Monday, June 17, 2019

How to Pick your Major, how to Double Major, and why English is the Best Major at Wake Forest University

Every campus tour I give I always talk about how I picked my English and French Studies Double Major.
I thought I would share the story with you.

I went into Wake my freshman year being a Politics and International Affairs major and a French minor. I loved politics class in high school and thought it was what I had to major in to go to law school. I also wanted to continue with French because I had already been taking French for six years.
Since I was little, probably since I was in the fourth grade when I played Warner in an all-girls production of Legally Blonde, I had the dream of going to law school.

Unfortunately, I did not do very well my first semester of college
I took 17 hours or 17 credits of classes, (which I HIGHLY discourage anyone from doing) because I was very ambitious and excited to be in college. I ended the semester with two C+ and in my eyes, a pretty low GPA.
One of the classes I got a C+ in was American Politics with Dr. Smith. I thought it would be an easy shoo-in class because I had just taken AP government my senior year of high school and did extremely well in the class and on the AP test.
Well this class was extremely hard; the professor was horrible, and I actually failed the first of two tests.
This was concerning for my politics major.
However, I did not give up. I rather decided to take a break from politics and finish up some liberal arts requirements but return to it my sophomore year.
In the spring I took an English class, English 165, British Literature along with Public Speaking in the Communications Department and History.
I loved all of these classes.
I made Dean’s List for the first time in the spring of my freshman year!

When the fall of my sophomore year rolled around, I decided to take Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and U.S. Policy since 2001. A very interesting class and I did really well, but I was starting to fall out of love with politics.

I was confused and did not know what classes to take in the spring semester of my sophomore year. My friend Joe suggested that I go make an appointment with the office of Academic Advising to help guide me and make sure I was on the right track to graduate on time.

I sat down with one of the deans of advising and the first thing she asked me was what I wanted to do after I graduated. 
That was an easy answer for me: law school.

She then asked me what my favorite class was from the year before and my reply was my British Literature.

She also asked what I was involved in on campus. My reply: the school paper, Kappa Delta date function chair, and my blog (p.s. this is my 600th blog post!).

She asked me if I wanted to work in D.C. or in the government?
I told her “not really.”

She then asked me why I was not an English Major?
I had no answer for her.

I left the office skipping onto the bricks on the upper quad. I called my parents grinning saying “I’m going to be an English Major!”

My dad, a businessman, did not like that idea and did not think it would be beneficial to my law school dream. Only after sending my dad this article did he start to see the benefit of an English degree. My mom, a special education teacher, with an appreciation for liberal arts, was more enthusiastic about my new discovery than my father was.

This was the best decision I made at Wake.

Since declaring my double major in English and French in the spring of my sophomore year, I am beyond happy. (For a time, I did move my Politics major to a minor, but quickly decided to drop that). I have learned so much. I have grown so much as a writer, reader and thinker.

I picked English and French because I am so enthusiastic about both of the subjects.
I am genuinely excited to go to my English and French classes every day. That’s the key to picking your major: find out which classes you LOVE to go to! It is okay if you do not know at first what you want to major in or what you want to do after you graduate, I clearly did not. I am going into my senior year and I still have friends who have no clue about what they want to do. So, it is okay! You will figure it out! It is also okay if you pick a major that goes against your parents’ wishes.

With English I am becoming the best critical thinker, best writer and best analyzer I could be.
The English professors at Wake are phenomenal. They are so underrated. I leave all of my English classes amazed by their intelligence. I am star struck by some of my professors. They are teaching me how to think critically and discuss those ideas in class. They are also strengthening my writing skills. News flash: you need writing for everything!

My French major is so fun and was pretty easy for me to do because I started at Wake in French 212. I did well on the AP test in high school and placed into that class. Wake requires a foreign language, so you have to get up to level 200. I only had to take that one class if I wanted to finish the requirement. However, I decided I wanted to continue with French because I had been working on it already for so long. Then when I decided I was going to Dijon for my junior year in the fall I knew I could easily double major because I would receive 15 credits of French and would only be two classes away from the major when I returned from abroad. If you could not tell, going abroad was one of the best experiences of my life and I think everyone should go live in a foreign country for a semester! 

My English major is also helping me prepare for the LSAT, which is my big focus this summer. I have to say; it is actually kind of fun to study for. It’s hard, but I’m enjoying it.

I know that with my English degree from Wake Forest University I will be able to do anything. A liberal arts degree from a top 30 school in the nation has endless possibilities. When I graduate from Wake Forest next May, I feel confident that I will attend a great law school and become a great lawyer, all because of my liberal arts degree.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Rainbows and Polka Dots

The two biggest summer trends are rainbows and polka dots.
I cannot remember the last time I wore either pattern.

I have come to realize that polka dots are like stripes or gingham or cheetah, they are neutral.
I got this adorable faux wrap dress from J.Crew.
I have the same one from last summer in blue gingham.
It is so flattering and super comfortable.
J.Crew has a lot of polka dot items at the moment, which are sitting in my shopping cart. You can go check them out HERE.

For my accessories, I wore my Sophie Harper circle rainbow studs from Rocksbox.
I love Rocksbox because I can try out new trends in the comfort of my own home and wear them for as long as I like and then decide if I want to keep them or not. 
It is the best subscription box EVER!
I cannot speak more highly of it.
I have worked with Rocksbox for over 3 years now, because I truly love the brand.
Click HERE to get your first month and first box free with three jewelry pieces!

Be sure to try out both of these trends this summer, because chances are, they are going nowhere anytime soon!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Ultimate College Packing List

I am going into my senior year of college at Wake Forest University. I am thus, well versed in packing for college and what it is like to live in a dorm.
Freshman year I lived in Collins Residence Hall, Sophomore Year I lived in Davis Residence Hall and Junior Year I lived in Huffman Residence Hall.
I am giving you the ultimate college packing list, so you can make one trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart or Target and get everything you could ever need for your home away from home.
I am also including a clothing and shoes packing list!
I know this list might seem excessive, but I promise this is the list I curated and used when I was moving into my freshman dorm back in 2016!


Sunday, June 2, 2019

My Summer Plans 2019

Hi friends!
Happy June!

I have had a crazy start to the summer already!
At the end of May, I got my wisdom teeth out and traveled to Chicago!

On June 1, I started studying for the LSAT. Studying is my main task this summer so I can go to law school after I graduate Wake Forest next year!

I will be studying every day in the mornings and working at J.Crew at the Americana Manhasset in the afternoons, (come stop by and say hi!), like I did part-time last summer. On Wednesday’s I will be working at my sister’s office on Long Island. I will also be babysitting and tutoring French on the side.

I have a busy summer ahead with a lot of studying and working. But do not worry there will be lots of fun times too!
I have some big travels plans again this summer, but nothing as big as Italy.
I do not want to give away any surprises, so you will just have to stay tuned!

Here was my outfit that I wore to my first day back at J.Crew!

J.Crew Factory pink shirt | American Eagle tall x4 jeggings | Baublebar white statement earrings (similar) | Tory Burch nude ballet flats


Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to Spend 3 Days in Chicago

I just recently traveled to Chicago, Illinois!
I have always wanted to visit the Windy City (in the summer, because who likes -30-degree temperatures and many feet of snow?) but I have not gotten the chance until now!
I brought the sunshine and warm weather with me from New York for my week in Chi-Town.

Thursday 5/23
I walked eight miles my first day in Chi-Town. I saw it all! We started off at the River Walk, a brand new beautifully landscaped and designed seating and bar space along the Chicago River.

I then walked to Millennium Park, where I saw the infamous Bean. 

J.Crew Factory chambray shirt | American Eagle tall jeggings | Tory Burch double pearl earrings | Tory Burch gold logo bangle | J.Crew Factory New York pink and white scarf (similar) | Rocksbox Aster dawn ring | Ray-Ban tortoise shell Wayfarers | Sperry classic boat shoes | Tory Burch pink satchel

We took a beautiful walk along Lake Michigan, until stopping at the third largest fountain in the world, Buckingham Fountain.

Shedd Aquarium was the next stop on our adventure around town. My mom said I had to go see the aquarium. I do not even remember the last time I was at an aquarium, so it was a nice change of pace. The tickets were $40 a person, which was outrageously expensive to see some fish and some jumping dolphins. I would not recommend. Rather, we should have gone to the Chicago Art Institute, but maybe next time.

The best views in the city are from the grassy area between the Shedd Aquarium and the planetarium. 

Later we took an $8 water taxi from the aquarium to Navy Pier which put us on route for dinner at 312 Chicago. A delicious Italian restaurant that I found on OpenTable.
I have never picked a bad restaurant with Open Table regardless of what city or country I am in.

Friday 5/24
Let’s go Cubbies!
We took the “EL” or elevated train, or for New Yorkers, an elevated subway, right into Wrigley Ville, the home of Wrigley Field.
It is clear that only people under the age of 30 live in Wrigley Ville. It is a hip and trendy area of the city filled with bars and young college grads. Some of the town-houses outside of the green, 30,000 seat sized baseball park have roof top seating where Cubs fans can buy tickets to sit on top of these houses on bleachers and watch the game from the outfield. It was so cool.

The temperature and wind were chilly, which did not help our bitter loss to the Cleveland Reds.
But we were warmed by the sweet and friendly people inside the stadium.
The staff was so pleasant and was so smiley.
Our neighbors in our row were also so friendly and welcoming, I felt like the Cubs fans were my friends rather than strangers.
After every run, everyone would stand and high five each other. It was very cute and sure warmed me up.
So did the deep dish or “real” pizza I had at Giordano’s after nine innings. 
I thought New York had the best pizza in the world, and then that was confirmed when I tried deep dish.
Deep dish was almost like eating a big cheese, sauce and meat pie. It was delicious, but not my favorite.
I am glad I had the full Chicago experience with deep dish pizza, but I will stick to my cheese slice for $3 in New York.

Saturday 5/25
Saturday was probably my favorite day in the city. We walked the full length of the river walk, where I almost got swept away by the wind, before arriving at our architecture tour with Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour company.

By the time we got to the boat we were dripping in sweat.
Once the ship set sail, the Windy City cooled us off and gave us a bit too much sun while we learned about the city with the first skyscraper and former tallest building in the world, the Sears Tower.
Currently known as the Willis Tower, Sears Tower, is now the 17th tallest building in the world.
The architecture was beautiful, and I learned so much about the city.
I loved how all of the windows on each building reflected the sky and the clouds.
This tour was so interesting, and I would 10/10 recommend.

To cool off from the boat ride, we went and got some Ben & Jerry’s on Navy Pier. We got to see the beautiful skyline and had great views of the aqua colored lake.

Lake Michigan looks like it could be an ocean. It is so large you cannot even see the other side of it.

We walked along the other side of Navy Pier towards dinner and saw families and kids swimming and lounging by the lake.
Dinner was at Ditka’s, off of Michigan Avenue, the 5thAvenue of Chicago. Mike Ditka, former Chicago Bears coach, or as I know him from Kicking and Screaming, the kid’s soccer movie starring Will Ferrell, is the proprietor of this restaurant. 

Chicago was absolutely beautiful (in the summer, not sure how pretty it can be in the winter)!
I am a city girl, so of course I loved this new city.
It was sparkling clean. Chicago is the best of both worlds, beach and city!
 I loved being near the water. 
Chicago is not that big of a city, so I felt like I got a really good taste for the Windy City in 72-hours.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Oversized Clothes: Dressing to Hide My Body

I have realized that I wear clothes that are too big for me.
Part of the reason is that I was a size larger in high school than I am now.
When I went to college, I worked out more than in high school, I was really careful about what I ate (for fear of the “freshman 15”) and I walked a ton. My boobs shrank in size as did the rest of my body.
Since freshman year of college, I have been the same size, but I continue to buy clothes that are too big for me (like these pants...)

I think I still thought for a while, that I was bigger than I was, which is sadly, what I have found, a normal thing for women to feel. I also was buying bigger clothes because I did not like the attention my body and my looks get from students around campus or from people on the streets of New York City. I also thought that there was no way that my best friends, who are way shorter than me, could be wearing the same size as me.

I consider myself to be a very confident person, but I am shy when I get complimented and am particularly shy and uncomfortable when I get creepy looks and comments from men. I have been “cat-called” too many times in New York, even when I was in business attire going to an interview or walking home from my internship last year. I like to buy big clothes to hide my body, so I do not get attention.

I am a pretty conservative dresser in general, as you can see.
When I go out at night, I usually wear something a bit more revealing or tight. As my friends would say, “definitely not T&P approved.” I like to keep the mystery alive for men during the day. I always shock my friends if I have black clothes on or anything that I would not deem appropriate to wear to class. Which is great! I love to keep people on their toes.

I have a beautiful body and I have realized I look larger than I am if I wear bigger clothes. Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear would be ashamed of some of my oversized clothing choices. I watched the show religiously for years in elementary and middle school. They always stressed the importance of extenuating your waist and wearing clothes that fit properly!

This past semester I really realized my buying trends and I have been selling some of my ill-fitting clothes on Poshmark! I love the platform. The app is super easy to use and a great way to make some extra money. It is also sustainable fashion and helps the environment!
You can sign up on Poshmark with the code: TALLANDPREPPY and get $10 towards a purchase of a gently worn item of clothing or accessory!
My username is @tallandpreppy if you want to buy any J.Crew items that are from a couple of seasons ago and are way too large on me.

I am upset that I have been forced into buying bigger clothes because of society. I am disappointed in myself that I have been negatively looking at my body for all these years. 
I am so glad I finally realized what I was doing.

I challenge you to take a look at how you treat your body and your body image and examine how you can make it positive so you can feel the most beautiful and confident in your own skin.
I challenge bystanders of cat-callers to shut cat-callers down. I challenge men and women to stop objectifying women in person and on social media.
I challenge women to stand up for ourselves against creepy men.
I also challenge all of us to be nicer to each other and to love ourselves and our bodies.

J.Crew white t-shirt | J.Crew Factory chambray culottes (similar) | Tory Burch pink satchel (similar) with bag strap from Venice (similar) | J.Crew multicolored earrings | RayBan tortoise shell Wayfarers | Jack Rogers Sandals in Pink


Friday, May 17, 2019

Hudson Yards and The Vessel

I am back in New York after finishing my junior year at Wake Forest University.

Wednesday afternoon was well spent with my two best friends in New York City!

Whenever we get together, usually twice a year, after the end of the school year and at Christmas, we love to explore the city and try a new restaurant!

I heard all about the new indoor mall, Hudson Yards by the Hudson River between 9thand 12thAve and between W38thSt. and W29thSt.

I had to go check it out. I also saw that the new art sculpture or tourist attraction, the Vessel was available to be climbed for free!
Click here to get your tickets! It was something new and different to discover.

We then walked to B&H Photo on the way over to dinner so I could purchase a new Canon lens!
The auto focus on my 18-55mm lens broke only after two years. It was upsetting because I loved that lens and it broke in the middle of our photoshoot on the quad at formal. But after taking over 30,000 pictures with the lens and taking it all over Europe with me, it was well worth all the money. 
I am very excited about my new lens purchase, Canon 18-135mm, and cannot wait to use it on my trip to Chicago next week!

After my early birthday present purchase, the three of us walked to 45thSt. between 5thand 6thfor Greek food! I found this delicious new restaurant on Open Table called Fournos Theophilos!
My friends and I talked for hours and I enjoyed my last real meal for a while before I got my four wisdom teeth removed the following morning!

Can’t wait for more adventures with these two this summer!

J.Crew Factory Oxford white button down  | American Eagle x4 jeggings in tall | Zara tweed blazer | J.Crew Factory black belt | Tory Burch gold double pearl studs | Tory Burch black and gold Reva ballet flats 


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Last Day of Class of Junior Year 2019

I can’t believe it; I finished my 3rd year of college!
I have 3 papers, 1 project and 1 take-home test before I leave Wake Forest for the summer and return home to New York. 
I will then officially be a college senior.

This semester I was in class for 70 days. 
A total of 14.5 credit hours a week.
6 classes.
About 217.5 hours of class in total. 
At least 400 or more hours of studying and doing homework this semester.
0 snow days.
2 chorus concerts.
3 field trips.
5 notebooks.
30 Pilates classes.
30 spin classes.
15 plays read for my English classes.
3,920,000 mL of water I consumed.
0 all nighters.
6 textbooks.
15 Kappa Delta chapter meetings.
1 5K run.
1 hike.
1 day in Charlotte.
1 night of karaoke.
27 blog posts plus this one, 28.

Too many laughs, too many tears, too many quad pictures and too many good conversations and times with my friends to count.

This semester was amazing. Still doesn’t top last semester in France, but I still had a ball!

2 more semesters and 1 more year to go before I am a Wake Forest University alum.


Monday, April 29, 2019

Kappa Delta Spring Formal 2019

I was a dancing queen ALL NIGHT!
I had soooo much fun with all my friends at Millennium for our SPRING FORMAL.
We had our fall and spring formal there last year when I was Kappa Delta Date Function Chair. It is the best venue in Winston-Salem!
The DJ was so fun and played great music.

I got so many compliments on my dress.
It’s from ASOS, no surprise there. ASOS is where I get all my party dresses and formal wear!
This is only the second time I wore it. I wore this dress to my cousin’s wedding two years ago.
 But I am a strong believer in re-wearing dresses and outfits and just changing up the accessories. If Kate Middleton can rewear her dresses, so can I!

Before pictures, we went out for some delicious Mexican food that made me so bloated…
I should have known better and I should have not eaten the Mexican food before I had to put on my very tight dress.
But I think it still looked great!

My dress looked even better with my all-natural spray tan from GloBody.
I planned a little Kappa Delta Sisterhood Spray Tan Party with Tara from PrimeLifeFit on Wednesday and Thursday before formal.
We had about 10 girls sign up and get sprayed down with an all-natural spray tan solution, GloBody.
I have never gotten a spray tan before, so I was nervous I was going to be orange.
GloBody spray tans are all-natural airbrush spray tans with organic ingredients. The spray tan is vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. All of the ingredients are natural and organic. 
This is the reason I decided to do the spray tan. I have never wanted to get one before because of all the nasty ingredients in most spray tans. GloBody spray tans are coconut water-based and was so natural looking.
Tara came and set up her pop-up tent in our Kappa Delta lounge, and one by one, she sprayed us down.
It was so cool, and I looked like I was glowing.
I felt so confident because I looked great!

Tara recommended the color “natural” for me.
She airbrushed my spray tan on in the little pop-up tent at 7 pm on Wednesday night and then I washed it off the next morning when I woke up. It looked so good.
The color never came off on my sheets, or my clothes. It never streaked in the shower.
It never looked splotchy, and nor did it stick to any dry skin on my body.
I showered two more times before formal on Friday night. It looked perfect.

It looked so good. All of my sorority sisters that did not get spray tans were jealous because I was glowing! I can’t wait to throw another Spray Tan Party with Tara next year!

By the end of the Formal, my spray tan still looked great, but my feet hurt. Those shoes are some sexy shoes, but they are not the shoe to dance in for hours.

Sadly, these photos are not as high quality as they normally are, because my 13-55 mm lens BROKE in the middle of our photoshoot on the quad... the auto focus stopped working so I need a new lens now.

But I surely cheered up once I got on the dance floor. 
I also cheered up when they announced that my handsome date won DAGGERMAN! Which means he is a Kappa Delta “Coach.” This just means he is a male member of our sorority that can play intramurals with our chapter and just get to know everyone.
He was so excited and was so happy all night.

This event was the perfect way to end the school year.
My last day of class is May 1st. I fly back to New York on May 10thand then I am officially a college SENIOR!

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