Friday, October 21, 2016

86 Degrees in October

Wednesday was a pretty chill day not gonna lie.
I had my math test super early at 8am, good thing I went to bed the night before at like literally 10:30pm.

Besides that I had a pretty chill day...
I had some great food truck food- chicken quesadilla anyone? Ah yes please!
Except it was so greasy and we didn't have napkins so luckily we were sitting outside and used some leaves to wipe our hands.

And it was soooooo hot on Wednesday!
Like 86 degrees hot! New record for North Carolina for October.
And I was so hot in pants! I should have worn shorts literally but it isn't summer anymore
And the leaves are falling like crazy here and I'm in love! 

Shirt: Gap red and blue shirt with tassels
Pants: American Eagle skinny jeans
Earrings: Tiffany pearl studs
Watch: Michael Kors gold Blair watch
Shoes: Sperry gold sparkly boat shoes


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