Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloweekend 2016

I love my friends.
That's all I'm going to say, I love my friends!
They pick me up when I'm down and just always make me laugh. They have great shoulders to cry on, they provide great tissues (*cough Blair and her crazy puffs plus tissues) and they always make me smile.
I love you guys!

We had a crazy fun Halloween weekend.
I was going to go out Monday night too, because it was actually Halloween but I had too much going on to go out, so that's why I didn't post this blog post yesterday!
And I'm kinda sad because I had a super cute costume too!! :(

So Friday night we were dalmatians! A super cute and easy costume. My favorite part of it was our "dog tag" that read "If found please return to Collins 3B," which is our hall. It was so cute!
And it was really funny because wherever we went people would count us to see how many dalmatians there were.
There weren't 100 or according to Emily, a 1,000 but there were 7 of us and that's all we needed. <3

Saturday night we were football players. Gabby and Blair were referees and kept everyone "in line" and then some of us were Panthers and the others were Patriots.
And let me tell you we all should have been Pats because apparently college boys love the Pats......

It was a weekend full of Frisbee house adventures and various frat parties, oh and homecoming!


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