Friday, April 29, 2016

Long Island City

I'm back by popular demand! 
I have been on spring break and I didn't go away so I have been just hanging out with friends and catching up on sleep so I haven't really been wearing anything too interesting, so that's why I haven't been posting on T and P!

Last night, I went to an off Broadway show called "Whatchamacallit" at the The Secret Theater on 23rd Street in Long Island City, which is right outside Manhattan. 
My cousin, Jasmine was in the show so my mom and I went to see her. I love theater and she is an aspiring and very talented actress! The show was really good! My theater teacher likes to say that sometimes off Broadway shows are sometimes better than shows that are on Broadway! And I completely agree!!
My mom and I were trying to find a place to park so we were driving around close to the theater and we found this amazing arts building covered in spray paint artwork! It was so pretty! Most of the buildings in the part of Long Island City where we were are art studios or filming studios. So it was really artsy over there. Like look how cool this building is! I love the colors! So pretty!!

It has been really damp out so like yesterday I had to wear a scarf, jacket and puffer vest! Like spring where did you go?? 2 weeks ago I was in shorts!!

Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)


Monday, April 25, 2016

Matching Outfits

I keep procrastinating... this outfit is from Friday. Oops!
I am on spring break this week (part 2) for Passover. 

In school on Friday, this other girl who is in my physics and English class was wearing the exact same outfit as me!! It was pretty funny! She had the same shorts on and but a different blue shirt.
I personally think I wore it better, and my friend Joe also said I wore it better! So thanks Joe!! :)

Shorts: J Crew printed 3 inch shorts (similar)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle


Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hello Ariadne, Daniel, Gabby, Caprice, Dominique and everyone else from school!
How's it going? Welcome to my blog!
I'm surprised you have all known about this for so long and just decided to mention it to me now....
But it's all good! You can continue to make fun of me, I don't care, whatever!

For the people who actually care:
I had a home match today and I won my singles match (21-13 and 21-7) and my team won overall!
So now we are 8-0 and undefeated. We are about halfway through the season, so we only have a couple of weeks left until counties!
I really hope we win in our conference because I would love to get a big '16 on the badminton banner that hangs in the gym!

Warm weather is still coming in!
Still not warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts but a long sleeve with do just fine!
My shorts have a really cute design on them. They have little stick figures and abstract shapes and some palm trees and some boats....Pretty much everything, maybe even some people playing badminton?? Who knows! So the design has some light blue in it, so I wore a blue button down to complement the shorts. Normally, with these shorts I would just wear a white shirt or black but I think the blue looks really nice.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


No I did not participate in "blazing" up today....
I went to practice, vocal jazz, saw my sister and her family and then I came home...
Nothing too exciting here!

It was a little chillier here today, not shorts weather today! I had shorts and a long sleeve shirt on this morning and then after breakfast, I looked at the thermometer and it was only 48 degrees outside so I decided to put on some pants... It was the right call!

Blouse: J Crew peasant blouse with tassels
Jeans: American Eagle skinny jeans
Earrings: sterling silver ball studs
Shoes: Jack Roger's Hamptons sandals in platnium


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keep the Warm Weather Coming

Warm weather means dresses and sandals!!
I am so ready for the warm weather to continue!

So a funny story about this dress is that I got this in the 9th grade and it still fits... lol I know, so in 9th grade I wore this very bright colored dress, like you can't miss this dress in the hallway, and Giorgia's science teacher that day was also wearing the same exact dress!!
It was really funny but kind of embarrassing because a 30 year old was wearing a dress that a 14 year old was wearing and vise versa.
Well, so my friends being themselves now love to make fun of me every time I wear this dress because a teacher and I wore it on the same day 4 years ago.... Whatever! 
I am still going to wear it, it's a classic dress and it's super comfortable.

This shirt dress is very classic. It isn't that flattering for most body types because it is just very straight down with no defined waist, but I don't mind it too much. If you really want to define the waist, you can simply add a belt.

Dress: Gap printed shirt dress (similar)
Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)


Monday, April 18, 2016

70 Degrees and Sunny

Okay let's just ignore my selfie stick shadow okay???
It was so warm today! Beautiful spring weather! 
I am so lucky that it was warm this weekend for prom! I had the most amazing time! 
I have to say, I am exhausted.... I maybe got 2 hours of sleep and then in the car ride home I tried to sleep but couldn't because my arm kept slipping off the window sill..... :(
My quote of the day, "The bigger the hair the closer to God..." This was my catch phrase all day because my hair was very fluffy and frizzy today because I slept on it wet. But I was so exhausted last night I didn't have the patience to let it air dry.

Shirt: J Crew white t-shirt with beaded collar (similar)
Skirt: J Crew white and blue pencil skirt (similar)


The Day After

After three preprom parties and then prom we went out to East Hampton to Michelle's beach house. We took a limo out there and we didn't get there until like 2am. 
We had so much fun!
We roasted mash mellows and made s'mores, went in her hot tub, played cards against humanity and then watched the sunrise on the beach (and froze our butts off!!) After that we slept maybe for 2 hrs, I couldn't really sleep and then we went out for brunch in Montauk. I had some delicious blueberry pancakes! We then drove around MTK and later returned to Michelle's house where we just hung out.

Here's my little brunch outfit:

Shirt: J Crew orange stripped tunic (similar)
Jacket: J Crew black quilted coat

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