Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recruitment 2017

Look there are even more leaves on the ground than there was on Monday!!!
Apparently, I overexerted myself on Monday, because yesterday was a little rough.
I had my 4 classes, my math tutor and the beginning of sorority recruitment!
I had a lot going on yesterday and wasn't feeling so great by last night.
I think on Monday, because I was so well rested that I was all better and could go back to my normal crazy study and work routine... but apparently I can't because I am still sick.
My cold just keeps jumping from one part of my body to the next.
Yesterday, it was my throat. 
Probably all the talking at the sorority recruitment meet and greet wasn't so great for my throat, but don't worry I managed to really prioritize my work last night and go to bed at 10:30!
The recruitment event was very casual, minus my slightly dressed up outfit, except I did wear this outfit all day, and it just worked out that I didn't have to change for the sorority event. 
One sister even told me that my outfit was very Blair Waldorf esq.! I was like omg, thank you so much. It was a great compliment!
I am so excited to rush!
The only thing I am not excited for is that I am going to loose my voice (from all the talking) and that I have to be back on campus January 3rd, so my Christmas break is only 2 weeks. :(
But I will be very excited to see all my friends and just hang out for a week before classes start!
I am sure to have lots of really cute outfits for rush week, so don't worry, they will all be posted here on T&P!!

Necklace: J Crew multicolored statement necklace
Shoes: Tory Burch black and gold Reva ballet flats


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