Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stress Free and Ahead

I don't mean to brag but I had a great Monday!
I hope all of you did as well!
I was very rested from my 3 day weekend which I think really improved my mood yesterday. 
What also improved my mood was that I was able to get sooooooo much work done yesterday! I have never gotten so much work done in one day at college. 
And another thing that has never happened to me, was that I was able to get ahead in my work!
It felt sooooo good yesterday to be able to get so much stuff done!
I worked on a project and was able to finish work that is due next Tuesday! I haven't gotten that far ahead since high school, and it feels great!
For once in college I am not super stressed out!
I was just so happy yesterday! 
I danced around my room a bit and sang, it was great. 
It was just nice to know that before dinner I had all of my work that was due the next day done, and all I had to do was study! 
Lesson learned from all of this: I need to make better use of my time...

I am sad to say I didn't have my best "photo shoot" yesterday.
The new dress I was wearing was very dark in color and the sun was starting to set so it was creating lots of crazy shadows. 
But hopefully at the end of this week or next I will have shot this dress or possibly another outfit with a fellow classmate/photographer with a really great camera!
That reminds me that I should really start using my Canon camera again to take photos rather than just my phone....

I love this dress and am back in love with H&M!
H&M is what I like to call my version of Forever 21!
I can't wear F21 stuff, it never fits me but H&M on the other hand is cheap and trendy like F21 but fits me.
H&M is also just better quality than F21 and I think is so much cuter!
I love H&M for trendy pieces or going out clothes.
If the item goes out of style in a year, no big deal because you didn't drop a lot of money on it!
This dress is one of my new favorite fall items I got the other day. I love this dress and the black shirt that I wore out last Thursday night with the same kind of neck line!
It is really in right now and just super cute!

Earrings: Tiffany sterling silver ball studs


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