Monday, July 31, 2017

Life Update

Welcome back friends!!

T&P has been thriving recently, while the rest of my life hasn't been...
I have had lots of exciting partnerships, and more exciting partnerships coming up but that has been the most exciting part of my life recently, to be honest!

And as interesting as I make my T&P blog life seem it right now, it really isn't that interesting at the moment.
Every morning, I take the train to work, walk to work and then sit at my "intern" table all day grading papers.
I like my job, it's fine, it's great work experience and a great thing to put on my resume!
But it's pretty much a desk job!
I do it everyday, and it's the same thing everyday.
The commute is annoying... and that's it!

So that's why I haven't been blogging as much about my daily life as I normally do when I'm at school, because it's just not as exciting!

Because I am now a "working girl," I barely have the energy to workout anymore, let alone see my friends.

My house has been a circus because of all the traveling I have been doing, and all of our house guests this past month!
But it's all good things!

Thursday was nice though because I got to see my friend Marykate. Michelle and I took the train to Murray Hill and walked to a fried chicken place: Mad for Chicken!
The wings were sooo good but I felt soo bloated afterwords. I drank sooo much water when I got home because I had to squeeze into my very tight dress for the wedding the next day. So not the best idea for the day before the wedding but it was very yummy!

As I said before, part of my daily frustration is the commute.
And I really shouldn't be frustrated at all!
It is a 20 minute direct train ride to my work in the morning, but then on the way home I have to transfer trains and wait 20 minutes to literally go a mile and a half...
So, it's a bit frustrating.
But Michelle and I killed our "layover" today with taking some blog pics at the train station...
I love this outfit!
My skirt has pineapples on it! So how can you not love this skirt!?
I have to say, I am normally the most dressed up person for work, but I don't care!
I love getting dressed up, it's something for me to look forward to in the morning, both at work and just in my everyday life.
I also have to say, that I love my bag!
I bought this bag back on Black Friday with my sister, and I bought it with the goal of using it at an internship or summer job this summer! And that dream of mine came true, and now I am finally using it for it's intended purpose.
It's the Tory Burch York large tote and it's great!
It has a laptop sleeve and lots of pockets.
The only downside is, I can't fit my lunch bag or my water bottle in it, so I have to carry my Longchamp large Le Pliage tote too, but it's okay- a bag on each arm, it distributes the weight evenly, makes my spine straight!


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wedding Season

We sure did bring down the HAUS!
Friday morning my family and I drove to Morristown, New Jersey for my first cousin Mark's wedding!
He married my beautiful new cousin Jessica at 6 pm at the Madison Hotel in the Conservatory.
The Conservatory is the beautiful room that my mom and I snuck into before the ceremony to take pictures...

It was a beautiful ceremony, I cried, as per usual.
I shed a good amount of tears, so I ran back to my room after the ceremony to make sure I didn't mess up my makeup!
How could I not cry??
Weddings are such beautiful events!!
My cousin had been dating his new wife for about 7 or 8 years, and I was so happy to see them finally tie the knot.
They are perfect for each other; both so loving, caring and sweet, and I was just so happy, that I couldn't not cry!!

Don't worry there were no tears from me at reception though!
My brother and I sat at a table with my other first cousins and we really got to catch up and hang out.
We wined and dined and then danced the rest of the night.
My 82 year old grandpa busted a move, as did my dad and grandmother.
Alcohol really does wonders to people....

The bride looked gorgeous in a long sleeve lace dress with an open back.
The bridesmaids were all in long blush Lulu's gowns and the groomsmen were in dark gray suits.
Everyone looked stunning!

My mom stunned a similar dress to the bridesmaids, but it was more pink than blush, and had a gray floral pattern on it.
When we went dress hunting for her, we found this beautiful gown, but we were concerned it would be too similar to the bridesmaids and/or be too dressy because it was long.
But it was perfect!
My mom didn't look like a bridesmaid and she looked so elegant in a long dress!!
(And not for nothing, but long dresses are way more flattering than short dresses, on any woman.)

Nordstrom long pink floral chiffon gown (similar)

I wore a lavender/periwinkle off the shoulder ASOS lace dress.
It was a bit snug, but I loved wearing it!
It came past my knee and it was off the shoulder.
The off the shoulder part was elasticated, so it didn't interfere with my dancing!
And just so you know, I am a wonderful dancer!
I rocked my super high strappy heels, with my brand new Kate Spade earrings all night!

DSW nude strappy heels (similar)
Hermès pink and gold clic-clack bangle

I never really talk about my makeup or haircare, but in this post, I am going to!
Michelle has always said I should add a section to T&P all about beauty, but I just don't have an interest in beauty like I do in fashion.
So if you do need good recommendations/reviews on makeup and haircare products be sure to go to!
I read some great reviews on some mascara's that I've tried, even though my all time favorite Maybelline the Rocket is not listed on the website, there are some other great products.
I wore my favorite mascara from Maybelline for the wedding, as always, and straightened my hair with my Revlon flat iron. You can read more reviews of great flat irons here!
Let's leave the beauty reviews to the professionals at right now, and I will stick to what  I know a bit more about...

I love weddings and I get to go to my other cousin's wedding in September!!
Get ready for more wedding photos really soon!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Must Have: Blue Bikini

I have been strictly wearing blue bikini's recently!
I love the color blue, and that's all that I have liked from all the stores I have bought bikini's from.
I had a very hard time finding any bathing suits I liked this season.
I had some great ones in the past from Aerie, but I needed new ones, so I went to Aerie, but I wasn't too satisfied.

And then Zaful reached out to me and told me about their bathing suits! I think they have such a great selection online, and next time I'm in the market for a bathing suit, you can bet, I will be going to Zaful

I really love this blue ruffle bikini from Zaful and this high leg blue bikini, in a darker shade of blue!


Monday, July 24, 2017

"New York Girlfriend"





A blog post where there are barely any photos of me! WOW!
I know!
You're just as shocked as me!!
But honestly, I didn't take that many photos this weekend! I just focused on enjoying my weekend!!
So the very few photos I took I posted on my Instagram, @tallandpreppy and here for you guys to see!!

I had a very special visitor this past weekend ;)
I don't even know where to begin to describe the past four days.

I had a wonderful weekend!
It was fun and exciting yet restful and peaceful. It was adventurous yet cozy and comfortable.

A very busy weekend as well!
You name it we did it!
We went to the top of the Empire State Building, saw a show on Broadway, had dinner at my favorite restaurant- Becco, went to the Central Park zoo, had a picnic in the park, rowed a boat (well he rowed, I observed...) in Central Park, went to the MET, had a badminton tournament, drove to Montauk, and went to the lighthouse!

It was the craziest four days but the best four days ever!!

I can't wait for more adventures!


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