Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Winston Cup Museum, Hit The Bricks and Parent's Weekend

I have zero to no interest in racing cars.
But for my FYS class we went to the Winston Cup Museum, which is all about the Winton Cup.
The museum was actually really cool. The cars are the personal collection of the museum owner.
He had so many cars and the museum space was just really cool. If my grandparents come down to visit me I will definitely bring them to the museum! My grandpa would love it. It is such up his ally, with Nascar and everything. 
I never realized how big a sport racing is!
It's like a culture down here. The owner of the museum's wife was trying to explain to my friend and I how Nascar is such a big deal down in the south. And we just didn't really understand what the Winston Cup was or the culture surrounding it.
But it was really cool to learn about racing because we don't really have racing up north.
If you are in the area you should definitely check it out: The Winston Cup Museum.
Shortly after getting back from the museum I participated in the annual Hit the Bricks fundraiser on campus! 
It is a cancer walk around the upper quad and the team to walk or run the most laps with sand in a backpack on their back wins! So of course the track team won!
Shocker! But if they didn't win then that would have been sad.
My friends in my hall and I were on a team! It was really fun! There was music, free food and we got a t-shirt out of it. And it was all for a good cost! If you want to donate to the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund like me and my team did, click HERE.
I walked 5.2 miles. So I did about 20 some odd laps around the upper quad. So I definitely got in my workout for the day!
On my way back from the event I stopped in the student center and picked up a mysterious package.
The mysterious package was a care package from Jack. He surprised me with the help of my roommate and Kristin and it was so cute. I was really surprised and thought it was so sweet of him! He wrote me a really sweet note and I cried. 
It really made my day.

So then we go into Thursday night!
Blair's mom flew in for parent's weekend so I got to meet her and go out to dinner with her and B.
She is so sweet and so much like my mom. B's mom said how happy she is that we get along so well and are so close. B and I are realized how lucky we are that we can come back "home," at the end of the day and just hug it out and talk about our days. We really care for each other and it's so great that we have a great relationship. #roomiesforever
I love you B! 
Oh yeah and the firetruck came Thurs night! Woo!

Blair's mom adopted me for the day! And then on Friday night, I was adopted by Kristin's mom! 
We also went downtown Friday night and the food was soooo good, omg!
It was so nice to eat off campus and meet my friend's parents.
I am sad that my parents aren't here for parents weekend because I am really lonely because during the day my friends are out running errands and catching up with their parents, and then there is just me. But at the same time the weather this weekend is really crappy because of the hurricane so I know they would't enjoy themselves.
I will see them in 2 weeks when they come down and we will take my friends out to eat. But still, it's just sad being by myself this weekend.
But I am getting a lot of work done!

I was rocking my white jeans and trench coat again on Friday! I can't help it, it is so warm here still and this shirt wouldn't go with dark jeans! It needs some contrast!
Actually one of my friends in my FYS class asked me if it was raining outside because I was wearing my trench. And I was like no! Trench coats are always stylish regardless of the weather. 
My French teacher even complemented me on my shirt!

Shirt: J Crew light blue tunic with neon green embroidery
Bracelet: C Wonder pink "e" initial cuff
Shoes: Tory Burch Sedgwick ballet flats in nude (similar)
Jacket: Banana Republic classic trench with gold button detail (similar)


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