Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Clown Problem

If you haven't already heard, clowns are plaguing college campuses all over the east coast. 
Yes, you read that correctly, CLOWNS...
Michelle sent me a buzzfeed article a couple of weeks ago saying that there were clowns in Winston-Salem, NC, aka the city where I go to school. 
I was like okay sure, whatever, no big deal.
But apparently now it's a big deal!
Supposedly last night there was a clown spotted on campus...
I didn't see it with my own eyes nor did I hear that from a reputable source.
My building GroupMe was blowing up last night all about how our building was going to go clown hunting and take down that clown. 
Yes, people did go clown hunting, specifically some boys, with pocket knives, bats and golf clubs. 
But there was no clown to be found.
My friend Kristin, featured above sniffing a tree (she's from New Mexico so she's kind of odd...) told me that her Psychology professor said there are never any clowns and that this rumor goes around every 10 years to freak everyone out.
When Kristin and I were leaving the library last night there were two cops in the lobby. Normally there is one, but last night the male cop was telling a student that it's not safe for her to walk all the way to north campus and that she should take the shuttle, because of the clowns? I don't know. But there were cop cars outside of the freshman buildings last night. So who knows?!
More updates on the clown problem to follow.

Kristin and I were both really tired and slightly freaked out by the clowns last night that we actually went home at an early hour. 11 pm and I was out of the library, it was so surprising. My brain was just fried. I did 6 hours of math yesterday and I was just pooped. 
So we walked home, avoided the clowns, and made it to our hall where one of our friends was armed and ready to fight off the clowns with her Swiffer Sweeper.... It was honestly hysterical and so ridiculous. 

Look I am starting to wear more fall pieces! 
I love this skirt with this tassel necklace. I wore it once around my neck tight and then long. It was kind of choker esq. and very different from jewelry I would normally pair with this skirt. It is so fun and colorful and slightly more fall appropriate than my more colorful outfits. Again, I am just slowlyyyyyyyy transitioning into the fall season. 

Shirt: Banana Republic chambray button down (similar)
Skirt: J Crew patterned pencil skirt (similar)
Necklace: lavender beaded tassel pendant (similar)


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