Monday, October 31, 2016

Homecoming: Friday

Happy Homecoming!!!
This whole week was homecoming week with various activities each night.
Thursday night there was a bonfire... I didn't go, it was too cold...
But Friday night there were some dance parties/concerts on the quad under a big tent, which I also didn't go to...
In the afternoon the Spinners performed, AKA my dad's favorite musical group, so perfect for the older alumni and then in the evening there was a country artist that performed, for the younger alumni.
Instead of going to those concerts I did some "chores" around my room and organized my life.
I picked out my classes for next semester, fingers crossed that I get all of them and I also started picking out classes for next fall!
I am way ahead of the game in regards to completing all of my divisionals and I will be able to start working on my major and minor next fall! Which is kinda crazy!
So still as of right now I am a political science major, and a French minor but maybe that will change!
So I was looking at the poly-sci requirements and I am required to take Math 109, also known as Stats, and it also counts as a divisional... so why am I taking Calc 111 if I could be taking stats and killing two birds with one stone????
Ahhhh I am so annoyed at myself that I didn't realize that!!!
Ah whatever!
Lesson learned: READ ALL THE FINE PRINT!!!

I was super exhausted on Friday because a lot happened on Thursday and I was kinda a mess... so I opted for a simple and easy outfit for Friday:
Shirt and pants!
I made the outfit more stylish by adding some gold accessories and a great shoe!
This outfit is the perfect example of how fashion doesn't have to be hard and you can still look great after a bad night!

Shirt: J Crew knit burgundy and blue top (same style with different colors)
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch  


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