Friday, September 30, 2022

Five Friday Favorites | 20 | Maman, Abercrombie Faux Leather Pants, Canon EOS Rebel T6, Barbour Jacket and More

Maman, breakfast bowl, nyc brunch, nyc bakery, nyc restaurant

1.          Delta Airlines- Hands down the best airline in the states. Wonderful customer service. Also, clean and comfortable planes. Delta has become a fast favorite within the past couple of years.

2.          Abercrombie faux leather pants- These pants are super stretchy, super trendy and super cute! I was able to snag this pair of $52 with the help from some rewards points (if you haven’t signed up for Abercrombie rewards, what are you waiting for? Free money to shop! And if you want extra money to shop, join Inside A& F to take surveys to get rewarded for free Abercrombie store credit!)

3.          Canon EOS Rebel T6 and EFS 18-135mm- I bought this camera in the winter of 2017 (around the holidays), as I wanted to take more quality blog pictures and I also knew I would be traveling a ton in 2018 (I went to Spain with my school choir, Italy with my family and then I studied abroad for four months!) This is a great starter camera as it comes with two lenses and a carrying bag. After two years and probably 100,000 photos, the auto focus on one of the lenses broke, so I got rid of it and was gifted a newer, nicer lens for my birthday. I really like this lens and this camera overall. It is great for a beginner or someone who loves to take pictures but doesn’t have the time/energy to learn or think about how to take a good picture. This camera takes the thinking out of it!

4.          Barbour Beadnell Fleece Lined Quilted Jacket- Once the temperature hits below 55, it’s officially Barbour jacket season. I absolutely love my Barbour. Best gift ever. I wear it almost every day in the fall and spring. It’s such a quality garment, that will last you forever. It is super warm and versatile. It looks great with everything. I particularly like this style because it is long enough that it covers my butt, and it has the cutest collar.

5.          Maman- This is a delicious bakery/breakfast/brunch/lunch chain in NYC. I had the breakfast bowl with a side of a croissant. The atmosphere is also beautiful with mix-matched blue and white plates, cups and decor. I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant out, and I am so glad I finally did! I will be returning.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 26 | Fall Long Sleeve Dresses, Boots, Blazers, Fall Tops, and Accessories

Tuckernuck, riding boots, tote bag, chicwish, Fall Long Sleeve Dresses, Boots, Blazers, Fall Tops, Accessories

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 26 | Fall Long Sleeve Dresses, Boots, Blazers, Fall Tops, and Accessories

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Monday, September 26, 2022

How to be an Attorney: Step 1: What to do in College

law school, hill house, nap dress, fall dress, fall long sleeve dress, law school advice, attorney, lawyer

I am a first-generation law student so I had no idea what to do in undergrad that would set me up for success to (one-day) be an attorney. I had no idea how to get into law school, what to expect in law school and then what to do once I was in law school to become an attorney.

fall dress, fall outfit, long sleeve dress, preppy dress, preppy fall outfit, fall fashion, nap dress, hill house dress, sarah flint, visions of vienna, preppy clothes, preppy aesthetic

Unfortunately, the law school advisor at Wake Forest was absolutely atrocious. She told me I would never get into law school or be an attorney. So, I had to figure it out all on my own, and I would’ve loved a guide on exactly how to get into law school and everything in between.

fall dress, fall fashion, sarah flint, sling backs, hill house dress, nap dress, sarah flint, fall fashion, preppy fall outfit

Now that I am in my final year of law school, I thought I would make a step-by-step guide through my eyes about all the steps I took to become an attorney (even though I’m not an attorney yet as I’m writing this, by the end of all these posts, I will be). 

nap dress, fall fashion, fall clothes, long sleeve dress, nap dress, hill house, sarah flint

We’re going to have to start with the basics, and from the beginning.


1.          Go to college.

2.          Take interesting classes, enjoy college (!!!) but also care about your grades.

3.          Pick a major (doesn’t matter which one). I was an English and French Studies double major, and I think they both set me up for success. (P.S. If you want to study patent law you need a science degree)

4.          While in undergrad decide why you want to go to law school and when you want to go (right after undergrad or do you want to take a year or multiple years off).


Stay tuned for post two where I discuss how to apply to law school.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Five Friday Favorites | 19 | NYC Wake Forest Bar, J.Crew Discount, Hard Seltzers and More

go deacs, wake forest, wake, winston salem, wfu homecoming, wfu, college gameday, football game, college football

Five Friday Favorites | 19 | NYC Wake Forest Bar, J.Crew Discount, Hard Seltzers and More


1.          College football- College football is back and I am so excited! The Demon Deacons are off to a (somewhat) great start and I got to see them last weekend on their home turf because I got to return to my alma matter for homecoming! But no need to go to Winston to watch the Deacs play, if you are a Wake fan and live in New York, head to Turnmill in Murray Hill every game day to cheer on the Deacs.

2.          Partner Track on Netflix- I feel like I am always recommending Netflix or Amazon Prime shows, and that makes it appear from my weekly 5 Friday Favorites that I watch a lot of TV, but I really don’t (or maybe I do more now than the past two years of law school). Anyway, Partner Track is a really cute show with amazing business formal fashion and some interesting themes about gender roles at a law firm (which may or may not be true) and some real life-like clients and cases. I usually never watch legal shows, because TV is an escape for me, and watching things that make me think about work and homework is not an escape.

3.          Schoolgirl “trend”- I hate trends, ever since my mom told me that trends aren’t really trends, they are just styles that come in and out of fashion (and she would know because she went to fashion school). The schoolgirl trend with long schoolboy cardigans, loafers, pleated skirts, ballet flats, tweed blazers, and all things Gossip Girl is “back” in style. I never think these things went out. I personally think they are classics, but what do I know. But I did want to let you know that they are “back.” I am sharing loads of fashion finds on the LTK app @tallandpreppy

4.          Fruit Smash Hard Seltzers- Some people may be over hard seltzers, but I am not. I know there are 100 and 1 different types of spiked seltzers now, but the Fruit Smashers (we found them at Target) are my new favorites. They are 100 calories a can and very light. They taste like a La Croix. They aren’t too bubbly or too flavored. The Pink Lemonade and the Fruit Punch are my favorites in the pack.

5.          J.Crew discount- My all-time favorite brand is currently offering a discount where you get $20 off your order (and I get $20 off) when you sign up for J.Crew Passport- J.Crew’s updated reward program. Linked HERE!


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 25 | Shopbop Sale, Hill House Fall Drop, Cowgirl Boots, Fall Tops and Dresses

hill house, fall dress, nap dress, shopbop sale, cowgirl boots, fall floral, midi dress, velvet heels, corduroy skirt, business casual, fall tops, loeffler randall
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 25 | Shopbop Sale, Hill House Fall Drop, Cowgirl Boots, Fall Tops and Dresses

Happy fall and happier shopping!
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Monday, September 19, 2022

Wake Forest Homecoming 2022: What we ate, What we did and Who we saw in Winston-Salem

wake forest homecoming, wake forest, college, winston salem, north carolina, reunion, hoco, homecoming

Friday morning, Alex and I flew down to our alma mater, Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Our gracious hosts, also fellow alums picked us up from the airport after a quick hour flight.

We had a tour of our friend’s new gym: Workhouse Fitness in downtown Winston, and then headed straight to the Porch for lunch to start our reunion tour of Winston-Salem. We were in Winston, exactly a year ago for our postponed Class of 2020 Graduation.  

The porch is one of my favorite restaurants and I wish we had it in New York.

wake forest, winston salem, wfu, homcoming, hoco, reunion, winston salem, north carolina, college, wait chapel

kd lounge, kd, college, sorority, sorority sisters, sorority girls, wfu, wake forest, college, davis

Winston-Salem, wake forest, north carolina, college, wake, wfu, homecoming, hoco

After lunch we drove to campus. We walked around, saw the changes and improvements to the freshmen dorms and the new road on campus, as well as the Wake Downtown shuttle stops.

We took some pictures and did some shopping on the quad at the Deacon Shop or as I liked to call it on my campus tours when I was a Tour Guide: the “swag” store. 

wake forest, winston salem, north carolina, winston, wake, wfu, homecoming

wfu, wake forest, wake, Winston-Salem, homecoming, hoco, wake forest homecoming

homecoming, hill house, nap dress, wake forest, wfu, wake, wfu homecoming, winston salem

For our flight and campus day I wore my Hill House “fruit” (it has fruits and veggies in the print) dress, Veja white sneakers and a green circle bag.

The boys grabbed beer and pizza at Zick’s, threw a football and reminisced on old times. I walked past all my old dorms and the KD lounge. I ran into some sorority sisters and old friends.

wake forest, wfu homecoming, wfu, Winston-Salem, quad, deacs in love

wfu, wake forest campus, winston salem, north carolina, wake

wake, wake forest, winston salem, homecoming, hoco

wfu, wake forest, wake forest university, wake campus, library, rush zsr

wfu, wake forest, Winston-Salem, homecoming, reunion, go decs

wake forest, winston salem, freshman dorms, collins, wfu, college

We stopped by lower quad on the way out of campus for the Homecoming Party with free drinks, food and live music.

For dinner, we went to another favorite: Milners for some delicious Southern comfort food.

After, we grabbed drinks at Winston’s sole rooftop bar, Bar Piña. It has beautiful views of the city, and it is a fun spot with pitchers of cocktails.

football game, college football, tailgate, wake, go deacs, wake forest,

Saturday morning, I headed to lunch at The Old Fourth Street Filling Station with one of my oldest and best friends, Joe. It’s been a year since I saw him, and it was so wonderful seeing him considering I used to see him every single day for four years.

And then we were ready for game day against Liberty University. I wore my black and white polka dot dress with my red cowgirl boots and my clear stadium approved bag. I accessorized my outfit with some WFU buttons and my gold pom pom.

wake forest, wake, college, tailgate, football game, college football

wake, demon deacons, deacs, wake forest, college football, college, go deacs

It was a tough game for the DEACS, sadly. We barely beat Liberty, even though we were a ranked team going into the game (the results haven’t come out yet for this week’s rankings, but they probably won’t be very good…) We yelled and screamed loud for the Deacs from the student section, even though our ticketed seats were with the adults, we just couldn’t not sit where we’ve always sat.

Thank goodness we won, but a one-point win was too close for comfort.

wake forest, wfu, go deacs, demon deacons, college football, football

wfu, wake, college football, what to wear to a football game

For dinner, we hit Cugino Forno pizza and Incendiary Brewery for the best pizza in the entire world (honestly, ask my parents who have been to Cungeno and are total New York pizza snobs, like myself. My parents still talk about this pizza, that’s how good it is!) I bumped into my grand little, Taylor, who was also grabbing pizza.

We walked to 4th Street to bar hop and landed at Tate’s for a cocktail before calling it a night.

It was a such a fun weekend with great food, friends and memories.

Until next time Winston, love you!


Friday, September 16, 2022

Five Friday Favorites | 18 | US Open Tennis, Eye Cream, Western Trend for Fall and More

us open, serena williams, tennis match, us open tennis, williams sisters

Happy Friday! Sharing my 5 favorite things from this week!


1.          Versed Smoothing Eye Cream- I was looking for a new eye cream that was moisturizing and wouldn’t make my makeup crease or separate. I really like this one from Versed because all the products are clean, and the packaging is recycled and recyclable. It's also under $20!

2.          Reusable bamboo rounds- Before I can put on my eye cream, I have to take off my eye makeup. The best way for me to do this is by using an environmentally friendly alternative to a cotton round, a bamboo round, with micellar water. I am able to throw these rounds into a little wash bag that I keep on the back of my bathroom door and put them straight into the washing machine when a handful of them are dirty. My mascara stains them, but I don’t mind it.

3.          US Open- Alex and I are on a tennis kick this year. I took lessons when I was little and went to the US Open when I was playing. In early June, when the US Open tickets came out, we snagged nosebleed seats for the beginning of September without any idea of who we would see. Just to our luck, our $74 tickets were worth so much more than $74. We got to see Serena Williams play in her last tennis match ever! It was one of the coolest sporting experiences I have ever witnessed. We saw a historic sporting event for $74! Pro tip: buy your tickets early! It never hurts to be organized.

4.          Western trend- I went to school in the south, so you know I love a cowgirl boot moment. I have a vintage pair of red boots that I wore to every home game for 4 years, but now you see cowgirl boots all over Manhattan! I am loving this trend for fall.

5.          Chicwish- One of my all-time favorite brands. They have some really adorable fall clothing pieces right now. Go check them out!


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 24 | Short Sleeve Sweater, Denim Dress, Shacket, Leather Pants, Blazer, School Girl Cardigan and More

top 10,t&p top 10, fall fashion, short sleeve sweater, short sleeve cable knit sweater, denim dress, jean dress, fall clothes, fall floral, shacket, leather pants, suede skirt, cardigan, navy blazer
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 24 | Short Sleeve Sweater, Denim Dress, Shacket, Leather Pants, Blazer, School Girl Cardigan and More

I love these pieces for fall. Honestly I think they can all be worn mixed and matched. Think the leather top under the navy blue double breasted blazer. Everything goes with a navy blazer! Or the denim dress (under $100) with the green quarter-zip sweater on top. The shacket and the suede skort are a perfect pair and so is the autumn floral top with the skort. The school girl cardigan with the high waisted leather pants is adorable or the cable knit short-sleeved sweater.
The possibilities are endless with this collage.

Happy shopping!
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Monday, September 12, 2022

Life and Career Goals Questionnaire: How to Figure out What you Want to do With Your Life

trench coat, career goals, life goals, long sleeve dress, fall transition outfit

Over the summer I met with one of the managers at my internship to discuss life and career goals. He was not in my department, but he helped shine some light into my life and career goals by asking me the following questions below:


1.     What are you going to do with your life now?

2.     Do you have a goal and a vision?

3.     Do you have a clear sense of why you do what you do?

4.     What are your three most important career goals?

5.     Where do you see yourself in three years?

6.     What are your top 3 life goals?

fall fashion, fall transition outfit, trench coat, life goals, career goals, long sleeve dress, fall transition outfit, fall dress, fall fashion, goal setting

I know these questions seem basic, but really take time to think about them. I wrote out my answers, and I’d be happy to share them with you if you are interested. My answers are on a ripped out page from my yellow legal pad, and it is on my desk.

Once you come up with your answers, you should see that your career goals and life goals turn into a circle. They should kind of mimic each other in one way or another.

I really loved this exercise especially as I have now entered my last year of school ever and I will be graduating with my JD in the spring! 

Let me know if you try it!

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Five Friday Favorites | 17 | Dante West Village, Selling the OC, Abercrombie Discount, Georgetown and more

dante, nyc restaurant, west village, new york travel guide, italian restaurant, restaurant, bucket list


Happy Friday! So glad it was a short week!

Sharing a few of my favorite things this week.

1.          Inside A&F- Are you obsessed with Abercrombie? Do you want free money to shop? YEA you do! All you have to do is take surveys posted by the AF team and you get rewarded points that you can redeem for gift cards! Genius!

2.          Social Media and Law Class- I have never heard a stranger say “Influencer” so many times. That person is my Social Media and the Law professor. I am learning about social media contracts, how to write them, the real rules about influencer disclosures and the like. I’m really enjoying the class because it is so relevant to my life and job.

3.          Dante Caffe- Opened in 1915, and after years of trying to get a reservation, I finally got one for a Saturday night, outside at 5:45pm. The food was absolutely delicious. It is impossible to get a reservation because the food is divine but also because the restaurant is super super tiny (maybe there are 30 tables inside). The funniest part of our meal is when we paid the check and we were graced with the presence of a giant RAT right behind our table. That’s outdoor dining for ya! 

4.          Georgetown- What a beautiful neighborhood. All the preppy vibes. Such a beautiful and historic area. I would love to live in Georgetown, just for the vibes. Definitely add this neighborhood to your list when you’re in the DC area.

5.          Selling the OC- One of my favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix. The houses are beautiful, the cars are beautiful and so are (most) of the people. Such a fun show. The drama is a bit much at times, but I think it’s a fun show.



Thursday, September 8, 2022

Labor Day Weekend Travel Guide to Washington, D.C.

travel guide, dmv, mount vernon, washington dc, tourist, 36 hour travel guide, ldw, labor day weekend

Saturday morning at 4 a.m. (yes, you read that right) my boyfriend and I boarded an Amtrak train (the 4 a.m. train was his idea) to Arlington, V.A. to visit some of his family.

I filmed the whole weekend and posted it to TikTok and Instagram

We were running on minimal fuel on Saturday because we were pretty much pulling an all-nighter. Friday night we went to the U.S. Open and watched Serena Williams play her last tennis match ever. It was the best $73 we ever spent. 

boating, dc, dmv, dc metro area, boat day, washington dc, Potomac river, travel guide, washington dc travel guide

travel guide, washington dc travel guide, mount vernon, Potomac river, boat day, washington dc, dmv area

DC travel guide, potomac river, dmv area, labor day weekend, boat day, dc travel guide, 72 hours in DC

washington dc, boat day, washington dc travel guide, washington monuments by boat, 72 hours in DC, labor day weekend

washington dc travel guide, labor day weekend, washington dc, dmv area, travel guide, 72 hours in dc, dc travel guide

dc travel guide, washington dc, 72 hours travel guide to washington dc, labor day weekend, long weekend, boat day in DC

lincoln memorial by boat, washington dc by boat, washington dc travel guide

georgetown, water, swimming, boat day, washington dc, labor day weekend

But anyway, Saturday was a boat day after we pulled into Arlington. We sailed in Alex’s cousins’ boat from Mount Vernon, past all the monuments on the water to Georgetown where it was shallow enough for us to swim. We grilled out on the boat, swam, napped and relaxed.

Washington dc, travel guide, museum of natural history, Smithsonian museum
washington dc, 72 hours washington dc travel guide, museum of natural history, Washington museum

washington dc travel guide, washington dc, dc travel guide, washington, dmv area, labor day weekend, dc travel guide

museum of nat history, museum of natural history, washington dc travel guide, washington museums

washington dc, travel guide, 72 hours in washington dc, Washington monument, washington mall, long weekend

dc travel guide, washington dc, labor day weekend, 72 hours in washington dc

washington dc, labor day weekend, washington travel guide, 72 hours in dc, dc with kids

labor day weekend, washington dc travel guide, 72 hours in washington dc

washington dc travel guide, gingham, dress, labor day weekend, washington, travel guide, the mall, 72 hours in washington dc, what to wear in dc, labor day weekend

Washington dc travel guide, 72 hours in dc, travel guide, what to wear in dc, labor day weekend

washington dc, dmv, 72 hours in dc, dc travel guide

washington dc, washington travel guide, 72 hours in washington
Sunday morning, we headed into D.C. proper for sightseeing. D.C. was packed. There were so many tourists and families. We spent the day at the Museum of Natural History. I love the museums in D.C. and I especially love them because they are free! This museum was great for kids, but I think the Museum of Natural History in New York is 1000x better. The best part was the butterfly exhibit and getting to see the scientists in the labs working on the fossils in the museum. 

Washington dc travel guide, waldorf, hotel bar, fancy bar, places to buy a fancy drink in dc, dc bars

washington, dc travel guide, washington travel guide, capital building, us capital

We walked on the mall, saw the monuments, and grabbed burgers for lunch at Ollie’s Trolley.

We stopped for expensive drinks at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (it was worth every penny!). The hotel lobby is gorgeous. This was my favorite part of the day. 

washington dc, dc travel guide, georgetown travel guide, brownstone, brick houses, Washington travel guide

georgetown, dc travel guide, brick houses

We then drove over to Georgetown and window shopped along M Street and the waterfront. We also admired some of the beautiful townhomes. 

mount vernon travel guide, washington dc, washington travel guide, mount vernon, george washington

mount vernon, virginia, washington dc travel guide, things to do in dc

washington dc, mount vernon travel guide, dc travel guide

mount vernon, virginia, washington's house, george washington's mansion

george washington's house, george washington, mount vernon, dc, dc travel guide

labor day weekend, george Washington, mount vernon, virginia, dc travel guide

washington travel guide, mount vernon, dc travel guide

mount vernon, washington dc, dc travel guide, things to do in dc, things to do in virginia

washington dc, mount vernon, dc travel guide, labor day weekend

blue and white, mount vernon, Washington dc, dc travel guide

washington dc travel guide, things to do in dc, things to do in washington

mount vernon, Washington dc travel guide, dmv, things to do in dc

mount vernon, potomac river, dc travel guide

mount vernon, george washington's house, george washington, mount vernon, estate, potomac river

Monday, we made a stop at Mount Vernon- George Washington’s house and had a tour of the estate. I am a history buff and I loved learning more about our first president. The views of the Potomac River from the house were stunning. It was a great way to end our weekend.


Hope y’all had a great Labor Day weekend!

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