Friday, September 2, 2016

It's Football Season

(Spot me in the first row of the bleachers top right corner)

Go Deacs!
Our first football game and we beat Tulane 7-3!

Yesterday, was so much fun!!
It was a little stormy yesterday, but rain or shine we were going to the game! We got picked up right in front of our dorm in a coach bus which brought us to the indoor basketball stadium, for our freshman tailgate. We got free food (which means we didn't have to use up a swipe at the PIT) and got free t-shirts, which just makes everyone happy. 
The tailgate was a little dry so a big group of us went over to the frat's tailgates. 
These were like intense tailgates, with big tents, loud music, lots of booze and lots of people. 
Honestly, I don't really understand how these frats were allowed to tailgate on grounds of the football stadium, which is considered school grounds, but whatever! The cops were observing, no one was doing anything stupid so it was all good. 
Because the rain just stopped as we were walking over to the frats, my girl friends and I (and just about every other girl there) came prepared in our Hunter rain boots, and colorful rain jackets. Some of the boys, ruined their sneakers and various footwear because of the nasty red mud, but us girls didn't.  
We then left the tailgate early, even though my friends didn't want to, and made it to the student section, and because we didn't stay at the freshman tailgate, we didn't get to run on the field like our other classmates, but we were able to get front row seats of the end zone. It was so great! I tried to upload a video of some of the plays and how close our seats were but it didn't want to cooperate.
The stadium is gorgeous. It looks brand new and is huge. There was a big representation of Wake in the student section and it was great. Before kick off, we jingled our keys. And then the student section started screaming "WAKE," and then the other side of the stadium screamed, "FOREST." Back and forth, it was great. We sang multiple cheers, danced and of course screamed like crazy people, but it was so much fun!!
We got to see the Deacs score a touchdown and kick a field goal until we left at half time. I would have loved to stay but I had politics reading I had to finish back at home, and we were all soooo exhausted.
I am loving college right now! It is so much work, hence the nickname "work Forest," but it isn't that bad because I find all my classes really interesting. I love being able to have all this free time to talk to my family and friends back home but to also socialize with friends here. I have made some really good friends here already and I am just having so much fun! I knew I would love it here, but I was still so nervous, but now that my first week of college is done I know this is where I am suppose to be! And I am so happy!

Onto the fashion....
Okay, back home for football games at my high school I just wear my school colors, like a baseball cap with jeans and a sweater. But down south, its a whole different story. Everyone gets seriously dressed up here for football games. Like all the girls were in dresses and most of the guys were in nice shirts and shorts. (I would have loved to wear this dress with my red cowgirl boots but it was so muddy and I didn't want to ruin them!) It is so preppy here, I love it! I am so excited to continue to get dressed up for all of the football games, and hopefully I won't have to wear a rain coat nor my rain boots. 
I have been waiting to wear this denim dress for a while! And here it is! It is super comfortable and so cute! The fabric lays really nicely and doesn't look too potato sack like, so it's all good!

Necklace: purple beaded tassel necklace (similar)


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