Monday, April 19, 2021

How to Wear Hunter Boots in the Spring

I love my Hunter Boots. I have had this pink pair since I was in middle or high school. I love the color. I was definitely known for these boots in school because you could spot them from miles away.

I used to wear this pair all the time. My favorite way to wear them was with EVERYTHING.


Recently, the rubber soles started taking in some water in the rain, after years and years of rainstorms and snowstorms, so I got a new pair for Christmas, in a more sophisticated yet fun color, Hunter green.

But I still like to wear this pink pair when there is a little bit of rain, like the day we took these photos.

My favorite way to wear my Hunter Boots in the spring is with denim on denim, a good ole Canadian tuxedo. I like the boots to be the center of attention, so I like to pair them with simple outfits.

Denim on denim is a go-to. So is a white button down with jeans. I love to wear black and white printed tops with jeans and my boots too!

The simpler the better, to let those fabulous wellies shine!


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Monday, April 12, 2021 / Ellis Island, United States

Explore Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty with Me

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the spot where my ancestors on my dad’s side made their first stop in America.

I visited Ellis Island with my mom when I was in elementary school and thought it was fascinating! I remember it so distinctly. When Alex’s family was in town from Chicago, I decided to play tourist with them, and take them to one of the best spots to visit in New York as a tourist.

So many families traveled through Ellis Island. Ask your parents and grandparents! 12 relatives of mine (just from my dad’s grandfather’s side) traveled through Ellis Island. Their first stop was New York and most of them didn’t look back. So, I guess I’m a tried-and-true New Yorker.

You can see the names of all the people that traveled through Ellis Island on these giant walls looking towards the Manhattan skyline. I am such a history nerd, so this was such a cool trip!

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are national parks. The ticket for the ferry ride from Battery Park and both islands (Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island are each on their own islands) are all in one ticket.

We got on the ferry at Battery Park, sat on the top deck and took in the views of the city. The first ferry stop was the Statute of Liberty. We walked around the base of the Statute and saw how beautiful Lady Liberty is up, close and in-person. I don’t think she is open for touring, due to Covid right now, and normally you need special tickets to tour.

We got back on the ferry and rode to the second stop- Ellis Island. 
Ellis Island is the spot where immigrants would come do paperwork and health tests before coming into New York City.

The building is a museum with artifacts from immigrants, history of immigration, medical examination rooms and bunks for immigrants and their families to stay if they had to quarantine due to illness. Most immigrants only stayed a couple of hours on Ellis Island before being given approval to enter New York.

Ellis Island is such an amazing part of history. I would definitely recommend visiting if you are a tourist in New York or if you’re a native New Yorker. It’s a bucket list place to visit.


Monday, April 5, 2021

Spring Easter Dress Idea and Our Easter Celebration 2021

Happy Easter!
Yesterday, my parents hosted Easter for my siblings and their families and my grandparents.

This was the first time since June where (mostly all of us) could all be together.

Last Easter was weird, sad and confusing. There weren’t many hugs or laughs or smiles. We had cupcakes in my backyard and my niece, Ava and I made my TikTok debut.

We then celebrated my graduation and Jack’s graduation outside over the summer.

And then in the fall and winter we didn’t have any family celebrations due to family members testing positive or having Covid scares.

So, this Easter was a special joyous time because all the adults in my family are vaccinated and starting tomorrow anyone in New York over the age of 16 is eligible to get vaccinated.

I was able to get an appointment tomorrow through my school.

And I am SOO excited!

Yesterday, we ate delicious cheese and pasta. I had an Aperol spritz to celebrate the spring weather.

We also had an egg hunt in the yard. I made another TikTok with my nieces and the boys played football.

It was a beautiful day for our family.

I am so excited for this year to feel more normal than last.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Happy Spring!

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Monday, March 29, 2021 / 1834 Wake Forest Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA

My Reunion Weekend at Wake

As you all know, I graduated Wake Forest in May of last year, but it was less than a happy closure to my undergraduate career.

I had a couple of days off from law school, so I wanted to go back to my favorite place, Wake Forest (almost exactly a year after the world came to a halt) and see and/or surprise some friends that were still on campus.

Here’s a quick list of things I got to do and see:

I studied in ZSR

I saw the Demon Deacon mascot

I walked around campus

I sat on the upper quad and studied

I went to a baseball game

I went to the Porch

I went to Cugino downtown

I went to Sofa Bar

I went for a walk in Reynolda

We had Dough Joe’s Donuts

I walked 7 miles around Salem Lake

We went to Quarry Park

I surprised some friends

I did homework

I had cookout


It was a very wholesome weekend, and I spent the entire weekend smiling and laughing. I was so happy I got to go and pretend to be a student one last time. I definitely feel a bit more closure than I did last year. Last time I was at Wake was to pick up my belongings that were moved out of my dorm room... I was so angry and hurt and upset. Now, my last time on campus as a “student” was fun and happy! It reminded me of all the good memories I had on campus and helped me push the painful memories into the back of my head.

It was the best trip ever and I can’t wait to see all my other friends at graduation this May or November!


Monday, March 22, 2021

My First Legal Internship

Surprise! I got a job!

I accepted my job on February 9th, after the Public Interest Fair.


I applied to roughly 45 jobs, and I only interviewed for one, and that is the job I was offered and the one I accepted for this summer.

I got really lucky, and I feel very blessed that I was able to get an internship so quickly and with such ease. I know that most of my friends did not have such an easy time.


I wanted to wait until most of my friends got jobs and got things settled before I announced mine.

Let me tell you about the interview.

If you follow me on Instagram (@tallandpreppy, if you’re not, you are seriously missing out on my funny stories and jokes and wonderful IRL personality, but that’s on you) then you saw the day I went to the virtual Public Interest Fair and had my interview. You saw me sweat and be nervous and then you got to hear all about my interview!

If you missed it, here is a bit of a synopsis of what happened.


The first thing she asked me was about my blog! I talked about how it has become a business and how I work with brands. I talked about how much planning and coordination and organization it takes. She completely understood because surprise: she also has a blog.

She asked me about my experience at Wake being an English and French double major. I told her about my favorite class that I took at Wake called “Investigating Innocence.” It was a journalism class that worked with Wake Forest School of Law on a murder case through the Innocence and Justice Clinic. We had hands on experience and learned about the importance of telling a story from a legal perspective but also a journalistic perspective. I actually wrote my personal statement for my law school applications about this class. Surprise- my interviewer and now boss, was also an English major.

She asked me about Girl Scouts, because I have it listed at the bottom of my resume for interests. I told her about my experience of being on a Girl Scout cookie box for 8 years and how it was one of the best organizations I could have joined. I told her about my mom’s connection to Girl Scouts as well. And surprise- she is a lifetime Girl Scout and her daughter’s troop leader.


Oh, and it gets weirder- She asked me to pick something on my resume that I wanted to tell her about. So, I picked my French major and I told her about my study abroad experience in Dijon, France. If you guessed that my interviewer studied abroad in France, you would be correct… Yup, another similarity! How funny and crazy is that. We laughed about her study abroad experience in Paris surrounded by Americans and Parisians who spoke English, as opposed to mine, where I was in a small city where hardly anyone spoke English.


Less than a week later, she emailed me and offered me a position.

I accepted a day later.


Here is what I will be wearing to my job this summer, even if it is remote (heels included). You can use my promo code: SARAHFLINT-BAELIZABETHG for $50 off.


So here is proof that interviews should be conversations! My interviewer/boss clearly looked at my resume before our interview, saw I was qualified (as qualified as I can be for a 1L) and set up an interview with me to have a conversation and to get to know me better. The best interviews, I have been told, and have now experienced, are when you are having a conversation, and it is not a question-and-answer session.


I think if you have similarities with your interviewer and you can prove that you will be friends, there is an even higher chance that you will do well in the interview and maybe even get the job.


I know the job market/interview market is tough right now but hang in there and remember to tell your interviewer what makes you UNIQUE!

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Winter to Spring Pastels

Last week was in the high 60s and this weekend, and today is in the low 30s… Oh March, what are we going to do with you?!


I have officially put away my turtlenecks and have brought out all my spring clothes, but with 30-degree weather one day and 60-degree weather the next, us New Yorkers are struggling with what to wear so we are warm but don’t look like we are ready for Antarctica, but we are still ready for spring.


Here is my super complicated advice:

white jeans, wool sweater, ballet flats and bright colors!


That was so tough right?


White jeans are a staple in my closet all year long, but especially during the spring. I wear them literally every day.

White jeans are the easiest way to make an outfit spring ready, but then I like to add in some spring colors into my accessories.

Check out my super comfortable Margaux flats (use promo code: tallandpreppy10 for 10% off) in the most beautiful light blue. I am wearing The Demi in Cerulean in my true size: size US 9.5/EU 40. Paired with a vibrant silk scarf and pearl hoops, I am ready for spring even in the 30-degree weather (plus a coat if its anything colder than 50 degrees).

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Monday, March 8, 2021

How to Pitch to Brands for Blog Collaborations

I feel blessed that a majority of the brands I work with reach out to me via email or DM on Instagram. But this past year, my confidence in my blog and my brand has grown and I have reached out to brands and pitched myself to them to work together.

I have a running list on my desk of brands I want to work with. I find the brands on Instagram- either I see other bloggers work with them or I see someone wearing something and I look into their brand and I think “hey, this would be a really cool brand to work with.”


I try to pitch and send emails a couple of times a month, but it’s hard. Fortunately, I have a lot of brands that reach out to me that I want to work with, and then I don’t really feel the need to reach out to brands, when my content calendar is planned weeks in advance. It’s also so hard to work with a lot of brands at once. A lot of organization goes into working with one brand- with negotiations, contracts, content planning, caption writing, going back and forth with guidelines and approvals. I’m also a full-time law student, so I don’t have a ton of time to reach out to brands.

I also don’t want my page to just strictly be brand collaborations! That’s not who I am, or why I started my page six years ago.

Best advice:

Please listen when I say this: IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY FOLLOWERS YOU HAVE! I promise! I have friends with 1k, 2k, 3k followers who have worked with huge brands. I don’t even have 7k followers and I have made serious money from this past year by working with companies. So, don’t let the number of followers deter you from emailing your dream brand.


How I reach out to brands:

I either reach out to brands via Instagram on their stories (pro tip: follow the brand) or I send them an email if I can find their pr contact- which isn’t always easy to find via the internet. But it is easier to find if you have a fellow blogger friend that you know had worked with them and they can give you the contact. Blogging is a team effort! You need supporters and friends! (Shoutout to Carey, Libby, Shelby and Louise!)


DM Template:

Here is a DM I send to a company I want to work with. (Obviously making it personal and individual to the brand).

Hi, I saw your product on my friend ____ (blogger friend’s name) @(instagram handle). The ____ (product) is beautiful! I love how ___(blogger friend’s name) styled it. She raves about you and your product. I think your product and brand would really resonate with my audience because x, y, and z. I would love to collaborate together. Please let me know what you think.


Email Template:

Here is the email template I send. (I actually have this template saved and copy and paste it into my email and personalize it to fit the brand I am emailing!)

Dear ___,


I hope you are well. My name is Elizabeth Guariglia and I run the blog Tall and Preppy.

I am emailing to inquire about a potential collaboration between myself and your company.

I love how your company encompasses ___ and ____.

I believe a collaboration would be mutually beneficial in terms of exposure, engagement and growth.

I would love to form a relationship and work together in the future. Please let me know your thoughts on this proposal.



Elizabeth Guariglia


Also, at the bottom of my email I attach my media kit (media kit=a snapshot of what my blog is, who I am and what my statistics are across all my social media channels).

Here is what my media kit looks like.

 I followed a template I found online! It’s super easy to make. I made mine on Google slides and then save as a PDF and I try to update it every couple of months. There are also options on Canva or Google!


I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Monday, February 22, 2021

Top 35 Classic Pieces for your Wardrobe

You know me as Tall and Preppy, which means my wardrobe is filled with classic and preppy pieces, some with a bit of a twist. I wanted to share my top 35 classic pieces that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe.

(This post contains affiliate links, which makes me a small commission at no cost to you!)

1.          Navy blazer

2.          Cashmere sweater

3.          White jeans

4.          Silk scarf

5.         Tall boots

6.          Pearl earrings

7.          Tweed jacket

8.          Black bag

9.          Turtleneck

10.       Leather jacket

11.       Black flat

12.       Black ankle boots

13.       Headband

14.       Black heels- Use this code for $50 off!

15.       Jeans

16.       White button down

17.       Striped top

18.       Trench coat

19.       Hunter Boots

20.       Cable knit sweater

21.       Chambray shirt

22.       Straw bag

23.       Straw hat

24.       Denim jacket

25.       Gingham top

26.       Midi skirt

27.       White sneakers

28.       Double breasted blazer

29.       Summer dress

30.       Barbour jacket

31.       Cheetah belt

32.       Cheetah shoe

33.       Jack Rogers sandals

34.       Gold jewelry

35.       Tote bag


Monday, February 15, 2021

Relationship Series: Meet my Boyfriend: Q and A with Alex

One of our many Eiffel Tower pictures from the fall of 2018.

I started this relationship series in 2018, when I was single and looking for answers about men. I interviewed my brother and every male friend I could find. These posts are some of my most popular posts on my blog! They’re some of my favorites too.

Alex and I started dating after I posted the first one. I kept Alex a secret from T&P for almost two years. Oops! What you probably don’t know is that he was usually behind the camera and listening to my crazy ideas and stories.

We just celebrated our third Valentine’s Day together, so I thought it was fitting that T&P got to know a bit more about Alex and I.

Summer 2019, I went and visited Alex in Chicago and met his family.

What is your name and where are you from?

“My name is Alex, originally from the Chicago-land-area and now I live in New York City.”

Claude Monet's Garden in Giverny, France.

How did we meet?

“I don’t even know the actual date that we met. But 214 French class at Wake Forest University in the spring of our freshman year.”

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

How did we start dating?

“In France. We went abroad, I didn’t expect to get into a relationship, it was a semester to go have fun. When I least expected it, we became friends, and then shortly after, you became my girlfriend. I thought you were annoying for a while, and then I realized that I should get to know you before I make an assumption, and then I got to know you, and the rest is history.”

Our first photo:

I sent this photo to my mom, and then she knew there was something going on...This photo is from the beaches in Normandy.

Where was our first date?

“You took me to a soccer game in Dijon, I spilled beer all over myself. I played it off though.” (We both studied abroad together on the Dijon full emersion program though Wake Forest University. There were 13 of us from Wake and our French professor.)

Central Park in December of 2020.

Where was our first kiss?

“In Tours, France. But not in the Best Western. (That’s where we were staying with our study abroad group). I was going to kiss you, but you said our first kiss wouldn’t be in a Best Western. So, then the next night, I brought up something about how you didn’t want to kiss me in a Best Western, so you said something like let’s start over, and then you reintroduced yourself and then leaned in and kissed me when we were walking to a bar in Tours.”

La tour Eiffel

What is the best dating advice you can give?

“Like any other relationship, this is something I am still working on, but putting the best interest in the relationship, ahead of your own personal interests. Sometimes it isn’t the easiest... you can’t think about yourself anymore, and now you have to think about how it will affect both of you together.”

Lausanne, Switzerland. This is the first photo I posted on my personal Instagram account of us together.

What is the hardest part about dating me?

“You have a very strong personality, you know what you want, and you’re not good at taking criticism. If someone tells you otherwise, it is brushed aside, that is sometimes tough because my first instinct is to follow, but sometimes you have to make yourself heard, because both parties feelings are equally valid, and you don’t want an explosion.”

Barcelona, Spain.

What is one thing you have learned from dating me?

“The importance of skincare. Self-care, in general. The cultural norm for men is to not do face masks and to not watch girly movies, and sometimes you take some heat from your friends, but it is okay to take care of yourself and do what makes you feel happy.”


Shag on the Mag at Wake in 2019.

What’s the biggest change you have experienced and how have you changed after being in a long-term relationship?

“Freshman year before we started dating,  I don’t want to say crazy, but I was a lot more all over the place, with partying, and being stupid with my friends, my immature side, which is fine. It’s college, that’s when you’re supposed to do things like that, but I’m okay not doing those things anymore.”

Brooklyn Bridge, summer 2019.

What is one thing you know about me that T&P wouldn’t know?

“That you’re really afraid of the dishes.”

Through the Decades Kappa Delta Date Function, Fall 2020.

What is our favorite thing to do together?

“Go to restaurants. We love eating.”

High Line, NYC, summer 2020.

When did you tell me you loved me?

“In January, on the quad at Wake, after we got back from abroad, we just got home from a Hornets v. Bulls game in Charlotte and you wanted to go to a frat party, so I grabbed you when you were on your way, on the quad and told you.”


Spring Break 2020 we went on a cruise, just as the world was starting to panic about Covid.

What is your favorite place that we’ve traveled to?

“Say it on three: one, two, three: Venice.”

What’s your favorite photo of us?


Kappa Delta Spring 2019 Formal

What is your favorite memory of us?

“When we were in Venice, on the bridge, and I was taking a picture of you. That whole trip in general is one of my favorite memories.”

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