Monday, October 14, 2019

Trapped in the Outerbanks of North Carolina for Fall Break

This fall break, we had a four-day weekend to go wherever we wanted! A group of girlfriends and I (you may have seen them on T&P Thursday’s over on my Instagram stories) took the five-hour trip to the Outerbanks of North Carolina.
None of us had ever been before and we were so excited to go the beach and relax.

Wednesday night we arrived at Sunrise Over Salvo, our Airbnb in Salvo, North Carolina in the Outerbanks. Our hosts were lovely. They lived on the 3rd and 4th floors of the house and the Airbnb rooms were on the 1st and 2nd floors. It was like a real ma and pa bed and breakfast.

Thursday morning, we slept in really late and woke to 15mph winds and rain. But that did not stop us from taking the 3-minute walk to the beach. We walked a mile on the beach in the wind and rain before heading back to our Airbnb to enjoy the hot tub. It was the perfect hot tubbing weather.
There was no kitchen that we were able to use, but we did bring our own groceries and there was a grill we could use. We grilled out Thursday night with burgers, salsa, grilled veggies and guacamole.
We played cards, did some homework and watched the season premiere of Riverdale before heading to bed.

Friday morning, we went back to the beach. We wanted to go to the light house, but the road was flooded, trapping us in Salvo. We did not mind. That’s the thing about a barrier island, there is one way on and one way off. The Outerbanks are also 30 miles out at sea so the nor’easter was controlling the rough seas and the strong winds. 

We spent the day at the beach in our sweatshirts, did some more homework and then headed to dinner at Watermen's Bar and Grill. This seafood spot was hopping with kite surfers and sunset chasers. It was a windy spot on the bay side of the barrier island. We saw dozens of kite surfers over our shrimp tacos. We had the most beautiful sunset.

The power went out Saturday morning. Our Airbnb host did tell us that the roads were still blocked but that they were supposed to be cleared by the afternoon.

Saturday was the prettiest beach day. Only 70 degrees but no wind which was ideal for getting some color, or some sunburn. Oops! It was so warm Saturday we were able to comfortably walk around the beach sweatshirt free and bikinis on.

Now this is where the exciting part of the story starts.
We packed up at the beach around 3pm destined to go to the lighthouse and have dinner in Avon. All day we had been in constant communication with our Airbnb host about the road conditions. When we returned from the beach, we told him our plans to head to the lighthouse and he told us no chance. He said the roads going each way were still flooded from the storm and that we were stuck in Salvo. He also told us that the roads probably would not be open again until Monday evening because the storm mixed with the full moon and high tides from Friday night still were not cleared. The town was also predicting that the road would flood again Saturday evening at high tide. So, we went to dinner in Salvo at Good Winds before figuring out our game plan.

Our Airbnb host told us we could stay as long as we needed until we could get leave the island. He was not hopeful we could get off the island until Monday night. But he did think that they might open the roads before the high tides Saturday night. So, we went for it.

We ran home from dinner, packed our bags, threw our stuff in the car. We sat in two miles of cars for an hour before the road opened at 6:15pm. I sat outside of the car on the road. I was dancing in the street and running to catch our car every time the car moved up a bit. We really started moving at 7pm after the National Guard truck rolled through and told everyone that the road was open for a limited amount of time. Now it was a race against the full moon to get off the barrier island before the road flooded again.

The road was in bad shape when we finally made it to the previously closed spot. The water was very high, and we could see where the 15-foot-high sand dunes had fallen in and let the ocean cover the road. It was a bit treacherous, but we made it out. 
We started our very fun 5-hour drive home at 7pm. We jammed out and we live-streamed the Wake football game, which we sadly lost.
We made it safely home after being trapped on a barrier island for 3 days.

It was a great weekend! I loved being back on the water and back at the beach. I felt like I was home. I was surrounded by wonderfully sweet and kind friends. We laughed our adventurous weekend away. We sadly returned to Wake Forest late Saturday night, a day earlier than planned but a bit more relaxed and a bit less sleep deprived. We arrived home ready to finish out the rest of the fall semester.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A Day in Asheville, North Carolina

Early Saturday morning we drove two and a half hours west to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the town of Asheville. Friday was 95 degrees in Winston-Salem, Asheville was a balmy 65 Saturday morning. My jeans, long sleeves, scarf and denim jacket came in handy.

Of course, the number one attraction in Asheville is the famous Biltmore Estate. However, $80 for one ticket was a little out of my college student price range. So, we decided exploring downtown Asheville was the way to go.

I found the Asheville Urban Trail, a self-guided walking tour of the town online. Before we took the tour, we had some coffee, well I did not because I do not drink coffee, and a donut at Vortex Doughnuts and we had the name favorite- the Vortex: a cinnamon sugar donut with chocolate drizzle.

The walking tour was a bit hard to follow, even for a girl with very good navigation skills. We did 20 of the 30 points of interest and then bumped into some of the points when we were just wandering freely. 

We saw the Grove Arcade, which is not an arcade, just a beautiful building with little shops. 

St. Lawrence Basilica.

The wrought iron statue.

We stumbled upon brunch at Sovereign Remedies. Carnitas Fries- French fries with avocado sauce, brisket and a fried egg! YUM!

The River Arts District was also recommended. After lunch we headed there and walked about. It was just art galleries. Nothing of interest for my group.
We then tried to go to some breweries but there was no parking, so we called it a day and headed home through the mountains.

A very cute and small city. Very mixed architecture and style. It was not as cohesive as I thought it was going to be. It also really was not anything I was expecting. There were A LOT of homeless people. A little disappointed by the city but nonetheless, I a fun day exploring a new city that I have heard so much about.


Friday, October 4, 2019

Senior Year Life Update

Here is a little update of my life in bullet points (because life is too busy to write in full sentences)!

·      No one tells you that senior year is EXTREMELY STRESSFUL. Applying to jobs or studying to get into grad school is not fun!
·      I have never cried so much until this semester.
·     Being 21 is really fun! There are so many cool and trendy bars in downtown Winston.
·      The LSAT is a really hard test… I will be no longer taking it in October and no longer studying by myself, I now have a private tutor and will be taking the test in February.
J.Crew Factory blue pom pom top | ASOS polka dot shorts | J.Crew pearl hoops | Jack Rogers sandals in platinum 

·      I am not a napper and have never napped so much until now…
·      Fall break starts next Thursday, so I will be going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with some friends for the weekend. (I can’t believe we are half way through the semester!)
·     T&P Thursday’s are the highlight of my week!
·      I am not the biggest fan of any of my English classes this semester. But I love my French senior seminar.

·      It is October 4thand still 95 degrees outside. There is no such thing as fall in North Carolina.
·      Being sick stinks! I had a fever on and off for the beginning of the week. Sleep is SO important!
·      My friends and suitemates ROCK! I am obsessed with our little home.
·      Wake Forest University is not transparent. Anonymous and threatening emails were sent to certain departments at Wake Forest, and it was weeks before the University told anyone about it.

·      T&P fans are AMAZING! Y’all are so sweet.



Monday, September 30, 2019

Through the Decades: Kappa Delta Date Function

(Just so you can see how short this jumpsuit is on me!)

Friday night I was a dancing queen in my 70s disco outfit at our decade themed date function.
Fun fact, the last time I wore this costume, I was at my second-grade dance recital dancing to the song “Dancing Queen.” I have no photographic evidence, but it is the truth. No one believed me, but it is true! I was a very tall child, and this jumpsuit is 100% spandex, so I had no issue fitting into it! How funny is that?!
Most of my friends dressed in 70s themed attire also. But I did see some poodle skirts, some flappers, some togas and some futuristic clothes.
A very cute theme and a very fun evening!


Monday, September 23, 2019

Homecoming Weekend 2019

This past weekend was my last homecoming weekend before I’m a Wake Forest alumnus!
My homecoming weekend started with taking a practice LSAT after classes on Friday morning.
And then the fun began.

Erin and I had dinner downtown at Yamas, a Chipotle style Mediterranean place, before I curled my hair. It took me an hour, but that is what you guys voted for on T&P Thursday’s, my weekly Instagram story segment where I take you along for a day via Instagram Stories, and I wanted to give the people what they wanted! Tune in every Thursday, for an inside scoop about what it is like to be a student at Wake Forest University.

I then did my makeup and got dressed into my ASOS royal blue lace dress (lots of similar options here) with an open back! ASOS has the BEST dresses! I have been talking about them for years. I am a shopaholic, in case you couldn’t already tell, and I bought this dress Sophomore year, and have been waiting to wear it since… I am so glad I finally did. It is a beautiful dress.
I paired it with hot pink DSW heels (similar) that I wore for my 21stbirthday and my favorite Tory Burch double pearl studs.

At 9 pm, I headed over to my friend’s engagement party all dressed up. We celebrated our friends who are getting married this summer and also celebrated President’s Ball.

Around 10:30 we made it to the coliseum and danced the night away. The live band was great, I am a sucker for live bands, which is probably why I love Shag on the Mag so much!

We had a late night and an early start the next morning for our homecoming football game.
Kickoff was at noon, and I could not even make it to the tailgate. I was too tired, and the loud music was too much for me at such an early hour. 

We CREAMED Elon, making the Demon Deacons 4-0 and very close to being bowl game bound.
I wore my Wooden Ships “Game Day” sweater (you can use the code TALLANDPREPPY15 for 15% off your order!), J.Crew denim skirt, Baublebar white statement earrings and my red cowgirl boots.

Cheering on the Deacs continued when I went to the men’s soccer game against Syracuse at 7:30 pm. We sat in the student’s section on the hill and heckled the Syracuse team. We joyfully watched the Deacs score the winning goal.

After another exciting win, the celebration was not over, it was time to celebrate Joe’s 21stbirthday! 

I had a very fun weekend! I can’t wait to come back next year for Homecoming!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Senior Year Dorm Room at Wake Forest University

Welcome to my home!
Here is my beautiful senior year dorm room at Wake Forest University.
I live in a townhouse with four single bedrooms upstairs, with two bathrooms and a kitchen and living room downstairs.
Our kitchen and living room blog post will be up soon (once we are done decorating!)
You can see more pictures and videos of my room on my Instagram stories EVERY Friday!

Monday, September 9, 2019

How to Party at Wake Forest

Sounds easy and simple, but unfortunately, it is not.
Here is your logistical guidebook to partying at Wake.

Wake Forest has a reputation for being an extremely academic institution where all of the students work tremendously hard and then party even harder.
*Don’t forget that underage drinking is VERY illegal and those caught will and do suffer the consequences!*

Greek life is a huge part of campus and nightlife.
50% of girls are Greek and 30% of guys.

There are no Greek houses on campus, rather Greek lounges. Every Greek organization has a respective lounge. Fraternities are allowed to throw parties in their lounges, sororities are not. 
Lounge parties are convenient because they are walking distance for everyone that lives on campus.

J.Crew Factory pink blouse | Zara navy blue high waisted shorts | Baublebar white statement earrings | Jack Rogers white sandals

Thursday-Saturday nights are the party nights. Some might argue Wednesdays too (Wake Wednesday).

Thursday night is called “LRsday.”
If you are of age, friends will go downtown to bars or head to LR!
LR or Last Resort is this gross bar/club that only Wake Forest Students go to on Thursday nights.
If you are under 21 you can still go, the bouncers just mark your hands with big black x’s.

But the parties do not stop on Thursday night, fraternities throw parties every weekend at their houses off campus or in their lounges on campus.
There is always some kind of silly theme to each of their parties. Think Animal House.
To get to the houses off campus, girls will have to take a pledge driver, a pledging brother who is not drinking.

For sorority girls, your chapter’s social chair will send you all the details for all the parties that are going on that weekend which will include the designated pledge brothers, with their phone numbers listed. You will call them when you want to get picked up for the party and they will safely deliver you to the festivities at a fraternity house.

Fraternities will also have “mixers” with sororities. Where it is not an open party for all girls, but rather just a one-on-one party with one fraternity and one sorority.

Both fraternities and sororities throw formals and date functions.
I was date function chair my sophomore year and planned six date functions at various venues, and not in frat basements.

And that’s the lowdown!


Monday, September 2, 2019

Why Wake Forest University? Why I picked Wake 4 Years Ago

As you all should know by now, I am a tour guide at Wake Forest University. I love being a tour guide! I am also a senior!

At the end of every hour and a half tour that I give, first starting at the admissions building then walking down past Scales Fine Art Center, up to the quad, then past the gym and into a classroom on the lower quad, and through a freshman year dorm, our last stop is always the library.
At the library I share why I love Wake and why I chose this beautiful school that I call my home.

Below is what I share at the end of my tours...

J.Crew dress | J.Crew "New York" kerchief | Tory Burch double pearl studs | Jack Rogers sandals in platinum

I was a really good student all of high school. I was in nine honor societies, in the theater department, captain of the varsity badminton team and president of the French Honor Society.
I was a real overachiever. I still am and always will be.
But in high school I felt like a major geek and nerd.

I wanted to go to a college where I could continue to be a nerd but not feel like a geeky one. I wanted to continue to be an overachiever and work hard but also have a social life.

Wake is number 27 in the nation for academics. It is an academically rigorous institution but also a fun place where there is a nice balance between academics and socializing.

I also wanted to pick a school that has big sports! Football is one of my favorite sports so when I found out that Wake was a D1 school in the ACC, I was sold! We might be the smallest one in the ACC, but we are mighty. We have great school spirit and I love to cheer on the Demon Deacons!

Picking a small school with a big school feel was important to me. I wanted a school that was small enough where the professors knew my name and where I was from, but also a school that was bigger than my graduating class in high school. So, a class that was bigger than 300. High school was too small because everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew everyone’s drama. Big news does travel fast here at Wake, but it is big enough that not everyone knows who broke up with so-in-so. I also see new faces every day on my walk to class but also friends and familiar faces across the quad.

I fell in love with Wake the first time I visited, four years ago last week. I fell in love with its beauty and I felt very at home on campus. Wake is one of the few schools that I do not remember touring. I know I did, and I remember walking past Taylor Residence Hall and walking up to the upper quad and seeing Wait Chapel, but that is all I can remember. My mother remembers differently and of course remembers every inch of the tour we went on. But don’t worry, I remember the 19 other schools I toured…

So regardless that I did not remember the tour, I did know that by the end of it, I knew Wake was my first-choice school. I felt at home and have felt those same feelings since first stepping onto campus four years ago!
It was the best decision I could have made and I am so in love with this school, the people here and my beautiful life.

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