Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Farewell Badminton

Happy Tuesday! A short week this week!!
A short but very stressful week! I have lots of final projects due in the next couple of days so I'm slightly overwhelmed! But it will all be good!

So today, I said farewell to my badminton team! 
We had our little senior ceremony at our pizza party today!
Brianna, my sophomore bestie, did my very large and PINK poster! It has my cap and gown picture and it has black and gold tassels on it for Wake Forest! It's so cute and she made a really sweet speech about me. I am going to miss her so much next year!! We were best friends on the team and we really have a great relationship. So I hope we keep that relationship strong over the years. We have to keep our snap streak going and I expect a text from her every day after practice in the years to follow to hear all the dirt and gossip! 
Coach also got all the senior girls a bouquet of flowers. All the seniors and I chipped in and we got him a nice new navy blue sports shirt so he can wear it to the games, because he literally wears the same shirt every game. Anyway, as crazy, creepy and annoying as he was, he's a really nice guy and really cares about the girls on my team. He even gave me the player of the year award, and I have to go pick up my plaque tomorrow!
I left the party really quickly because I didn't want to cry in front of everyone. As annoying as coach was and annoying as it was to go travel to away games, I really enjoyed the team and am seriously going to miss it. I love the girls on the team. I was mom of the team! Shocker! Mom, yet again, but I really do care about the girls and really do love them! And I am going to miss badminton a lot!
We had a wonderful team and season this year, 12-0, I definitely want a '16 on the banner in the gym and I want the team to continue to be successful in the following years to come! 
Here are some pictures of me and the other senior girls with our cute posters! Can you see now that I really am what my blog's name is: Tall and Preppy! Look how much I tower over the other girls, who are the same age as me!!

I just can't get over that I have 8 days of school left!! 8 more days of high school. I don't feel like a senior still!! I haven't felt like a senior all year, and it hasn't fully sunk in that I will not be going to my high school in the fall again. And I can't even really be excited about college because I have so many projects due!

@michelle, no this isn't the same shirt I wore on the boat! That one was lavender and this one is periwinkle! And it's new, thanks for noticing! It wrinkles very easily and doesn't iron very well... so I don't really recommend. And it kinda requires a strapless bra... But I do love the color and look how cute it goes with the shorts!! 
And now it is after Memorial Day, so I can officially and without breaking any "fashion rules," wear white bottoms! But who cares! I was wearing white pants long before Memorial Day!

Shorts: J Crew white linen shorts with black embroidery (similar)


Monday, May 30, 2016

Boat Adventures!

Yesterday my boyfriend showed me how much he loves his boat and the water by taking me out into the open water. He even wore his cute little captains hat. He told me I could be admiral for the day! And I'm not going to lie I was terrified, I don't set sail very often, and it was kinda fast so I held on for dear life but after we put down anchor I was okay, and on the way home I was fine also. 
And of course I told him I was only going on the boat if we could take blog pictures! (jk) So that's what we did. He was a pretty great photographer! Hopefully we will have many more boat adventures over  the course of the summer, and you will see many more blog posts on the boat! 
P.S. If you look really closely into the background, you can see Manhattan!
My hair was obviously a mess from the wind and right after the pictures I tied it up into a pony tail and didn't really look any better. And I should have brought a jacket but I forgot, luckily we had a blanket, because it was really windy and cold.
And RIP my Jack Rogers! On the dock coming off of the water yesterday, I tripped and my shoe broke, so RIP, it's been a good 4 years. (Don't worry I already ordered a new pair!)

Shirt: Banana Republic lavender asymmetrical tank top (similar)


Senior Cut Day

Senior cut day was so much fun!!! 
We had it on Friday, 5/27/16 so we could have a 4 day weekend!! All the seniors decided to go to the same beach so we could all be together. 
Cut day isn't really "cutting," because all of our parents just called us in sick. Our class president told us to tell our parents to call us all in sick with pink eye, lol as a joke. Some seniors went to school and some juniors even cut!!

It was a very eventful day!
We left the house around 10ish and got sandwiches from the deli. While at the deli we ran into some of our classmates who we're not particularly friends with but they were more friendly then they normally are. They asked if we were also going to the beach and etc. So we started the day off on a good note, it was a nice surprise that they were so friendly and chatty. 
We then got down to the beach and ran into the same girls and they started to walk towards this huge group of people, which was obviously our entire grade, but all our friends weren't there yet so we thought it would be a little awkward to just sit with kids we're not really friends with. So we found some other of our friends and put our stuff down by them. Our other friends, @joe @soap @bridget @grace finally showed up and sat down in the big group so we went to join them. And I am so glad we did! 
It was so much fun! It was nice to just hang out and be with our entire grade even though we aren't all friends. I couldn't get over how sweet and friendly everyone was being towards each other even though we aren't all friends. I just kept saying how nice it was to hang out with our whole grade!

My friends were really really funny. All the big group shots started with one or two friends posing with me but then they all saw I was taking the photo and were like, "IS THIS GOING ON THE BLOG???" And of course I said yes, so here I am keeping my promise!!

It was really fun until the cops came....
Yep. The cops came. I actually saw the cop come racing down the beach and I screamed "COP" for everyone to dispose of their illegal substances. And at first the cop didn't do anything and just sat in his car but then as he was turning around to leave some people started screaming like "yay he's leaving," which was just stupid because then he turned back around and called in for reinforcements....
So my friends and I walked down to the water to stay away from the drama that was happening with the cops. We took some cute pictures and got to see all the madness go down. The cops just went through everyone's coolers and took the beer if there was any. The cops were actually pretty chill, they could have given everyone a ticket for open canisters but they didn't. So we avoided all of that by staying down at the water.
The cops finally left and we were all able to relax again. My one friend got a little too relaxed and went into the water when he was a little intoxicated... not safe, but he was fine, he did it for Janette after all!
My friends from another school were also at the beach, so I ran over to say hi to them! It was so nice to see them! During our little reunion the Blue Angels, the fighter jets who now do air shows, were flying over the beach practicing for Memorial Day air shows!

We ended the day, not wanting to leave the beach and getting some delicious soft serve ice cream!

Bathing suit: Aerie


Thursday, May 26, 2016

POPS Concert

Eliana and I

Eliana, me and Elizabeth

What an amazing year it has been in Women's Chorus this year! 
We received the highest award at NYSMAA Majors this year, Gold with Distinction and just celebrated our last concert! 
We had our POPs concert tonight which features every high school musical group in the gym. It is the last concert of the year and it honors all of the seniors in the music department. This concert is always one of my favorites. My favorite part is when all the bands, orchestras and choruses participate in the finale. It is usually amazing and so surreal but this year was slightly disappointing. We performed Mahler's Symphony No. 2. It sounded beautiful when we practiced it in rehearsal but when we performed it in the gym with everyone, it wasn't all together. And not for nothing but the POPs concert is all about POP music! Sorry, but the Mahler Symphony is in German and not POP music. 
My least favorite part about POPs is that it is normally 90 degrees in the gym because there must be at least a thousand people: performers and audience members combined. 
 For WOCO we sang a mash up of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain and Earth, Wind & Fire's September. Our teacher always does really amazing mashups! We started with the Adele song and all the seniors got solos, not my best solo, and then we went back up onto the risers and sang September. And each year, as per tradition, WOCO danced to September! We had a choreographed dance and it was really cute! But I can't help but not laugh when I do it, because let's be honest it's a little embarrassing and it's funny! And a lot of fun! And I also can't help laughing because the boys from Men's Chorus were sitting behind the bleachers so they all have great views of our butts especially as we are dancing. 
For Vocal Jazz we sang the famous Pitch Perfect song, which is the mashup of Just the Way You are/Only Just a Dream. It sounded great! And I think the audience really loved it, because who doesn't love Pitch Perfect!!??
After we performed we were super sweaty and smelly. Our teacher gave the seniors our chorus pins and couldn't even read her speech to us because of how emotional she was. It was so cute, I even teared up. I teared up even more when Eliana, President of WOCO gave her really heartfelt and emotional speech about what an amazing teacher and friend, Nancy is. I didn't completely sob because I still am in disbelief that my time in high school is almost over, and more specifically my time in WOCO is almost over. I love 'Nanc so much and the girls in WOCO! I have had what an amazing 4 years in this class and I don't believe that I just had my last concert. (And shocker, I'm crying right now as I write this out.) I'm so glad I stayed with WOCO all 4 years, I'm so glad I didn't switch to another choir. I love singing and what an amazing chorus we have. But we are more than just a chorus, we are almost like a sorority. At times we want to strangle one another and we get mad at each other because of excessive talking and phone use, but at the end of the day we all come together and make beautiful music. 
I love these girls and am very sad to leave them and my beloved music teacher. 

Enough with the sappiness: The dress code tonight was all white! The boys in Men's Chorus wore sweat pants and Hawaiian shirts, it was really funny, but everyone else wore white. So here are the pictures of (boho) Eliana, (preppy) Elizabeth and (tall and preppy) I at our last high school concert!
Love you girls!

Eliana's Outfit:
Y necklace: Eff y Bee 
Choker: made by friend 
Shoes: Calypso sparkly flat sandals (similar)

Elizabeth's Outfit:
Dress: Vineyard Vines white ivory dress (similar)
Earrings: Lord & Taylor studs
Bracelet: from Armenia

My Outfit:
Dress: J Crew white shift dress with lace (similar)
Bracelet: C Wonder initial pink cuff (similar)


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Off The Shoulder

lol this shirt has pockets!

It was 88 degrees today!
This is the warmest it has been in 2016 so far. Friday is supposed to be really warm weather too! Perfect for our senior cut day and going to the beach! George please wear sunblock! 
I have so many finals projects going on right now! I have my final English essay that we have been working on all year, the "Bring it on home" project, a French project, an econ project and a theater project. And my theater project doesn't even count as my final grade! Like I already had my final in the class, the show I was in last weekend! So enough already! 
Also, because I am not going to be here on Friday, that means my econ project and part of my English project are due like Thursday night! I'm not stressed out but I just have a lot going on right now. I have a lot of extracurricular events going on. Like tonight we had a meeting for the parents and kids in my grade about the big party/dance thing we have after graduation in June. And tomorrow night I have the POPS concert! Which is always a lot of fun! 
I am trying to slow down and take it all in but it's really hard when life is moving at a thousand miles a minute. 

I just ordered some more college "swag," as my cousin says. Some new college t-shirts of the school I am actually going to. Tonight at this meeting, I had on a Brown University t-shirt because at all the schools I saw, I got a t-shirt and the schools I really liked, I got a long sleeve t-shirt, but so I have all these college shirts that confuse people because I am not attending that school that is on my shirt. 

Anyway, here is my super cute and comfortable outfit for almost 90 degree weather!
Bracelet: C Wonder pink initial bangle (similar)


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

10 More Days of High School

Of course the minute I go outside to take photos it starts raining....
It was raining this morning, dried up during the day and then of course just started raining again!

I have 10 more days left of class! 10 and then I am done with high school. I finish June 10th, but we have senior cut day on Friday, College 101 Day and the Senior BBQ, so 10 days. I got my "Guide to Forestry 101" book in the mail yesterday from the university I will be attending in the fall. It is a check list of everything I need to know before and during my 4 years of college.
It kind of hit me today, while I was working out, that the chance of me seeing half the kids in my grade or school again is little to none. That's really scary to think about. It's scary that in August I will be on my own, in a completely different state and in a new part of my life. I will always call home home but it will never be the same home as it is now. My friends will change, my habits will change and my life is going to be completely different. I have lived in the same state, same town, same house, same room all my life and for once that is all going to change. I am so excited for college yet so terrified.  I don't really like change and in the next couple of months big changes are going to happen. It's the most exciting point in my life yet the most terrifying. 

I'm wearing a new shirt again today from my favorite store! Take a guess which one?? 
J Crew! Omg how did you know?? 
The next couple of weeks will be filled with new pieces that I ordered from J Crew and you can get them online! 
This shirt is a great basic! It's a gray t-shirt but it has a white beads at the neck so it is pretty much a built in necklace! And then the shirt isn't so boring. I find myself wearing a lot of basic shirts in the summer time with fun printed shorts or skirts. So this top is great because you don't even need to really wear jewelry with it, it is an accessory on its own! 

Shorts: American Eagle printed flowy shorts (similar)


Monday, May 23, 2016

We Wear Short Shorts

It was 77 degrees today!! And it's only going to get nicer the next couple of days! We are thinking of doing senior cut day on Friday and it's suppose to be perfect beach weather!
It was so nice today that I wore shorts!! Like very short shorts for me at least. My butt was covered and they were long compared to some of the shorts that girls wear at school! But it didn't look like I was wearing any pants because my kaki shorts blend in with my very pale skin and my shirt was kinda long. 
It is still a little chilly in the morning so that's why I wore long sleeves, but it's cotton so it was comfortable. And omg do you like my new shirt!? I just got it from J Crew! I found this shirt in store but they didn't have my size but then I found it online on clearance! Score!

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