney one day. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment in time that I wanted to be an attorney, in college I understood why I wanted to go law school, and that’s a different story for a different day, but to get back to this story, I always imagined myself strutting down the streets of Manhattan in high heels and a sharp suit headed to work as an attorney.

I am happy to say that that dream is coming true.

Tomorrow I am starting as an extern (an intern that gets compensated in academic credit hours) at a dream company.

Catch me wearing my heels and my power suit tomorrow (as seen above) strutting in midtown Manhattan heading to work as an attorney (in training)!

black suit, internship, law school, legal profession, lawyer, law student, internship, externship, workwear, suit,

Don’t get me wrong, last summer and this past fall I worked for amazing organizations, and I loved my experiences. In the summer I worked as an intern at Lawyers Alliance for New York and this past fall as an extern (also getting credit) at The Paley Center for Media. Holding these positions were also big goals of mine, and I am proud to say the positions served me well and gave me experience that helped me gain this new position. But as dreamy as those roles were, I was not in person due to the pandemic.

However, this position is in a real live office! As geeky as it sounds, I am so excited to be working in an office surrounded by attorneys.

I know I’m crazy, but this is something I have always dreamed of and now it is really coming to life.

But besides my dreams of coming true of working in person and not remote, I am also really looking forward to learning more about the law and how to apply the law to the real legal world and not just the law school world. The type of law the firm focuses on is right up my alley and I am so excited to learn more!


I can’t say much about my job, but I will be working at a law firm in midtown Manhattan two afternoons a week and all day on Fridays this semester. I will be commuting from Long Island after class in the afternoons. I will be receiving four credits towards my transcript for working. This will be my second externship and I really truly deeply believe that externships in law school are the way to go! It is the best way to gain practical experience before graduating law school. It’s also a great experience to add to your resume to show that you worked at a really cool job while going to law school. The positions are great networking experiences and may even lead to a future job. And, because working is technically a class, there is no extra homework! Externships are the way to go!


I’m sure the commute (especially during weeks with lots of schoolwork) and the “strut” to work glamour will wear down (especially in the cold snow and rain) but I’m hopeful that the excitement and eagerness I have to gain experience and learn from the attorneys at the firm will not stop.


Wish me luck!



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Monday, January 10, 2022

What to Wear to the Opera

opera, what to wear to the opera, winter outfit, midi skirt, velvet skirt, turtleneck, feather bag, sarah flint heels, pearl headband

Yesterday my parents took my twin brother and I to the Metropolitan Opera for a matinee of La bohème, an Italian opera based on a French book.

This was our belated birthday present and our first opera at Lincoln Center. 

We sat stage right in a box on the third level. The box was great so we could spread out and stretch our legs during the show and during the intermissions.

It was a beautiful (and long 3+ hours but after every act there was an intermission) show.

The 60-person orchestra and singers were phenomenal.

The sets were also highly intricate and beautiful. 

midi skirt, velvet skirt, feather bag, sarah flint heels, black heels, pearl headband, turtleneck, winter outfit, winter date night outfit,

What to wear:

Traditionally at opening night at the opera, the dress code is formal attire. Tuxes for men and gowns for the ladies.

Every other day, the dress code is sophisticated and chic, which means no jeans. Most of the men wore suits or sports coats or button downs. Most ladies wore black pants, blouses or sweaters or dresses with boots and tights.


Be warned: the theater is very toasty, and you will be sitting for a long time, so you have to be comfortable.


If you traditionally love the theater, you will definitely enjoy the opera. It is something a bit more sophisticated and intricate than a Broadway show. So, try it out!

The talent of the artists was breathtaking and truly a wonderful experience. 

I will be returning!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022 / 730 N Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917, USA

What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner and Black-Tie Optional Winter Wedding in Knoxville, TN

winter wedding, knox, knoxville, tennessee, TN, press room, downtown knoxville, winter wedding, black tie optional, scottish wedding


Alex, my boyfriend, and I were invited to celebrate the wedding of our college friends.


We had been waiting since 2020 for this wedding and I am so glad we finally got to celebrate the happy couple!

Where and when:

The wedding was during New Year’s in Knoxville, Tennessee. We flew in late Tuesday night to Knoxville, after connecting in Atlanta. We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown, Knoxville on Gay Street, perfectly situated in the heart of Knoxville.

rehearsal dinner, dinner, dress up, cocktail dress, wrap dress, pom pom shoes, winter wedding, new years eve wedding, Knoxville, TN

groomsmen, best man, rehearsal dinner, wedding, what to wear to a rehearsal dinner

Knoxville, TN, wedding, winter wedding, rehearsal dinner

winter wedding, knoxville, TN, rehearsal dinner, oliver royale, wedding, what to wear to a rehearsal dinner


Wednesday- Rehearsal Dinner


The groomsmen went to the shooting range, so some of the girls and I grabbed açaí bowls for lunch before getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.

My boyfriend, Alex, was the best man, and I was honored to be his date. 


At 4pm we headed out in the rain to the rehearsal at the church. The bridal party practiced as I sat in a pew and observed.


After practice we drove back downtown to Oliver Royale where the restaurant was rented out for everyone invited to the rehearsal dinner. The dim lighting, signature cocktails and delicious food (so good we went back for New Year’s Day dinner) was a wonderful way to celebrate the bride and groom. Alex and I got to sit right across from the bride and groom at the long dinner table and got to experience all the toasts and speeches firsthand. Most of the groomsmen and bridesmaids gave speeches (even some musical renditions), as did the father of the groom and some tears were shed. It was such a lovely evening.


I wore a casual silky wrap dress to dinner and added fun feather and velvet accessories. Shop my outfit below!

scottish wedding, kilts, kilt, winter wedding, knoxville, TN, long dress, what i wore to the a black-tie optional wedding, black tie optional, black tie wedding, winter,

wedding, knox, Tennessee, knoxville, ceremony, black-tie optional, suits,

signature cocktails, wedding, press room, knoxville, downtown, tennessee

scottish wedding, knoxville, TN, winter wedding, tennessee, black tie optional, wedding

knoxville, press room, black tie optional, wedding, winter wedding, knox


Thursday- Wedding Day


Some of the nonbridal party and I grabbed lunch and then I ran to my hair appointment at Culture Studio hair salon at 1:30 before walking back to the hotel to do my full contour (courtesy of YouTube and Pinterest) makeup look.

We hopped on the trolly at 4:15 and headed to the ceremony.


After the ceremony we took the trolly to The Press Room for cocktail hour and the reception. The signature drinks were delicious and so was the steak dinner!


I wore a long green chiffon dress with sparkly accessories to the black-tie optional evening wedding. As a wedding guest, you never want to outshine the bride. I am friends with the bride and groom, so I asked the bride in advance (probably back in 2020) what the bridesmaids would be wearing, and they were set to all wore long burgundy dresses and the groomsmen would be in kilts. I love wearing long dresses, and getting all glammed out, because when do you get to dress fancy anymore?! If it was a day black-tie optional wedding, I probably would have worn a midi dress but because this was black-tie optional and an evening wedding, I wanted to wear a long dress. It just so happened that my dress was the exact same color as the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, so I definitely looked important. However, my date was important. He was the best man, so I knew all eyes would be on him at certain points of the night and I wanted to look good!


We stayed until after New Year’s to celebrate the happy couple and be reunited with our friends. It was such a fun week and we can’t wait for more friends to get married!

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Monday, January 3, 2022

2021 Bucket List Roundup and 2022 Bucket List

bucket list, new year, 2022, fur coat, fur jacket, slip skirt, winter outfit

Happy new year!

Last year I made a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do and see in 2021 after a very disappointing 2020. Let’s see which bucket list items I completed in 2021 and which ones I want to complete this year!


2021 Bucket List Roundup:


          Get the vaccine

          Dance at a club or bar

          Have a graduation ceremony and get to go back to Wake

          See my friends and hug them

          Have boozy brunch with friends

          Attend a Broadway show

          Go to a Mets game 

          Visit the museum of ICE CREAM

          Get a legal summer internship 

          Spend time in Florida 

          Visit friends in DC 

          Meet more blogger friends 

          Go to our friend’s wedding in December and NYE in TN

          Visit the Statue of Liberty

          Spend a day on Governor’s Island

          Visit The Edge

          See Vanderbilt’s Sunken Gardens 

          Go to Wake alumni events 

          Visit the MOMA

          Go for a wine tasting at a winery 

          Have a Picnic

          Go to the beach

          Visit the Hamptons 

          Take a trip to Chicago 

          Visit Time Out Market, Brooklyn 

          See a comedy show 

          Eat at Chelsea Market


bucket list, slip skirt, faux fur coat, nyc, winter fashion, winter outfits

2022 Bucket List:

1.          Visit the US Open

2.          Go to a karaoke bar

3.          Watch a movie in Bryant Park during the summer

4.          Visit The Boardy Barn 

5.          Dress up at Belmont

6.          Attend Santa Con in December

7.          Get a donut at the Krispy Kreme in Times Square

8.          Attend a Drag Queen show

9.          Go to Wake’s Homecoming 

10.       Visit the Museum of Illusions

11.       Hike upstate NY

12.       T&P Goals: Hit 10k Instagram followers, 2.5K Pinterest followers, 5k LTK followers and double my income from last year

13.       Visit the Frick Collection

14.       See the Transit Museum

15.       Go to Smorgasborg 

16.       Have a snack at Maman

17.       Visit Fire Island 

18.       Go salsa dancing

19.       Have a Kentucky Derby watch party

20.       Visit Montauk

21.       Visit college friends

22.       Host a murder mystery party

23.       Visit the lavender fields on Long Island 

24.       Watch the sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge

25.       Go on a drive-through food date

26.       Walk from top of Manhattan to bottom 

27.       Visit Uncommon, a board game bar

28.       Have a wine tasting at Chelsea market 

29.       Go for Tea at the plaza 

30.       Go to the opera

31.       Visit Boston during the fall

32.       Picnic on Governor’s Island

33.       Go on a dessert tour of NYC 

34.       Take a double decker tour bus around Manhattan for fun

35.       Spend time in Florida

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