Friday, September 23, 2016

Speech Code

I had a very interesting discussion in my politics class on Wednesday!
As everyone hopefully knows, we as Americans have rights that are protected by the Constitution.
One of our most basic rights is the right to free speech, granted by the 1st Amendment.
My school, which is a private institution has a speech code within our Code of Conduct, rules that say what we can or cannot display in our windows and what kind of posters we can hang around campus. 
There has been a controversial issue regarding the speech code because there were some offensive posters according to some students about Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement.
I find this very interesting. The university is saying that the posters in the windows need to be removed because they don't follow the Code of Conduct, yet at the same time the students are arguing about the freedom of speech and expression.
It is a very interesting debate.
More details will be to follow.

On a lighter note, on Wednesday Kristin and I attended the pilates class again and it was so much fun and such a good burn. I forgot how much I loved pilates and I will definitely be attending that class every Monday and Wednesday. We also really want to try a spin class and a barre class! But there aren't enough hours in the day. We tried to go to a spin class after the pilates class just for that extra burn but someone, not mentioning any names, mixed up the time.....
But it's all good I had a lot of work to do anyway.

And my hand is not diseased I promise! It looks like there is something seriously wrong with my hand but I swear there isn't! I got Henna on my hand a week ago and it's still not completely off!

I love this outfit!
I wore this when I went to Black Tap in NYC, read that post here! And I got so many complements and so many likes on my picture on Instagram, follow me on Insta @tallandpreppy!
Not gonna lie this shirt gets super annoying throughout the day because the off the shoulder part always slides up over my shoulders, but I still think it's adorable. 
And yes, I know it's after Labor Day but who cares! You can wear white after Labor Day especially because it is still warm here in NC!
And I always have a ugly black hair tie on my wrist! I'm sorry! I know it's so ugly but like I just need to have one on me at all times!


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