Monday, January 30, 2023

My Clean Skincare Routine

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I went to get a facial the other day and the lady doing it told me my skin was so clear! I was shocked. My skin has never looked this good, honestly.

I’ve had quite the skin journey over the time I’ve had this blog. You can read more about my skin troubles here.

I think my current skincare routine really works, combined with a healthy diet and clean makeup. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself!

clean beauty, clean skincare, eye cream, retinol, morning skincare, nighttime skincare


Morning skincare routine:

-       Good Molecules caffeine under eye patches

       Versed eye cream

       Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

       Moisturizer- either Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask or Good Molecules Silicone Free Priming Moisturizer. It depends on how dry my skin is.

        SPF- Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen


clean beauty, clean skincare, nighttime skincare, morning skincare, skincare routine

Nighttime skincare routine:

            Neutrogena makeup wipes

            Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel

            Garnier Micellar Water

            Versed eye cream

            Versed Vitamin C Serum

            Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

            Moisturizer (same as in the morning)

            Prescription retinol 

clean beauty, clean skincare, Clinique, supergoop, versed, retinol, good molecules


Friday, January 27, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 32 | Stitch Fix Discount, New Computer, Pearl Clutch, Silk Scarves, Pilates on YouTube and More

weekly favorites, stitch fix, discount, MacBook, silk scarves, YouTube, pilates classes, pearl bag, cult gia

 1.          MacBook Air- If you are considering getting a new computer, I highly recommend any Apple products. I had (and still have because she still works great) my MacBook Pro from 2014 and I went through my whole academic career with her (and yes, she has a gender). I just upgraded to a MacBook Air, even though it is not that much smaller or lighter than my 2014 Pro. I really like her. She’s swanky and high-tech.

2.          Swells Scarves- I recently discovered Swell Scarves via TikTok and Instagram. These are the prettiest silk scarves with the sweetest little designs.

3.          Cult Gaia Pearl bag- A Christmas gift from Alex. Such a beautiful statement bag that I will have forever. It is so unique because it is covered in faux pearls. It goes with everything!

4.          Move with Nicole on YouTube- I have been getting back into doing Pilates religiously and Move with Nicole on YouTube has the BEST Pilates classes. I took mat Pilates for 4 years straight in college and I was in the best shape of my life. Nicole’s YouTube Pilates classes are just as good, maybe even better than the classes I took in college. Within two weeks, I’ve already seen more definition in body. 

5.      Stitch Fix (AD)- With the help of real expert stylists to who help you select 5 items each order, keep what you love, return what you don’t with Stitch Fix OR shop on your own with Stitch Fix Freestyle. Stitch Fix is a personal style service for men, women and kids that is personalized for you! Get $20 off your Stitch Fix with this link:

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 42 | Flag Sweater, Boucle Blazer, Celine-inspired Striped Blazer, Winter Skirts, Cashmere Sweaters

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 42 | Flag Sweater, Boucle Blazer, Celine-inspired Striped Blazer, Winter Skirts, Cashmere Sweaters

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Monday, January 23, 2023

How to be an Attorney: Step 4: What to do in your First Two Years of Law School

law school advice, law school, fair isle sweater, lawyer, law student, how to be an attorney

Congrats you’re in law school! Now what? (And if you’re not in law school yet, check out Steps 1, 2 and 3 here!)

The first year was terrifying! What’s a case brief? What’s cold calling? Is it scary? What classes do I need to take? How do I succeed? There was so much unknown. It was exhausting.

The second year was less challenging but so insanely busy that I feel like I didn’t have time to breathe.

It is true that the first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death and the third year they bore you to death.

law school, law school advice, lawyer, law student, fair isle sweater, teddy coat, winter outfit, attorney, lawyer, how to be an attorney

Here’s what you need to know about your first two years of law school: 


            Your first two years you will take your required classes. Your first year of law school or 1L you will not get to pick your schedule. The classes you take will differ depending on your school, but most will require criminal law, legal writing, torts, civil procedure, contracts, property, constitutional law, ethics and evidence. I took all these classes my first two years of law school. Business organizations/corporations was not required for my school but recommended as it is tested on the Bar. The same for wills, trusts and estates and criminal procedure. 

            Besides your required classes your first year, your second year you can start taking electives and fun classes. See what you are interested in, or finish your recommended/required classes. That’s what I did.

            My second year, both semesters, I externed. Externing is interning but for school credit. I highly recommend. It was such a refreshing change of pace after a really tough first year because I was able to work for school credit and not have to do homework. Externing was great experience to add to my resume and also helped me figure out what I did and didn’t like in the field of law. 

            Intern over the summers. You can start looking to apply for summer jobs in the fall of your first semester of law school. But you can start looking seriously over the holidays. Look on LinkedIn, Indeed, or Google. I found my first internship through the Public Interest Career Fair at school. It was unpaid, as most of 1L summer jobs are, but a great experience and a great way to start and finish your Pro Bono hours. 

            Do your Pro Bono hours your first two years of law school. In New York, to be admitted to the New York State Bar, you have to do at least 50 hours of Pro Bono work. I was able to do all mine over the summer, after my first year because I worked for a nonprofit. 

law school, lawyer, attorney, law student, teddy coat, winter coat, fair isle sweater, winter outfit

            Create a good relationship with at least one professor or more! You never know when you need a letter of recommendation. You also never know when you need a professor to go to for advice about other professors or other classes. Also, go to office hours to create relationships with your professors but also go to ask questions if you are confused! 

            Join a journal if you can. It is a huge honor and looks great on your resume. The summer going into your 2nd year, there is a journal writing competition where you are given a prompt and you have to write some kind of memo to your made-up team or something like that over the course of four days. The goal of the competition, (I don’t think competition is the right name for it) is to get a spot on a journal based on your writing skills and attention to detail. In your memo you have to use the proper Blue Book footnotes. In another part of the competition, (it’s really more of a test) you will be tested on proper Blue Book citation formatting. The grading is anonymous. To me the test or competition, was more of a test of attention to detail, rather than anything else. Luckily, I scored well (I think GPA has something to do with it too) and was selected for membership to Family Court Review. Which gave me some wonderful friends and the biggest honor of getting published.

            If you make a journal, you will work on your student note (mine was 25 pages) your second year of law school. You also help cite check and edit articles from other students on your journal that are getting published and scholarly articles. I got two credits to write my paper, and help edit, and then I was selected for publication.

            Join clubs your first two years. I am in a slew of clubs and am not super active in them, but it is nice to be a part of something and make friends with other people that have similar interests as you. Clubs in law school are nothing like clubs in undergrad. Undergrad clubs at Wake were very intense and time consuming. Law school clubs meet maybe four times a semester, if even. 

winter outfit, winter street style, fair isle sweater, teddy coat, winter outfit, winter coat

            I highly recommend taking a trial techniques class or joining the mock trial team. I took the trial techniques class this year (3L) but I definitely could have taken it 2L. 

            Join a clinic if you are interested in getting hands on experience and are interested in helping your community. My school has a criminal defense clinic, tax clinic, community development clinic and veteran’s clinic (I think that is all of them). I interviewed for the community development clinic, which does transactional work, several times, and never got it. Everything happens for a reason. If you can get into one, it’s a great thing to put on your resume and an experience that will make you feel like a real-life lawyer. 

            Learn how to case brief properly. Case briefing is simply summarizing cases. In law school you read cases to learn the law. Your homework is to read cases. I have finally figured out how to case brief in the most efficient way possible for me. I always read the cases first with various highlighters and highlight the cases in my textbook (or online). Each highlighter corresponds to a part of the case. The things I highlight are: parties of the case, procedural history (how did this case get to where it is now, were there previous decisions), facts of the case, issue (what is this case trying to determine), parties arguments, holding (what is the decision of this case), rule (what is the law that gives you the holding), reasoning (why the holding is the way it is) and any other comments. I then take the corresponding highlights and write (I used to hand write all my case briefs my 1 and 2L years) or type (wiser 3L Elizabeth would recommend this route) all my highlights out. So, my homework notes are organized and when I get cold called on in class, I can easily refer to my case brief. 

            Find a study group. I had a great study group my first year of law school. You learn from each other.

            Quimbee is a great resource. I never used it because I didn’t know about it, but Quimbee is an online service that you pay for that gives you outlines and case briefs that help you with yours. There are videos and tips and tricks to explain hard topics that maybe you didn’t understand in class. 

law school, winter outfit, teddy coat, fair isle sweater, black booties, black jeans

            Get good at taking tests. Unfortunately, your law school final is the only grade you have for the entire semester… YUP. So, learn to be a good test taker, even if you don’t think you are. It’s a skill you will learn over time. Law school exams are hard, bell curved and exhausting. But remember you did take the LSAT to get in here, so you can do it! Do tons of practice questions before your finals to better prepare you for your exams. I love the Q&A books or Kaplan topic books or really any of the resources WestEdge has (which I have access to through my school library). Google also has some great questions that you can use. Also learn to use CRAC for essay exams. Start all your answers with the conclusion, then the rule or law, then analyze how the rule matches the facts in your question and end with how your facts and the law mesh together to get to the conclusion.

            And at the end of the day, your goal your 1st two years of law school is to work as hard as you can and to get good grades. Do the best you can do! Just remember that you are meant to be there and regardless of your GPA, you will graduate, and you will be an attorney. Just get through the tough first two years, you can do it!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 41 | Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Pink Skirts, Feathers, Red Dresses, Heart Accessories


Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Pink Skirts, Feathers, Red Dresses, Heart Accessories, pink heels, silver sequin bag, feathers

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 41 | Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Pink Skirts, Feathers, Red Dresses, Heart Accessories

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Monday, January 16, 2023

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps vs. Ally Classic Pump

shoe review, heels, work heels, comfortable shoes for work, comfortable heels, business casual outfit,
Thinking of investing in a comfortable and quality designer heel? 
Today, I will be comparing and contrasting Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps to the Ally Classic Pumps.

Both beautiful designer shoes, known to be comfortable, great for work and every day. Let’s compare them.

*I have been gifted all of my Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps and my one pair of Ally Heels. 

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Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps

Ally Classic Pump


Lots of toe cleavage. Heel is sleek and skinny.

No toe cleavage. Stiletto at the heel of the shoe is wide.

Toe box

Hard to break in, takes many wears. Very cushioned under the ball of the foot.

Squishy footbed, like play dough (I don’t know how else to describe it) like material that molds to your foot.

Arch support

Very structured arch support that is great for high arches.

Medium support in arches.

Heel height

100mm, 85mm, 50mm

3inch, 2inch

Country or origin







Wide array of sizes

Wide array of sizes and widths. You pick your size via a paper ruler/foot cut out that is sent to you so you can pick your perfect size and width. 

sarah flint, designer shoes, perfect pumps, leopard shoes, business casual, tweed blazer, turtleneck, office style, winter outfit

In this post I am wearing Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps in 85mm leopard calf (my newest addition to my collection). You can read about my Sarah Flint collection HERE.

You can use my promo code: SARAHFLINT-BAELIZABETHG for $50 off your Sarah Flint purchase. 


Friday, January 13, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 31 | Museum of Broadway, Poshmark, NYC Restaurants, Feather Shirt and more

weekly favorites, nyc favorites, broadway, food, nyc food, nyc restaurants, poshmark, feather shirt, white button down, friday night lights

1.          Museum of Broadway- My mom and I went to the Museum of Broadway in Times Square over the holidays and loved it. Such a wonderfully curated museum. The museum was organized like a timeline. So we started at the very beginning of the history of Broadway and moved throughout the rooms in order of time. There were great artifacts. Lots of costumes, props and photos from each show. This museum was NOT tacky, cheesy or an Instagram photo trap. The museum was sparkly and decorated, just like Broadway, but it was a highly informational museum in the heart of the theater district.

2.          Friday Night Lights- This has been a favorite before, but it’s such a good show. I just finished it on Netflix. Please watch it! So good!

3.          Tessa- One of my new favorite restaurants on the Upper West Side on Manhattan. I had a seasonal margarita. GET THE BREAD! We split the crispy chicken sliders, dips/spreads plate and arugula with pomegranate and pearl salad. For dinner, we split the artichoke risotto and eggplant rigatoni. For dessert, we had the chocolate tart. 

4.          J.Crew Collection white feather button down- One of my favorite Christmas gifts! Y’all know I love a white button down. I also love feathers. This shirt is perfect for me. I got a 6, my regular size in J.Crew, but this shirt is oversized but in a good way. Unfortunately, the first time I wore it, for NYE, I spilled red sauce on myself…but luckily, it was quickly spot cleaned, with no damage to my new favorite shirt. 

5.          Poshmark- Over the holidays I cleaned out my closet and have listed lots of good things over on Poshmark! Go check out my closet on Poshmark for lots of great deals on some never worn, or lightly used clothes, shoes and accessories.


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 40 | Resortwear, Cruise Collection, Floral Dresses, Straw Clutch, Belted shorts, Turquoise Blue

Resortwear, cut out dress, blue dress, long sleeve floral dress, straw shoes, ballet flats, Cruise Collection, Floral Dresses, Straw Clutch, Belted shorts, Turquoise Blue, spring break, blue beads
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 40 | Resortwear, Cruise Collection, Floral Dresses, Straw Clutch, Belted shorts, Turquoise Blue

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