Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wake v. Syracuse

Another big win = another quad rolled!
Saturday, Blair, her family and I stood in the pouring rain (among other families) at the Wake Forest v. Syracuse football game. 
I really shouldn't say pouring because it was more than just pouring, it was "hurricaneing," as Blair's mom said. The game just happened to be the same time we were getting hit by Hurricane Mathew.
Blair dragged me out of our room to go, I went, it was fun, we got soaked and now I am sick....
But good thing we won! 
It was apparently a big game because my family back home was watching it on TV!
I also went out Friday night and walked to and from the frat houses in the pouring rain and got soaked, so maybe that is also why I am sick...
Oh and Saturday night, I went out again, after being bribed by Kristin to wear a cute shirt, and was out until 3 am because the frat party got busted by the cops.... 

So, now that I think about it there were many factors into why I was sick in bed all day yesterday.

These pictures are from Monday, because yesterday, I skipped all of my 5 classes and my math lab final. I had a fever Monday night and then just couldn't get out of bed on Tuesday. 
So much fun! But now I am getting better. I forgot how amazing sleep is and what wonderful things it does for the body!
Moral of the story: don't stand in the rain if you don't have to! 

Shirt: Joe Fresh stripped shirt with lace
Shoes: Sperry gold sparkled boat shoes (similar)


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