Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Woo Monday is over!
For me only 3 more days of classes for me!
I don't have class on Friday because it's fall break! But fall break isn't that much of a break it is only one day off from class. But I guess that is one more day that I get to sleep in!
And my parents are coming this weekend! I am really excited to see them and for them to take me out to dinner and to Target! Woo! Actually, I'm most excited to show my dad around campus because he has never seen it.

I went to bed at 9:30 Sunday night so I was really wide awake in math class at 8am yesterday. And I felt great. I was so well rested, that I was able to ace my Health 100 final yesterday and go to two workout classes. 
Or maybe I was able to ace my Health 100 final because during my test I had a ladybug crawling on me!
I just thought it was a fly at first but then I saw it and let it crawl over my shirt for the whole test. So I had some good luck yesterday!
And I went so hard yesterday. I did my bi-weekly pilates class with Kristin at 2 and then I added some cardio into my workout by taking a spin class at 6:30 last night with two of our other friends. It was fun and definitely hard!
For dinner the girls and I ordered some Chinese takeout, which took forever to come, so we didn't end up eating until 8pm, thus delaying my venture to the library until 9pm....
Monday nights are always so late for me because I have 4 (used to be 5) classes on Tuesday. I really screwed up my schedule this semester because I am literally dying with all the work, and I am still trying to get over being sick!

The leaves are finally starting to change and fall here, so it appears to be fall, even though yesterday was 82 degrees at like 4pm....
Here is my summery/fall/this weather is bipolar so I don't even know what to wear anymore outfit:

Skirt: Joe Fresh off white lace skirt
Shoes: Tory Burch Reva cheetah flats


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