Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter in Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday night we drove six hours to the Appalachian mountains to spend the weekend with my best friend Erin and her family for Easter.
I normally see my family for Easter, but we had a little last-minute change, so Erin kindly invited me home with her for the holiday.

After a windy drive through the mountains, we arrived at Erin’s family’s orchard.
She has a beautiful home, and a beautiful family. They were so kind, generous, and welcoming.

Friday was cold and rainy. 
We spent the day inside, curled up, doing homework.
I only have a week and a half left of classes. This semester really snuck up on me, and I have a lot of work to do before I can officially call myself a SENIOR!

For lunch, we ate at a sandwich shop in the quaint little mountainous town.
We returned to do some homework before we had a big family dinner with lots of rich, delicious Southern food! 

In the evening, we watched A Star is Born with some Dairy Queen.
I had wanted to see this movie since it came out in the fall, but I never got a chance. I know all the music from the radio.
Lady Gaga is so talented.
The ending was sad and was not what I was expecting. It was a very real-life movie, and not a fairy-tale, which I appreciated. 

I woke up early Saturday morning and did some homework (Work Forest!) before I drove an hour and a half through the mountains to Atlanta for the day.

For lunch we went to Poor Calvin’s, right next to Georgia Tech and met up with some friends from high school.
The food was Asian Fusion and it was DELICIOUS.
I had the crab grilled cheese.
I am salivating, thinking about it right now.

After lunch it was still raining and cold, so we went to the Coca-Cola Museum.
It was very similar to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, except, after the tasting room, we were not feeling quite the same way as we did in Amsterdam.

We then attempted to walk through Centennial Park, where the Olympic rings and torch is from the 1996 Summer Olympics.
I LOVE the Olympics. My friends and I spent HOURS in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
However, 4/20 Fest was happening at the park, so we could not enter.
We were able to see the rings on the ground when we went up top of the SkyView, a Ferris wheel.

For dinner, we went to Double Zero, in Emory Village, right next to Emory University.
It was Italian food.
Delicious homemade pasta.
Open Table never fails me with finding great restaurants.
After dinner we drove through Emory.
It was a beautiful campus with a very similar in style to Wake Forest, because it is a real campus in a city.

Easter Sunday, I woke up to the smell of French toast and bacon. 
Mass was the next activity for the day.
Erin and her family and I had lunch at her Nanna’s house.
Delicious, Southern cooking.
I am still stuffed.

We even had an Easter egg hunt! Sadly, I did not win…
We toured their apple orchard a bit, and tried to walk off some of the ham and dumplings.
Doesn't it look like I'm back on a vineyard in Tuscany?

For Easter, I wore this beautiful periwinkle, tea-length dress from J.Crew. (ON SALE!)
I am really into tea-length dresses these days.
I love the blogger, Julia Engle, from Gal Meets Glam. She always looks so lady-like in her tea-length dresses.
This is the perfect tall girl dress! I couldn’t imagine how anyone shorter than me, 5’9”, could wear this dress!
I got so many compliments on it, and I felt beautiful.

I had a very fun weekend. I feel so blessed to have such loving friends.


Monday, April 15, 2019

A Dancing Weekend: Shag on the Mag and APO Spring Formal

I danced away the weekend!

My favorite event of the year took place Friday night under a big white tent on the lower quad at Wake Forest University.

A live band, great food, amazing company and shag dancing were all main components at Shag on the Mag.

Student Union organizes the best event of the year! It is just a big dance party for the whole school.

The Embers, a 10-piece jazz band, filled the tent with classic jazz songs from the Spinners and the Temptations but also modern pop songs with a jazz twist.

We were swinging and twirling so much under the tent we were dripping in sweat by the end of the night.

I wore my beautiful blue ASOS wrap dress with gold accessories. (Similar dress)
I wore my Public Desire orange wrap shoes with a chunky block heel, that I also purchased from ASOS.
I LOVE ASOS for party dresses and shoes, but their shipping has not been up to par recently. I ordered a different dress for this event and it took over a month to get here, when normally it takes only a week. The dress I was sent was the wrong one.
I was annoyed, so I settled on this royal blue one, that I wore to Kappa Delta Formal last year, and it was a big hit anyway.

Hollywood Fashion Tape was my best friend Friday night.
Even with all the twirling and sweating, my low-cut dress did not move.
I felt so comfortable and was so happy that I did not have a dress mishap.

I wore this beautiful new ring from Rocksbox. I am not a ring person, but this one is from Aster is so pretty, I couldn’t resist putting it on my wish-list and then falling in love with it the minute I tried it on.
I had it for less than a day, and I purchased it! 

You can get your first box free with code: ELISABETHBFF65! Rocksbox is the BEST subscription box. New jewelry delivered to your house every month!

After a long night of dancing, and little sleep, we did it all over again the next night for APO Formal.

Kate and Victoria, my best friends from abroad, invited me and Alex to their formal!

I wore this other fabulous ASOS dress. (Similar dress) It is one of my favorite party dresses I own.
Such a fun dress.

I jazzed it up with some white statement earrings from Baublebar. (Similar earrings)
I also wore my favorite heels from BCBG. (Similar heels) The higher the heels the better!
I’m 5’9” and I LOVE my big heels.
I could care less about being taller than my date!
By the end of the night, I did take them off, because I was dancing too much.

It’s Monday now, and I am still exhausted from all the movin’ and groovin’.

Hope you all had a fun weekend as well!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

“Yes Woman”

I am a “Yes Woman,” just like the movie “Yes Man.”
I have a hard time saying no.

Saying “yes” to doing things I want to do and saying “yes” to helping a friend out and saying “yes” to an amazing opportunity, are all great.
Just because I say “yes,” does not mean that I mean “yes” with enthusiasm, sometimes I say “yes” because it is easier than saying “no.”

The reasons I say “yes:”
I do not like to disappoint people.
I have a fear of missing out, if I say no to something.
I have a fear that someone will not like me anymore if I tell them no.
I do not like to create drama, so I just say yes.

Sometimes it feels easier to say “yes,” but it is not worth it.

The result of always saying "yes:" I stretch myself thin, I do not end up enjoying myself, I get stressed out and I end up feeling used.

Make the vow with me to stop being a “Yes Woman,” and just do the things that we are passionate about and only say “yes” to the things that bring us joy!

Say “yes” to culottes and bandanas! And say "yes" and YAY to the tent that is being set up in the background for SHAG ON THE MAG!


Monday, April 8, 2019

Orange Theory Fitness and Zella Workout Clothes

Friday evening, I went to my first ever Orange Theory class.
There is a spacious orange-tinted studio located in Winston-Salem, in the Thruway Shopping Center.
With over 800 members and classes seven days a week at this studio, I knew this class was going to live up to all the hype.

Orange Theory Fitness is a 60-minute high intensity cardio and strength training class.
Every class has a different workout.
My class was 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then 30 minutes alternating between rowing on stationary ergs and strength training.
Our class was split into two groups.
I was the erg and strength training group for the first half and then on the treadmill at the end.

The staff at the front desk walked me through all of the workout stations before class started.
They showed me how to use the treadmill and the erg at station number 1.
They even set up my heart rate monitor.
I also met Michelle, our coach, in the orange lit, highly airconditioned workout space.
Before class we talked about my weekly workout regime: spin two times a week, and Pilates two times a week, and that I had recently pulled my glute at a spin class the week before.
She was very cautious of my injury and walked me through all the workouts before giving me the “A-Okay” to take the class.

I started the class at the erg, which is a little difficult to get the rhythm of, but Michelle was there, coaching me and “my team,” the other class participants, though all of it.
After rowing Michelle demonstrated how to do all of our strength exercises.
We did squats, lunges, and planks all with resistance bands.
There were also animated photos on the TVs demonstrating all the moves and showing the amount of repetitions we had to do.

I am not a runner.
I run a 5K once a year, for Kappa Delta, to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America, and that is it.
I know running is one of the best cardio workouts out there, but I just can never get into it.
Running bores me.
When I heard I would have to run for 30 minutes in my Orange Theory class, I was not excited.
But the time flew by.
We were constantly changing our speed and incline, and I think that made it more fun and less mundane.
Who knows, maybe Orange Theory will get me into running?

Michelle was highly sensitive to my injury and kept coming to check on me to make sure I was okay.
I was also taking it pretty easy because I did not want to reinjure myself.
Even though I was taking it relatively slow on the treadmill and with the erg, I was still feeling the burn.
I am writing this post three days later, and my legs are still sore, and it feels so good!

Orange Theory Fitness is based on the science of “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.” This means that if you workout hard enough, and get your heart rate to a certain level, or zone, your body will continue to help you burn fat after your workout is over. Overtime, this type of workout will increase your metabolism.

The goal is to get your heart in the “Orange Zone” for at least 12 minutes during the entire hour workout. The “Orange Zone” is when your heart rate is between 84-91% of your unique heart rate maximum.
The heart rate monitor that I wore tracked the different zones my heart was in. I was able to see what color zone I was in during my entire workout on the big TV screens all over the room. It was also on the screen on the treadmill. 

I am very competitive and seeing my name up on the board, and my name changing colors from blue to green to orange was really fun. I was competing against myself while I was focused on getting the best workout possible. 

I loved this workout class. I loved the science behind the class, and that there is real proof that this type of high intensity workout creates positive results.
I also loved that we had a “coach” to tell us exactly what to do during every part of the workout.
I hate working out alone, and I loved the energy and the community inside the studio.

I also found that my cute workout outfit really helped me feel confident and made this class even more fun!
I have never talked about my workout clothes before, but I am here to share my favorite workout brand with you.
I love Zella.
They have the cutest cropped leggings. I love to wear them to spin, Pilates, and now Orange Theory.
They do not shrink in the wash, or lose their stretch, and the colors hold up.
The prices are amazing, and they are usually on sale at Nordstrom Rack!

Catch me in my cute Zella leggings at Orange Theory!

*Orange Theory Fitness offered me the opportunity to take a free class and write about my experience. All of my opinions are my own.*


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One Month of Junior Year Left

Yes, mom, you read that title correctly.
As of yesterday, I only have one month left of my junior year.
Where has the time gone?

It has been a busy semester, and I feel like I just got back on campus.
I haven't had time to process that I only have a month left until my senior year. 
Even though, I already have my housing and classes picked out for senior year.

This next month is going to fly by so fast.
I have some very exciting and fun plans for the next month!

The spring semester always goes by so fast and is more fun than the fall, in my opinion.

The upcoming events for this month are: 

Campus Days or accepted student’s days: April 5thand April 12th

Sigma Chi Derby Days: Air-bands performance: April 10th

Shag on the Mag: April 12th

Dijon dinner: April 13th

APO Formal: April 13th

Spring concert with T-Pain: April 17th

Easter weekend: April 18thto April 21st

Kappa Delta Formal: April 26th

Kappa Delta Senior Roast and Senior Banquet: April 27th

And then finals!

Get ready for some great blog posts! 
I am so so so excited and I cannot wait to share this month with you all!

Francesca's pink ruffle sweater | American Eagle white x4 jeggings | Tory Burch double pearl earrings  | Tory Burch nude ballet flats


Monday, April 1, 2019

Kappa Delta Date Functions: Stoplight, Rhyme Without Reason and Talladega Nights 2019

I have had three date functions so far this semester and I wanted to share them with you!

In February we had "Stoplight," our annual crush party.
Every sister gets to bring three dates to Last Resort to party the night away.
Last year, we had 800 people in attendance.
It is the best date function.
The theme is stoplight: if you are in a relationship you wear red, if it’s complicated you wear yellow and if you are single, you wear green!

ASOS red body suit | Pimkie flare jeans | J.Crew Factory gold hoop earrings | Rocksbox gold choker | Converse green high top chucks

Last weekend, my friend Natalie invited me to her DZ date function!
The theme was "Rhyme Without Reason!"
She had the most stylish looking trash bag I have ever seen!
We were trash bag and American flag, in case you couldn't tell!

H&M black shirt | Amazon American flag leggings | Rocksbox gold hoops

This past weekend we had another date function and the theme was "Talladega Nights"!
It was such a fun party.
I dressed like I was going to a NASCAR event!
Cowgirl boots and all!

Last year we had a "JARTY" party!

Ricky Bobby t-shirt | Target jean skirt | Rocksbox gold tear drop earrings | denim choker (diyed from the bottom of my skirt) | my mom’s red cowgirl boots 

Get your first monthly subscription box from Rocksbox for free with the code tallandpreppyxoxo!


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday is the BEST Day of the Week!

When I was in elementary school I used to say Mondays were my favorite day of the week. I was always so excited to go to school because I loved going to class, I still do, and because I got to be reunited with all my friends after the weekend.
I still love Mondays, but I look forward to Wednesdays the most.

Hump Day is the day where I do my laundry and clean my room. 
Something about cleaning makes me calm and relaxed.
I also think it is kind of fun!

But the reason I LOVE Wednesdays is because of Catholic Community dinner.
Every Wednesday night, at 6pm, I walk down to Collins Residence Hall, my freshman year dorm, and eat a homecooked meal with the nicest people on campus.
I am always so excited to go and catch up with all the amazing people in Catholic Community.
Every night I leave this dinner feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
It has become my favorite meal of the week and now my favorite day of the week because I so sincerely look forward to the dinners in Collin’s basement, in the Catholic Community lounge.
Open to all students, regardless if you are Catholic or not, it just is a warm and inviting space to go to every Wednesday night.

Wednesday also means we are half way through the week and are almost ready to celebrate the weekend!
To celebrate today, I am wearing these amazing statement earrings from Kate Spade.
I got them as a part of my monthly subscription box from Rocksbox!
You can get your first month of Rocksbox free with the code tallandpreppyxoxo at checkout!
It is my favorite subscription service and I can’t wait to continue to show you all the cute pieces I get each month!


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Life Update: Another Campus Scandal, Parties, Law School and Internships

Name a better time to write a life update blog post than in the 11-hour car ride to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break!

I am having the best semester!


I am working as a research assistant at Wake Forest University School of Law this semester.
I am also taking a really cool class at the law school!
A couple of weeks ago I got to be a juror on a mock trial.
Tonight, I am being initiated into the first pledge class of Phi Alpha Delta, an international law fraternity.


If you remember from last year I was Kappa Delta Date Function Chair. It was a hard position. A big responsibility. A very stressful job. But this year I no longer hold that position, so I get to have some fun!
We had our annual Stoplight date function a couple of weeks ago! And I got to bring three friends and we danced the night away.

Our next date function is next week, and the theme is TalleaKD Nights like Talladega Nights, the silly NASCAR movie with Will Ferrell.

I attended the Dean’s List Gala a couple of weeks ago. It was a very nice honor.

We booked a fun trip to celebrate my 21st Birthday in August!

I planned a Dijon Reunion Dinner with the group of students that I went abroad with. Our professor also came to the dinner!


I explored Charlotte and went to a Hornets v. Bulls game a month ago!

I am also trying to explore downtown more frequently. Winston has some amazing restaurants. It is such a foody town, which is perfect for me. My friends and I always go to the same restaurants and I would love to continue to go to some new restaurants and explore.
We went to Di Lisio’s Italian restaurant the other night. It was AMAZING. The chef/owner is from Italy, so you know it was extraordinary.
I went to Jeffry Adams a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Emily’s Birthday and am going back this weekend to celebrate Erin’s! It is a staple restaurant in Winston!


I am interviewing for potential summer internships. A very scary but also important process to learn how to do.


Before Spring Break was midterms, hence the pictures in the library!

Class registration is next week. I can’t believe I have to pick classes for senior year!

I am also continuing to be a tour guide! Every Friday I give a tour, and so far, every Friday it has RAINED during my tours. Just my luck.

You also may have heard about the “Varsity Blues Scandal” that is going on around some top tier universities. Unfortunately, Wake Forest is involved and being investigated by the Department of Justice. The University had nothing to do with it, rather just the volleyball coach, who was put on leave and arrested last week. 

That’s all folks! (For now!)

J.Crew Factory cotton and wool sweater | American Eagle x4 Jeggings | Tory Burch double pearl earrings | Tory Burch gold logo bangle | J.Crew navy blue hair bow

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