Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Clown Problem Part 2, Hurricane Matthew and More SHOPPING!!!!

How is everyone?
It's almost Friday woo!
So you might be a little confused and/or concerned about the title of this post. If you have no idea what I am talking about you should go read my blog post from yesterday which will explain everything a little more. Click HERE to read it. 

It is finally fall!
It is cold all of a sudden. I should really say it's just getting chilly because 60 degrees isn't cold compared to last winter in NY when we had -25 degrees with wind chill, but the Carolinians here think this is freezing. 
But the colder temperatures here could be due to Hurricane Mathew that is headed our way. I am like 4 hours from the coast so it isn't going to affect me too badly. We are just supposed to get rain Friday and Saturday which is kind of sad because it's parent's weekend and there is a football game but we are still gonna go rain or shine!
The hurricane is actually so bad that all the colleges on the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia are being evacuated. It's really scary. 
Blair and I were saying that if we had to evacuate, her sister would come pick us up in her car and we would drive up north. 
The problem for parents this weekend is if they are traveling from south of us they don't know how they are going to get home after the weekend because the roads are all going to be closed and everything... So it's kind of a problem.

So last night I had my first WFU Style meeting. And everyone at the meeting looked so trendy and fashionable! I was explaining to Ashley that I have my everyday style which consists of my J Crew clothes and just very preppy items but then I have my NYC style where I toughen everything up and wear more trendy pieces. 
So because everyone looked so great I  had to do some shopping last night! 
I seriously have a shopping addiction. You should have already been able to tell by this blog but specifically the blog post about all the pairs of shorts I own, the number is crazy. Click HERE to read that very funny yet sad article. 
So I because I obviously need more clothes I placed an order on my favorite website, and ordered/reordered some fall stuff. 
I ordered clothes from them at the beginning of September but had to ship it to my house back north because they wouldn't ship my stuff to my P.O. Box here at campus for some reason...
So when I got home I tried everything on and nothing fit. Everything was too big. So lol, funny story, my mom ended up keeping all of the stuff that was too big for me. So yep. 
But I still wanted some of the shirts in my own size, so I just reordered them last night!
But now I need to order pants and some trendy pieces for going out and stuff!
Hopefully, I don't spend all my allowance in the first week of the month, like I did last month..... oops!
But no promises!

So because I spent a good hour doing online shopping in the library last night, I was at the library extra late. And thus I had to walk home by myself at 1am. Woo. And as I was walking home last night there were some guys running around in a panic and this one guy screamed and went running. I got so freaked out that I walked even faster back to my dorm than normal. 
And later in the day Blair was telling me that they arrested a guy on campus for dressing up like a clown or something. I'm not really sure and I think the clown drama is dying down, so that will be good, when everyone can be calm again!

I was wearing this outfit yesterday to math without a coat and just my Jack Rogers sandals and I froze. So I had to go back to my room and put on a coat and some more fall appropriate shoes. And I got so many compliments on my outfit! Everyone thought I looked so chic and stylish! A trench coat is classic and just makes any outfit look 20x more chic! Oh and someone even thought it was Burberry!

Shirt: J Crew orange tunic with neon embroidery (similar)
Jacket: Banana Republic trench coat with gold button detail (similar)
Shoes: Tory Burch Sedgwick nude flats


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