Wednesday, March 22, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 50 | Lady Jackets, Chanel Inspired Jackets, Tweed Blazer, Boucle Jackets

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T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 50 | Lady Jackets, Chanel Inspired Jackets, Tweed Blazer, Boucle Jackets

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Monday, March 20, 2023

Hill House Dress Collection and Discount Code

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I quickly became converted to a Hill House Nap Dress fan. I am almost a die-hard fan, but I do not own pieces from every collection like some real fans do. I pick and choose very carefully unique pieces. I believe in having different styles of dresses. You will see below, I do not have the same dress in multiple prints. 

hill house dress, nap dress, spring dress, midi dress, smocked dress, floral dress, dress with pockets, spring dress, hill house collection, hill house discount code

Hill House makes some of my favorite dresses (they also make skirts, shorts, sweaters, pjs, bathrobes, bedding, pants, accessories, bathing suits and matching clothes for your mini me) but the dresses are the best. They are beautifully made, comfortable and unique.

I absolutely love my dresses. I have shared my sizes and favorite features about the dresses below. Linked are dresses that are still in stock. Every season, most of the styles come out in new prints, so keep your eyes out! The older prints and styles will occasionally go on sale too! 

Use my link here for $20 off your first order:

Poshmark also has a ton of listings. 

I am also sharing a try-on of all of these dresses on Instagram

nap dress, dress collection, hill house dress, nap dress nation, hill house collection, hill house discount code, midi dress, maxi dress, feminine dress, dress with pockets, smocked dress

1.          The Paz Nap Top and Paz Skirt in Linen (summer 2021) in M: Sadly, the linen really shrunk. So I have now made this duo into a beach coverup. This is an easy throw-on and go outfit. My set (which is now sold out) has pink mermaids and shells all over it!

2.          The Samantha Dress- Pond Floral Print (spring 2022) in M: My all-time favorite Hill House dress. The print has little animals hidden in the florals. I call it my “baby animal dress.” I love the pockets. I especially love that never wear a bra with this dress. This dress has a zipper.

3.          The Lucia Dress (summer 2022) in S: I call this dress my fruit dress. It is a very light weight dress with little fruits and vegetables woven throughout the vine like print on a navy background. The waist is adjustable with ties. No zippers or pockets on this one. I also never wear a bra with this dress.

4.          The Talia Dress in Posy Navy Crepe (fall 2022) in S: The first fall-ish dress purchase from Hill House. I think the ruffled skirt is so flattering and makes my legs look so long. There is no zipper. The pearl buttons are very difficult to close. But the bow in the front is very cute.

5.          The Laura Dress in Lilac Stripe Linen (summer 2022) in S: I bought this dress on sale. It’s so chic. It most definitely needs a nude slip! Linking mine HERE.

6.          The Ellie Nap Dress in Navy Cotton in M: This is the original Nap Dress. Unfortunately, it’s my least favorite. It’s just a basic maxi dress to me…Nothing too exciting. I do reach for it often, because it is so easy to throw on, but it isn’t super unique and kind of boring in comparison to the others. The smocking is going to eventually go out of style. This dress now comes with pockets and in a crepe material. I should have the gotten a size S because the smocking is very stretchy. This is my least favorite out of all the dresses.

7.          The Anjuli Nap Dress in blue clip dot check (light blue gingham) in S: One of my newest Hill House purchases. This dress screams Martha’s Vineyard or East Hampton. Such an elegant dress and so flattering. This dress is lined and has pockets. No need for a bra.

8.          The Ophelia Dress in Pink Vine Stripe Cotton in S: Pictured above! Another new purchase. This is the longer style to the Samantha Dress. I ordered a S in this one, and I could’ve gone for a M again, because it is a bit hard to get over my head, but looks very nice on as a S. This dress is great for bridal showers and baby shower attendees. The print totally reminds me of the American Girl Doll Felicity. No bra needed and it has pockets. It is also lined. 

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Friday, March 17, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 39 | Veja Sneakers, Lady Jackets, Long Island Restaurant, Sarah Flint Promo Code and More

five friday favorites, weekly favorites, white sneakers, white trainers, white tennis shoes, lady jackets, preppy jackets, blazers, tweed jackets, long island food, long island restaurants, sarah flint shoes, sarah flint promo code
Five Friday Favorites | 39 | Veja Sneakers, Lady Jackets, Long Island Restaurant, Sarah Flint Promo Code and More

1.          Veja Campo sneakers- My second pair of Veja white tennis shoes. I also have the Esplar version with hot pink detail on the logo. That pair is pretty comfortable, but I find my Adidas Stan Smith’s more comfortable and more supportive. I have heard that the Campo sneakers are more like the Stan Smith sneakers with a thicker sole. I can attest that these sneakers are much more comfortable than my first pair. The leather is also pebbled unlike my other pair. The sole is thicker and more supportive. The biggest problem with these shoes are that they are so good and so loved by many, that they are impossible to buy because they are always out of stock. I got a Campo pair for Christmas but were a size too small. I am a 40 in all of my shoes. But 40 was horribly tight. I returned them and waited for size 41 to come in stock with the light pink, but after months they are still out of stock. I found this pair with the rose gold detail, in my size and I saw Kate Middleton wear the exact same pair and was sold. So here they are! 

2.          “Take me home” by Cash Cash and Bebe Rexa- I heard this song first in college and again the other day during a Peloton ride and it instantly brought me back to the good ole days of dancing in gross bars and frat basements. 

3.          Lady Jackets- These classic French inspired blazers with their boucle or tweed fabrics and feminine button details are so charming. Here are some of my favorites: stripes, light blue, pink gingham, white, and navy

4.          The Wild Goose in Port Washington- One of my favorite restaurants on Long Island. The food is delicious. Classic dishes with a flare. The salmon is my favorite main course. The Mediterranean plate is great for an appetizer. The small plates are also delicious. 

5.          Sarah Flint Natalie Slings in petal- These shoes are one of my most worn pair of everyday flats. These sling backs are beautiful, extremely comfortable and practical. They go with everything, and I wear them several times a week. Use my promo code: SARAHFLINT-BAELIZABETHG for $50 off.


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 49 | White Dresses, Graduation Dresses, Bridal Wardrobe, Bride Dresses

white dress, revolve, wedding dress, bridal shower, engagement party dress, bridal shower dress, graduation dress, white, lwd, white midi dress, lace dress
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 49 | White Dresses, Graduation Dresses, Bridal Wardrobe, Bride Dresses

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Monday, March 13, 2023

Why English Majors are Perfect for Law School

english major, law school, college, picking a college major, spring outfit, spring fashion, silk scarf, gingham pants

I graduated from Wake Forest University in May 2020 with a double major in English and French studies. When trying to figure out my majors, I went through many changes. I originally thought I was going to be a poly-sci major because that's what I thought you needed to have to go to law school. My dad also pushed me to study poly-sci because that’s what he thought I needed to succeed for law school. But I quickly learned that that was not the case. I also learned that I had no interest in politics, so it wasn’t going to work for me.

Now that I’m in my last semester of law school, I realized that you can literally major in anything you want and be successful in law school.

law school, english majors, college major, wake forest university, gingham pants, gingham, sarah flint, slingback, nude mules, silk scarf, blue sweater, silk scarf, floral scarf

I decided to be an English major because I realized my love of communication and my love of writing and reading. Those last two passions are super important for law school. 

Traditionally, law students study liberal arts before going to law school, and there are a handful of science majors, but I don't think it matters what you major in to go to law school.

However, I am biased and I truly find that English majors are the perfect majors for law school because all I do is read and write every single day for hours on end.

I think my English degree helped me become a critical reader and a critical analyzer in everything I read and that skill has really helped me in law school.

I also think that all of my reading assignments at Wake Forest, which we also call Work Forest, because the workload, was extremely strenuous. Even for a student like myself, coming from a top high school in New York, it was a ton of work. I think the reading assignments in general, as well as just being at Wake Forest was really beneficial in helping my stamina when it came to law school.

I've said this once, I'll say it again, I think my high school fully prepared me for Wake Forest with the workload. And I truly feel that Wake Forest prepared me for a law school with the workload. In regard to rigor and amount of work.

I had many classmates my first semester of law school totally blindsided by the amount of work we had to do, and I truly felt that it was the same amount of work that I had in undergrad, which I really appreciated, even though it was exhausting and difficult. It was a lot. But more normal for me than it was for any of my other classmates, and I truly believe that is because of my degree and the university I went to.


I loved my majors and I am so happy I picked them. I truly think they helped prepare me for law school. I think English majors are the perfect majors for law school. 

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 38 | Netflix Shows, Makeup Spatula, Makeup Powder Puffs, Workout with Weights and More

five friday favorites, weekly favorites, netflix shows, makeup spatula, makeup powder puffs, weights workout, gym workout, dumbbell workout, gym, exercise, fitness

 1.          Season 4 of You on Netflix- This show is usually so creepy, I can’t watch it alone or at night, but season 4 isn’t creepy. It’s so well written because this time Joe Goldberg isn’t murdering people, like he normally does, instead, he is being framed for someone else’s bad act and the viewer has to try to figure out who is framing him and why. 

2.          Makeup spatula- When you think you are “out” of foundation or concealer or moisturizer, you really aren’t. If you have a plastic tube, you can cut off the top and dig out the rest that is stuck to the sides of the container. But if it is a glass tube, good luck. This tiny spatula is perfect for getting out every last drop of makeup from my glass foundation containers. You will be shocked by how much product you still have left. 

3.          Buying Beverly Hills on Netflix- Who doesn’t love to watch shows about rich people buying and selling stunning multi-million-dollar houses? This show is about a family run real estate firm in Beverly Hills. There is no cheesy drama like Selling Sunset.

4.          Powder puffs- I noticed that when I set my undereye concealer it looks all cakey and ages me. I heard about using a fluffy puff to set your undereye for a creaseless and seamless look. I found these on Amazon, and I am widely impressed. I wish I would’ve started using these years ago.

5.          Workout with weights- I have been trying to get back into lifting weights at the gym. I found this full body weight workout a while ago on Pinterest and it is my tried-and-true routine for a full body workout. I am always sore for days after. I am by no means a fitness professional or fitness guru, but these are workouts that are easy to figure out how to do and won’t embarrass me at the gym. I do: 4 sets of 12 reps: leg press, 3 sets of 16 reps: dumbbell floor/bench chest press, 4 sets of 12 reps: dumbbell squat clean and press, 3 sets of 16 reps: dumbbell or barbell deadlifts, 3 sets of 12 reps: standing two-armed bent over dumbbell, 3 sets of 10 reps: lunge with hammer curls, 3 sets of 16 reps: seated tricep press, and 100 Russian twists.


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 48 | Spring Break, Bathing Suits, Bikinis, One Pieces, Beach Accessories

spring break, bikini, bathing suit, one piece, aerie, spring break 2023, beach, pool, hat, straw hat, sarong, vacation
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 48 | Spring Break, Bathing Suits, Bikinis, One Pieces, Beach Accessories
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Monday, March 6, 2023

How to Outline in Law School

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Outlining is the process of taking all of your class notes and case briefs (click HERE to read about how I case brief in law school) and compiling them all into a organized fashion so you can study for your finals.

Outlining is a lot of work, and it is not for the faint of heart, but it really is the only way to study for finals in law school.

You study by re-learning, and re-teaching yourself the material through memorization.

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How I outline is very methodical.

I usually read through my either handwritten or typed homework notes, class by class and I match them up with the notes that I took in class for that class.

So I usually break them down by subject. I usually follow the syllabus, the professors hand out, and that helps with the organization. 

I usually end up copying and pasting both the class notes and the homework notes into one document, and create a outline 

It’s very time-consuming, but it’s really the best way to study.

Also, while I’m doing this, I usually cross-reference a previous outline from an upperclassman from previous year, if I have access to one.

spring outfit, warm weather, preppy outfit, classic outfit, blazer, double breasted blazer, jeans, white sneakers, white tennis shoes, veja, blue and white bag, lily and bean bag, stripes, Parisienne look, preppy outfit, veja, white tennis shoes, white sneakers

I usually like to start outlining halfway through the semester but as a third year that’s unrealistic and I still haven’t started yet. 

But I’ve had lots of things going on besides law school that are weighing heavy on me. 

law school, law student, 3L, law school advice, law school tips, academic success, school, student, graduate school, graduate student

I hope this makes sense and I hope this was helpful. There really is no true way to outline it’s just whatever you’re comfortable with and overtime. You will learn what works for you. What doesn’t and this is just what works for me.

spring outfit, warm weather, preppy outfit, classic outfit, blazer, double breasted blazer, jeans, white sneakers, white tennis shoes, veja, blue and white bag, lily and bean bag, stripes, Parisienne look, preppy outfit, veja, white tennis shoes, white sneakers

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Friday, March 3, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 37 | NYC Casual Restaurant, Nacre Watch, Netflix Documentaries, Swingers Mini Golf and More

nyc date night idea, nyc mini golf, swingers, jacks wife frieda, nacre watch, preppy watch, netflix documentaries, full swing, deacs, east river

1.         Jack’s Wife Frieda- A great restaurant for small plates to share or for American fare. I love the salmon burger here and the zucchini chips. But everything is delicious. Super casual and quick place. You don’t even have to make a reservation.

2.         Nacre Watch- This watch was gifted to me. Such a beautiful watch with pearls. Y’all know I love pearls and classic pieces. This watch is beautiful. And one of the founders is a fellow Demon Deacon. GO DEACS!

3.         Full Swing on Netflix- Full Swing is a tennis documentary by the same creators of Formula One, Drive to Survive, and the new tennis documentary, Break Point. All of these documentaries are so exciting and fun. They are binge worthy and entertaining shows. I think Netflix does wonderful documentaries. 

4.         Swingers mini golf- This fun named mini golf club in midtown has a ton of entertaining 9-hole courses. There are tons of bars and adorable places to sit. This is the coolest place for a date night or a change of scenery with friends. I cannot wait to go back. 

5.         Walks along the East River- One of my favorite things to do in Manhattan. You get beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Roosevelt Island. You even get a great view of midtown along the East River. If you’re lucky, you can see a seaplane take off and head to Boston.


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 47 | Feminine Spring Outfits, Floral Dress, Pink Sweater, Pink Skirt, Floral Top, Bow Heels, Straw Hat

floral dress, straw hat, bow heels, loeffler Randall mules, pink short sleeve sweater, bode sweater, white jeans, bow heels, white cross body bag, white bag, pink skirt, boden sweater, boden skirt, h&m floral top, spring outfit, feminine spring outfit, bow heels
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 47 | Feminine Spring Outfits, Floral Dress, Pink Sweater, Pink Skirt, Floral Top, Bow Heels, Straw Hat

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Law School Prom | Barrister's Ball and my Favorite Dress Shops

law student, law school, law school prom, prom, formal dress, long gown, wedding guest dress

My last law school prom! 

Thursday night was my last Barrister’s Ball at Crest Hollow Country Club. (In a full circle moment, I had my high school senior prom at the same venue).

law school, law student, law school prom, long dress, prom dress, long gown, wedding guest dress, formal dress, formal gown, black tie dress

law school prom, formal gown, law school, law student, barristers ball, ball, gala, formal gown, formal dress, black tie, wedding guest dress

I re-wore my green gown from Lord + Taylor, which I previously wore to a black-tie wedding in Knoxville, Tennessee around New Years in 2021.

I searched high and low for dresses for this ball. I shared some horrible $100 dresses HERE. I returned all of them. I ordered another dress from Mac Duggal, without success. 

I’m glad I re-wore this beautiful gown (Kate Middleton would approve). I got so many complements on it and rounded up some similar dresses to this one and linked them at the bottom of this post.

Below is a list of my favorite dress shops when I don’t know where to start looking.

As always, I am here to help you shop for whatever function (big or small, dressy or casual) coming up! Shoot me a DM on Instagram or an email.

wedding guest dress, long gown, formal gown, formal dress, green dress, black tie dress, prom dress 

Favorite dress shops (I featured most of these stores in THIS T&P Top 10 post):



            Mac Duggal


            Show me Your Mumu



            Astr the Label

            Petal and Pup


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Friday, February 24, 2023

Five Friday Favorites | 36 | BYOB Restaurant in NYC, Tapas Restaurant, Lipstick Making in SOHO, Pickle Ball and More


lipstick making class, nyc activities, fun nyc activities, lip lab soho, eleven b, pizza restaurant, restaurant with big groups nyc, nyc byob restaurant, pickle ball, tapas restaurant

1.         Eleven B- I’ve been two Friday nights in a row to this great family-style pizza spot for BYOB and pizza. We celebrated a birthday here with 12 people and brought our own beer, seltzers, and wine. We had pizza, salad, chicken parm, and meatballs. So delicious. It’s always packed with big groups of friends! 

2.         “Pay attention to who you are with when you are feeling your best” - a quote I heard somewhere that really resonated with me.

3.         Ella Social UWS- This teeny tiny restaurant is such a cute spot for tapas with friends or on a date. Michelle and Giorgia and I split a bottle of wine and a ton of small plates. Everything was delicious.

4.         Lip Lab SOHO- Grab your girlfriends and make a custom lipstick. Lauren and I celebrated Galentine’s Day one Saturday and picked out some lipstick shades with the help of the colorists that matched our personalities. I picked a pink color and Lauren picked a nude-brown color. We got to customize the color, scent, finish, packaging, and name of our creation. I filmed our day HERE.

5.         Pickle ball- Pickle ball has become trendy these past couple of years and I never fully understood the hype until this past weekend. Alex and I played for a couple of hours, and we had so much fun. I am always down for some friendly competition. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 46 | Easter Dress, Spring Fashion, Tweed Jacket, Suiting Set, Spring Blazers, Slingbacks

Spring Fashion, Tweed Jacket, Suiting Set, Spring Blazers, Slingbacks, jcrew new arrivals, jcrew clothes, tweed dress, spring dress, spring clothes, blue button down
T&P's Top 10 of the Week | No. 46 | Easter Dress, Spring Fashion, Tweed Jacket, Suiting Set, Spring Blazers, Slingbacks

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

How to Case Brief in Law School

case brief, law school, law school tips, law school advice, casebook, textbook, law school student
I have been sharing tips, tricks, and lessons I’ve learned from my two and a half years in law school on TikTok weekly.

There seems to be an attraction to learn more about law school so I thought I would share a dedicated post on what case briefing is and how I do it, after I shared a quick lesson in video format.


What is a case brief?

In law school, you learn the law by reading cases in the textbooks. We call textbooks, casebooks because they are filled with edited cases from the publishers and background information about the cases. 

A case brief is what law students create to summarize a case from the casebook. It is a summary of the case. 

My first year and a half of law school, I would write out all my case briefs by hand, but I realized that typing works better for me.


Why case brief?

Well, professors like to cold call or call on you in class when your hand isn’t raised and ask you questions about a case you were assigned for class, so case briefing helps you be prepared for these stressful situations. It also helps with studying and outlining. (I will do another post on how I outline for law school exams soon.) Case briefs can be one page to several pages. It depends on how detailed the professor likes you to be while asking you questions and it also depends on how detailed you like your notes for studying purposes. 

law school, law student, law school advice, law school tips, 3L, law school success, nap dress, hill house home, winter to spring outfit, winter to spring transition outfit

 How I case brief:

I first start off by reading the assigned case in my casebook. While reading, I highlight and annotate the case in my book, making notes about where each part of my brief comes from in the case.


What I put in my case brief:

Case name/court/year


Facts: Who, what, where, when, why

Procedural History: How this case got to the court it is in now

Issue: What does the judge/justices/jury in this case have to decide?

Parties Arguments: The plaintiff and defendant’s arguments in the case

Hold: The decision of the case. Is it reversed? Is the holding affirmed? Is it dismissed? Is it remanded to a lower court? I also usually include a quick summary with the holding of how the court came to the holding.

Rule: The law that creates the holding

ReasoningHow the holding and the rule go together with the facts of the case.


And that’s it. Case briefing gets easier over time as you learn to read and understand the cases better.

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