Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Apparently I Can't Keep my Eyes Open

Ok apparently yesterday was really sunny because I literally didn't get one photo of me with my eyes open.... Or maybe it was because I was exhausted.
It was probably the later, because I refused to get up during the night to pee, and was up every 20 minutes but refused to pee. So moral of the story, don't drink a lot of water (150 ml) before bed. 
Oh and it was probably also because we had a hall meeting Sunday night at 8pm and I still had a Politics test to study for, which let me tell you was impossible.
 I took AP Gov last year in high school but this was so much harder. The whole test was essays and I had to support all my answers with at least 4 Supreme Court cases, and I was like well I don't remember 4, I know 2 that would back up my answer, so here you go. It was bad. 
I also didn't do so hot on my math test that I took last week. 
Well, whatever. My grades are horrible this semester and I am still trying to get the hang of college....

These pictures are probably an accurate representation of me in my math and FYS classes...
I had 8am's and early morning classes in high school and stayed up just as late, if not later in high school, so I don't really understand how I am just way more exhausted here. But I am. Sleeping doesn't exist in college apparently. 

I talked to Mitchie a bit on FacetTime yesterday! I miss her and all my friends so much! I'm sure you fellow blog readers miss her being featured in most of my posts too! Our friendship is so great that we haven't seen each other in a month and we are still able to talk like no time has gone by! I love her and I'm not going to see her until Christmas so I'm really sad. :( But there is always FaceTime! (And I know George and her love my dress! <3)

Oh and meet your newest WFU Style writer! Me!!
I am so excited to be apart of such a cool club on campus. I can't wait to meet others who love fashion and to blog just like me!
Here is part of the application I sent in!
"Ever since I was little I have always loved to dress up. Then in elementary/middle school I fell in love with the TLC show "What Not to Wear." Shortly after that I began to write fashion and entertainment articles for my high school newspaper. In 10th grade I became editor of that section and had that role until I graduated in June.
In the summer going into senior year I made a fashion blog, Tall and Preppy (www.tallandpreppy.blogspot.com, or on Instagram/Pinterest @tallandpreppy)! I had always wanted to make a blog, because I read blogs like Something Navy, Southern Curls and Pearls, and Classy Girls Wear Pearls, but I was too nervous to do it at first. My mom really encouraged me to do it and it is one of the best decisions I made! I have to say I get most of my fashion sense from my mom and she likes to call herself the "original" Tall and Preppy, lol. 
I have had my blog for a little over a year now and have had more than 22,000 page views. I love blogging. It is a way for me to vent/write about my day in an online jounal and also talk about one of my passions, fashion. I love getting dressed up for school everyday knowing that I can document my outfits and it can be something I can look back at and also that other's can take inspiration from! I just think it's so fun looking at what everyone is wearing. I always say that the hallways or in this case the walkways are my runway!
I love shopping and trying on clothes, just like everyone else in this organization! I really want to be a part of WFU Style because I want to be able to talk about the latest shows at NYFW or Milan Fashion Week or the crazy new trends for spring like huge statement earrings, crazy ruffles and luxurious robes for hours on end! I also just love that there is a place for me on campus to share my creative side. For me dressing is a way to express myself and by blogging I am able to show that with the world. I think it's so amazing that there is an organization on campus that has other bloggers in it! I think it's so great! We didn't have something like this at my high school and I was kind of scared what people back home would think about my blog. But now that I'm here I tell everyone about it. 
An article I would write for WFU Style is an article about transitioning from summer to fall. I think it is so hard to do that being down here in North Carolina when it is still so warm out, but yet it's almost October! Ahh what problems we have!! lol! I would also love to write an article featuring Wake Forest students and their "street style," or as I would call it "Quad Style." We have such a diverse campus and I think it would be so cool to feature how creative and fashionable our campus really is!"

Like I say everyday, the weather changes so quickly here it is very hard to dress. In the mornings it's freezing and then by 3pm it's 75 degrees or warmer!
So that's why I loved this dress for yesterday. It kept me warm in the morning but cool and comfortable in the afternoon, and I was also able to just take my jacket off! That's why layers are wonderful!

Dress: Gap printed shirt dress (a more fall appropriate one)
Necklace: sterling silver monogramed pendant (similar)


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