Monday, October 3, 2016

Dixie Classic Fair

Well I have never eaten so much fried food in my life....
Kristin and I had deep fried Oreos and a Krispy Kreme burger. Which was two Krispy Kreme donuts as the bun and then a greasy burger in the middle. It was so bad but so good. I felt so fat afterwards. I literally couldn't go on any rides for fear of getting sick...
I did however go on this huge Ferris wheel. It was so high we could see Wait Chapel. 
This was my first real state fair. Back on Long Island we don't have state fairs. My school district has a fair run by the PTA but this Dixie Classic Fair was the biggest and most outrageous thing I have ever been to!
It was crazy!
So much fried food, so many animals, so much country music and so many rides! I couldn't believe it. 
There were all these games and like freak show attractions like "Come see the world's smallest living woman...." I was really shocked by those attractions, but we are down south, anything can happen down here.
Also the vendors were really funny. The things they were saying to try to get my girlfriends and I and to play the games, "Hey boots come here," and to get my guy friends to play, "Come on win the pretty lady a nice stuffed animal...". Long story short none of my friends won me a stuffed animal...........
I won my friend two gold fish, so now we have mascots for our building, Winston and Salem and we also danced to some good ole country music. Good thing I wore my cowgirl boots!
I had a great time! I was so excited and it definitely exceeded my expectations,  except that there were no cowboys, like from The Longest Ride (ah great movie <3)!

I of course was over dressed for this event, but I didn't know what else to wear with my boots!
I am so glad I wore them though. I love that they are such a statement and really bring my outfit to a whole new southern level! I kind of love it! But I would never be caught dead wearing cowgirl boots in NY... omg my friends would die of laughter. 

Shirt: J Crew white t-shirt with gold beaded neckline
Skirt: J Crew blue and white pencil skirt
Earrings: Tiffany pearl studs
Bag: Michael Kors medium light brown Selma bag


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