Monday, October 24, 2016

(My) Parents Weekend

Look my parents do love me!
Just kidding!
My parents came this weekend to visit me!
They didn't come during the actual "parents weekend," because they thought it would be just too hectic, and it was, and the weather was horrible so good thing they came when the sun was shining and the weather was nice!
Saturday morning my mom drove over from Raleigh-Durham.
She got to meet all of my friends and take me out to some really yummy brunch in downtown Winston at Mary's Diner.
I had some amazing French toast as did she.
She later took me to Target because I needed necessities like: oatmeal, peanut butter, "nice" frat formal shoes and camo shirts....
At around 3 pm, my dad and his business partner arrived at Wake! 
I got to show them my humble abode, introduce them to all my friends and gave them a tour of campus.
This was my dad's first time on campus and he was like wow it's gorgeous I can see why you like the place so much!
Later we went out to dinner with Blair and Kristin at this really good steakhouse that we found downtown, after the Italian restaurant we wanted was packed. It was a restaurant filled with locals, thats when you know its good.
My parents dropped me and my friends off and we just stayed in and had a dance party in the lounge.
There were literally 30 kids in our entire building and 6 of my friends, because everyone went home for fall break, so the 6 of us had a dance party and ran around the building in our pjs... It was a good time!

On Sunday my parents picked me up again for brunch. I was slightly hangry but the eggs Benedict I had made that hanger go away.
We then went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a new mattress topper because the one I had was "University allowed." Because it was down feathers. But it was a piece of poop because the feathers all got squashed where my butt is when I sleep and I could feel the metal springs from the mattress on my back. So I needed a new topper... I got a really nice foam one, and last night I slept like a baby!
My mom and I also tried to go to Michael's to get some red ribbon for one of our halloween costumes but in the middle of Michael's my mom got a phone call from our neighbor back home saying there was a big firetruck in front of our house and that the alarm went off. Long story short my mom and I ran out of the store, called all of my siblings and spouses back home and my sister saved the day and opened the house so the firefighters didn't have to break down our garage door or the main doors and they saw that everything was fine. It was just dust that got into the smoke alarm. So that exciting episode definitely woke me up out of my food coma. 
I told my friends and they were like omg your family is literally from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and I was like yeah except this side of the family is Italian....
It is so great that my whole family lives in the same town so when emergencies happen we can all help each other out.

(And look how artsy downtown Winston-Salem is! Look at that wall! So pretty, and so many more like it!)
Bracelet: Tory Burch gold logo bangle
Shoes: Sperry gold sparkly boat shoes (similar)


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