Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Homecoming Week

Hey y'all!
(lol can I say that now that I live in the south?? Probably not...)
But anyway....
Hi everyone!
I had another crazy busy day yesterday!
There is just so much going on this week because it is Halloween weekend, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are coming to campus, Homecoming, and Project Pumpkin!
Yesterday, I made a good use of my time, thankfully I think I am finally figuring out how to manage my time in college, and got pretty much all my work done before dinner again, which allowed me to have some time for a fun Halloween activity, carving pumpkins.
My residence hall sponsors little fun events every week so yesterday they hosted pumpkin carving. And I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin! I forgot how messy it was and I remembered it to be a lot harder than it actually was, probably because I am bigger now. But it makes sense why my mom got tired of helping my brother and I carve pumpkins, because she would have to clean out all the "guts" and do the actual carving... I now understand mom!
And one of my friends who carved a pumpkin had never carved one before! So that was fun for him to experience a classic Halloween tradition!
We put them outside our residence hall and none of them have been smashed yet, but it is still early in the week!
Last night I also had a training for Project Pumpkin, which is a really fun and nice activity that I am participating in today and you will get to read about on the blog tomorrow!

It was soooooooooo cold yesterday morning.
It was like 45 degrees at 7:30 am. 
Okay, I know that that's not really that cold, and I am from New York so that is honestly nothing, but I guess I am just so used to the warm weather down here that that dramatic drop in temperature makes me think it's freezing!
I might need to get my wool coat shipped down soon!
I feel like it is just a bit more humid here than back home so that also makes it feel colder. 
And during the school day the only time I went outside was walking from my front door to the car and from the car to my school, which was like 2 seconds of me being outside because I got dropped off at the curb, and then taking the bus or walking to Michelle's car.... So I honestly spend more time outside here than I did at home walking from class to class, so that is probably another reason why I feel that it is so cold!
But don't worry mom and yaiyai I bundle up!
Yesterday I wore my vest and my J Crew black quilted jacket!
I love love love my J Crew puffer vests! I cannot rave about them enough.
They are so warm and just sooo fashionable.
They go with pretty much everything, and just make any outfit more preppy.
I am especially in love with this new red/poppy color one I got. I think the color is so bright and happy and it really adds a pop of color to any outfit. Normally I would just wear this navy shirt with like colored pants (click HERE to see that outfit) or a colored sweater (click HERE to see that outfit) or maybe just jeans and a burgundy shoe but with this new bright vest it takes the outfit to a whole new level!

Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)

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